My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 33: Chapter 26.3

Behind them, the students were already standing in line when the instructor was coming in. The instructor then looked at them and said:

“From today onwards, group practice. Morning is for varied basic training, the afternoon is for team formation contact. For the rest of this time, each group should cooperate skillfully to achieve good results in the final military training competition.”

“Yes!” The students said in unison.

The six students in each group began to conduct cooperative training.

Normally, this combined training was to let the various different spiritual root attribute combinations assemble. Just like how the military department had different elements of a squad listed in a class, on the battlefield, combat power was greatly enhanced.

But this was only the military training. The combination of students with different attributes from different clans wasn’t easy to manage, so it was only for these new students to simulate during military training. After the official class, there would be a related course.

Little Maomao peeked over at that side and saw that everyone had already started grouping up while she and the little lion were still here splitting wood, so she couldn’t help but shake her ears.


The little lion also anxiously took a look, glancing frequently at the instructor.

Lang Chen gazed at the students below who had started forming teams and only then walked towards the two little idiots there who were still practicing lightning attraction.

Lang Chen walked to the side of the wood, reached out, and wiped down. His fingertips carried a fine layer of wood chips.

This was already the best the junior brother and sister could do.

Lang Chen looked at the little lion and little cat as they stared at him. There was a faint smile on his face. He looked at them from the corner of his eyes and stopped teasing them, letting them go directly.

“It’s alright.”

The little lion and the little cat immediately gave a cheer as they ran towards their classmates.

Fortunately, the little lion and the little cat’s feline friends were still waiting for them. The six of them formed a team and began giving their team a name.

Lang Chen stood not far away as he looked at the snow-white kitten. A handkerchief he held carefully wiped his hands clean.

The little cat’s spirit fire was special. When she was training, she would need help dealing with it.

Talented children were sometimes quite troublesome.

“Determine how you’ll divide the labor yourselves, and have the group leader report to me later.”

Lang Chen finished and stood watching from above.

Students within the same group needed to divide their work to achieve a strong attack, defense, total control, etc.

The young lion knew that, so when they were dividing the labor, he tried hard to get the strong attack position.

A small leopard also wanted the strong attack and the two big cats were about to have a fight over it.

Little Maomao, who was beside them, meowed, “No, I want to strong attack too!”

A few big cats within the same group heard this and couldn’t help but stop their movements to look at the tiny cat. They cocked their heads in confusion.

This little cat?

The little white cat held its head high and stood straight, not backing down at all.

A few big cats looked at each other, wailed, pounced, and started to fight.

The three other big cats in the same group broke away from the circle a little bit. They somehow couldn’t figure it out. Was it good to do a strong attack? Listening to them was tiring. They, too, didn’t know what they should grab.

Anyway, this kind of standing role was not to be decided by guessing. After all, this was related to their future results.

For a moment, the training hall was in a state of fluctuation as teams began to fight to determine their positions.

Qi Xiaohan bit the little lion’s ear, her two hind paws desperately stomping on the face of the little leopard behind her.

The little leopard bit the little white cat’s tail, paws also pressing on the little lion’s head.

The fight sparked with lightning, and it looked like all three cats were mixing together spectacularly.

Lang Chen glanced over at their side and saw that the little white cat had already stomped out the little leopard with one paw, drawing out a fire to burn the little lion’s fur.

The little lion jumped and dodged while raising his claws to lead thunder towards the kitten.

The little white cat meowed, and an enchanted purple flame greeted him directly, strangling out the thunder and lightning, and directly burning the little lion’s behind.


The little lion jumped away with a leap but accidentally burned his tail.

The little leopard and the little lion cooperated as they snuck behind the little cat. At this time, they had already fought with the little cat.

“Shit, Qi Xiaohan, hurry up and put out the fire for me! Ouch!”

The little lion pounced up and raised his paws to slap down on the little cat’s head.

Qi Xiaohan kicked out and the lion flew. The body of the fire was also collected by the little cat, while the lion landed on the ground and rolled.

Because he was a classmate, Qi Xiaohan only used a small amount of fire spiritual power so as to not truly hurt her classmates. It was as if she was grilling fish for the last time.

Seeing the little cat’s paws still wrapped in flame with a look that said she was going to continue fighting, the little leopard quickly backed up and covered its furless head, stating that he wouldn’t fight anymore.

At this time, the little cat’s nape had less fur, the little lion’s tail was partly bald, and the little leopard had a wretched look.

The little cat stopped clawing and raised its head high with a very proud look.

“Then I'm going to be the captain of Team Qianggong!”

(T/N: Qianggong 强攻 = strong)

The other three big cats: “……”

Cat fur is all over the floor, tsk.

Several other groups also used this method to determine their team leaders before they each went after another to report to Lang Chen.

The little cat stepped with her paws and walked towards her instructor, then reported the name of her team members while also marking herself as the team leader.

The instructor took a look at the little cat and reached out a hand to tidy her up.

Little Maomao looked up, eyes shining brightly at the instructor and looking very excited. Her excitement hadn’t yet passed, probably because she just won a fight.

The students had all reported their groups. The instructor stood on the stage and began to talk about basic formation.

Qi Xiaohan, as the team’s strongest attacker, stood at the forefront.

The defense was on the left side of the little cat, the right side was another auxiliary strong attack position. The domination of the strong attack and defense arch would be used to control the whole situation.

This was what the students understood.

The instructor opened the projector and began to explain formation stations that were relative to the star layout, to bring out the maximum effectiveness of each station.

Little Maomao tilted its head seriously and listened, her cat ears twitching from time to time, obviously trying hard to remember.

Lang Chen unintentionally saw this look of this little cat and a smile flashed lightly under his eyes.

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