Domineering CEO Is My Son

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Chapter 10: Where is your President Kang?

“Don’t tell the other teachers. I’ll pay you two-hundred and fifty per class to teach Ms. Zhang.”

“Two hundred and fifty is enough. Stop pretending to disappear over there.” The person on the other side was more impatient, her voice urging. “Ms. Zhang just said she liked your classes. It doesn’t mean that we can only make you teach it. Don’t think too highly of yourself, trying to raise prices like this.”

Xia Sheng was a bit confused. What had she done? She didn’t even refuse the boss’ offer. Xia Sheng didn’t know why she became angry.

Immediately after, Xia Sheng realized that the boss had mistaken her, so she began to explain, “No, it’s not that. It’s actually just my son…”

As she was explaining, she felt that her words were awfully stupid. What am I trying to explain? She’s already raised the price to 250!

Her frustration made Xia Sheng realize something.

So she quickly changed her sentence. “I couldn’t do anything about it. If you guys aren’t going to accept, I’ll just have to find another job.”

The little radish-headed President Kang had an urge to stand up and award his cheap mother an “honorable student” award.

Even though the boss of the arts center felt discontent, she had no other options. Ms. Zhang had named Xia Sheng and even paid additional tuition for a new class. They had already agreed to this beforehand.

Xia Sheng hung up, dumbfounded. Following was a burst of joy: Two hundred and fifty per class! Two-hundred and fifty Yuan!

She wasn’t even a professional piano teacher. To her, this was only a temporary means of earning money. It wasn’t to last for her entire life.

As a result, she had never carefully planned this through.

But now, two hundred and fifty! What did that mean? It meant that she could make almost seven hundred everyday, including her children’s classes.

After a month, she would earn eighteen thousand on the lower side. With the money, she could finally have a chance at doing other things.

“Son, you’re such a lucky charm.” Xia Sheng couldn’t resist hugging her son. If it weren’t for him wanting to play with the phone and causing a misconception, she would’ve never even dreamed of getting such pay.

Getting complimented like this, President Kang had a rush of haughtiness. If I had actively participated, I would’ve gotten even more, maybe even the manager to pay me!

The progress he had made was just a small demonstration.

Xia Sheng had no idea that her son had purposefully hung up the call. She just felt fortunate, but after she complimented him, she could almost see his head inflate. His entire aura even changed.

He was only a bit over a meter, but emitted a strong sense of pride with his head up. His entire body was relaxed, as if he was preparing to receive more compliments.

Xia Sheng felt incredible. “Son, was that on purpose?”

As the words came out of her mouth, the kid shrank his head, pretending as if he was oblivious to what had just happened, blankly looking at her.

This made Xia Sheng feel more strongly that her son had done it on purpose.

Xia Sheng didn’t pursue further as she felt her son was a bit nervous. Meanwhile, everyone had been dismissed in the office building. People began to stream out of the building.

Xia Sheng held her son’s hand. “Let’s go wait for Papa.”

It was 5 pm, and the sun seemed to know its destiny of falling below the horizon, colouring the sky full of red in its last moments.

President Kang turned around to see the magnificent sky. He had been in the city for years, but it was his first time seeing a sky like this, making him feel something special.

Complimented by the anticipation of meeting his old acquaintances, his mood was quite high.

Xia Sheng didn’t carry her son much. She primarily led him by the hand, and he usually followed her quietly by her side.

However, this time was different.

Xia Sheng lowered her head and saw her son skipping along, still holding on to her hand.

It seemed like he really missed his father.

“Sister-in-law?” Someone recognized Xia Sheng.

Xia Sheng also remembered him. He was in the same department as Yue Qin, having even joined them for meals before.

“Why are you here?”

“I have nothing to do at home, so I came here to take your brother Yue home,” Xia Sheng replied.

He paused for a moment. “Sister-in-law, don’t you know?”


“Brother Yue got fired.” He said with some anger, “During the last employee party, brother Yue got fired by our new boss.”

He seemed to have realized something after the sentence, quickly adding on, “Um, did brother Yue not tell you about this?”

President Kang was searching for people on his trustworthy list in the crowd. Then, he saw his girlfriend walk out of the building in despair. It had only been a few days, but she had become skinnier, her face emaciated.

Taking advantage of Xia Sheng’s shock from Yue Qin getting fired, he subtly escaped her hand and walked towards her girlfriend.

But as he took his first steps, he heard Xia Sheng’s voice. “Why did the boss fire him?”

President Kang froze. His girlfriend was about to pass him. He looked at her face again. She was within his arm’s reach.

However, President Kang extended his hand, turned around, and grabbed hold of a corner of Xia Sheng’s clothes.

“Sister-in-law, don’t get angry at me for telling you this.”

“Okay, I won’t.”

“President Kang’s name is Kang Yue.”

Xia Sheng was surprised. Her son’s name was Yue Kang.

“Doesn’t your kid have some small problems? He thought that it was sha…”

“You don’t have to continue,” Xia Sheng cut him off. She still looked gentle, bending down to look at her son, full of protectiveness.

“Don’t get angry at this. Brother Yue’s really good. He’s a master of all crafts, he’d be able to make big money anywhere,” the man said.

Xia Sheng lifted her son, her face still free of any negative expressions and still as gentle as before. “Is your new boss here? I have something to see him for.”

“Sister-in-law, what are you doing?”

Xia Sheng revealed a smile, almost speaking word by word, “I want to apologize to him since the name I chose for my son displeases him so much. I want to give him my sincerest apologies.”

President Kang could swear that, at this moment, he could see his nose getting broken, his body being pressed to the ground, and getting beaten up by her while she apologized.

President Kang thought a bit further. He admitted that he wasn’t someone with a lot of strength, so the most likely outcome would be——

Him keeling down to apologize with a broken nose.

President Kang shivered.

Fortunately, he had a car crash, escaping all of this.

“President Kang got in a car crash the next day,” the man said. “He’s still in a coma at the ICU.”

“Oh.” Xia Sheng said, “That’s too unfortunate.”

President Kang swallowed, instinctively sensing danger.

He couldn’t let her find his true identity.

He could never!

The author has something to say: Little Theater

On the night of the company’s annual celebration, little Kangkang rested in his father’s embrace, his large eyes fixated on President Kang, who was speaking on the stage.

This older brother’s so cool. If only he were Papa and Mama’s son, then Papa wouldn’t get fired because of me, little Kangkang thought.

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