My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 29: Chapter 25.2

       After Qi Xiaohan went ashore, she shook off the water on her body, feeling much lighter as she walked towards her teammates. A small porcelain bottle was in front of her paw where she stood.

       The porcelain bottle was filled with the various flavors of sugar beans that Lang Chen had given her before.

(T/N: Red speckled beans, commonly known as sugar beans, are legumes. They’re grown for their seeds, which are eaten as vegetables. They have high soluble fiber content which absorbs water in the stomach, forming a gel that slows down the absorption of the bean’s carbohydrates. [Source: AGT FOODS Africa {website}] )

       The little cat raised her head and looked at the big tiger who was indifferently teaching the new students fire control not far away. Her feline ears gradually stood upright as her little cat eyes shone.

       The instructor had actually given her all the candy!

       How in the world could there be such a good tiger!


       After the day’s training was over and they had been dismissed, the little cat followed behind Lang Chen.

       When Lang Chen looked back at the little cat and saw her following him, he couldn’t help but stop his steps. Because she wasn’t keeping a distance, the little cat immediately bumped into Lang Chen’s calf.


       The little cat stopped and looked up at Lang Chen with her small face.

       “What are you doing following me?”

       Lang Chen looked down at the little white cat.

       Hadn’t she stopped eating with him?

Little Maomao: “Senior brother, do you have time tonight? I’ll treat you to dinner.” Seeing Lang Chen looking at her, the little cat remembered something and hastily added, “We’ll go eat outside!”

       She was afraid that Lang Chen would take her to the canteen to eat celery stalks again.

       Lang Chen had originally wanted to go back to the military canteen to eat tonight, but when he heard the little cat’s invitation, he considered for a second and then nodded his head.

       “I’ll go back to the dormitory to change my clothes and look for you later.”

       The little white cat’s eyes instantly lit up, the tip of her furry tail wagging in a happy arc.

       “Then I’ll wait for you.”

       After saying that, she strode briskly with her little furry paws to follow behind Lang Chen.

Lang Chen stopped, turned his head to look at the snow-white kitten, and reached out to pick her up and carry her in his arms.

       The little white cat struggled for a moment and looked up at her senior brother, “Senior brother, I can walk by myself.”

       Lang Chen lightly shot her a glance. “No, you’re too slow.”

       After saying that, he placed the cat within his arms and walked out.

       Qi Xiaohan was pasted onto his uniform’s cold buckle. Uncomfortable, she moved slightly before Lang Chen petted her with his hand.


       Qi Xiaohan stopped moving and lay in Lang Chen’s arms. She was able to smell the light, woodsy fragrance of Suiyuan wood on his body, calming yet cold.

When she arrived at the dormitory building, Lang Chen set the little white cat on the bench under the dormitory building and told her, “I’ll be down in a moment.”

       The little cat nodded and sat upright on the chair, looking like she was well-behavedly waiting for him to come back.

       The corners of Lang Chen’s mouth vaguely lifted as he rubbed the little cat’s head.

       After going upstairs, Lang Chen changed his uniform and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

       Duo-en was playing a game at the computer table and after seeing him, he asked without raising his head, “Why did you take a shower when you came back?”

       Lang Chen replied from the bathroom, “I have to go out for dinner later, so I can’t wear this outfit again.”

“When you go out, do you need to shower and change clothes? Where are you going for dinner? The palace?”

       Duo-en raised his head, looking in the bathroom’s direction, and lampooned.

       Lang Chen’s hand which held the shower gel paused for a moment. He didn’t know where the little cat was going to take him to eat.

       Only, it was always polite to be clean and tidy when eating with a girl.

       In the bathroom, Lang Chen was slightly conflicted. Outside, he heard Duo-en’s chair move as if he had seen something and opened the window. He shouted after a moment, “Junior sister Xiaohan, what are you doing there?”

       There was a bad feeling welling up in Lang Chen’s heart. The little cat had just enrolled in school and didn’t quite understand some things. Sure enough, the next moment, the little cat downstairs dryly returned towards Duo-en, “I’m waiting for senior brother Lang Chen to come downstairs for dinner!”

At once, countless windows in the dormitory building opened one after another, sending forth uproarious sounds of:

       “Junior sister invited brother to dinner?”

       “Who is it? Hurry up and come down, don’t keep your junior sister waiting!”


       “It’s Lang Chen, where is Lang Chen? Your junior sister is calling you for dinner!”


       Lang Chen rushed with rubbing foam on his hands.

       Originally, they were only going to eat a meal together, but due to the rowdy jeering, his behavior of changing clothes and earnestly taking a bath like this seemed to have some over-emphasis.

As Lang Chen listened to the jeering voices outside, his ears turned a little red.

       The teasing voices outside didn’t stop yet and, thinking of the little cat still downstairs, Lang Chen came out after showering for two to three minutes.

       As soon as he came out, he saw Duo-en grinning and leaning against the door, his eyes containing some kind of meaning he winked towards him.

       “So it’s junior sister’s invitation for dinner?”

       Lang Chen coughed lightly and hmm-ed as he picked up his clothes and changed.

       “This is the first time this semester that a junior sister has invited you to dinner, right? Junior sister Xiaohan likes you?”

Lang Chen tidied up his sleeves and said in a light voice: “No, I fished Xiaohan out today after she had fallen into the spiritual liquid pool. It’s probably because she wanted to say thank you.”

       Duo-en: “Wow, falling into the pool of spiritual liquid, being fished up, and saying thanks? You even believe this, junior sister has a lot of methods! You’ll be familiar with it after eating, and when the time comes, you’ll know what to do.“

       Lang Chen glanced at him.

       Today, looking at the little cat’s sincere eyes as she invited him to dinner, he felt that it was unlikely to be what Duo-en thought.

       She had truly just wanted to invite him to dinner.

       “Don’t think groundless thoughts about that, it’s just a meal,” Lang Chen said.

“Hey,” Duo-en suddenly looked at Lang Chen: “Before, there were many girls who wanted to invite you for dinner but you didn’t accept, and now you agreed only to junior sister? You’re a military instructor, your thinking isn’t very simple.”

       Lang Chen: “I’ll be going out soon, I don’t have the time to beat you up.”

       Lang Chen involuntarily thought of the little cat’s bright eyes when she looked at him, and the hand that was going to take the new uniform paused for a moment and changed direction. He took out another jacket from the closet and wore it on his body.

       “I’m going out.”

       Lang Chen went out and closed the dormitory door.

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