My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 39: Chapter 28.2

The golden cat helplessly let out a few purrs: “Hey, don't you want to study?!”

Lu Ling: “I’m not studying math. Whatever, I’ll hurry up and practice the equations.”

The little snow leopard: “But I feel like mathematics has some simplicity. You can’t just memorize or remember the methods; they’re especially hard to remember.”

The little snow leopard was very distressed, her long tail flat on the ground. Suddenly thinking of something, she patted the little cat with her tail.

“Xiaohan, you’re really good at learning spells, how do you memorize them?”

Qi Xiaohan was the most skilled among them and had even made her own method. This may have been because of her talent and high level of comprehension. As long as she had seen the method, she would be able to do it soon after; moreover, she could master it after practicing.

Some of them weren’t skilled. When exams approached, they frantically memorized those undecipherably written charms and those obscure and hard-to-pronounce spells. It was simply terrible. Whenever they studied about spells, it made them feel like they had lost all their fur.

They wished that they had talent like Xiaohan.

Qi Xiaohan looked at her and meowed: “Ah, it’s like that. When I see it, I will automatically picture it in my mind, then I won't forget it."

It wasn't the same as union politics. While you could technically memorize union politics, charms and spells needed to be engraved in your mind.

The little snow leopard listened to her, immediately giving a frustrated 'Wow'. She lay down on the bed, still muttering words with her mouth, her eyes dull.

Qi Xiaohan was also very distressed as she looked at the mathematic topics in front of her, which she couldn’t do anything about.


On the day of the exam, Qi Xiaohan entered the examination room bringing a small bag full of books and carrying a half-empty head.

The senior sister Mi Yueyue, who brought them in, left after urging them to answer the questions properly and to stop being nervous.

The freshmen entered the examination room one after another. Qi Xiaohan’s position was in the middle of the classroom. The little cat walked in, set her bag down, and after taking out her exam materials, she slowly sat down and relaxed.


The difficulty of their examination papers was still as difficult as the entrance exam. As long as the students hadn’t played too hard in the summer and hadn’t forgotten all their knowledge, they would definitely pass.

This time, the examiner considered the progress of the cultural class, and after military training was over, the students would be issued school badges for each level in combination with the military training assessment results.

The school badge could be kept for life. It would be retrieved and refurbished every time a student achieved significant honor during their study period. This was also a symbol that one was a student of the university.

Their examination was of comprehension and the first part was mathematics.

Although the paper was comprehensive, it was said that the later stages would be counted separately. It wasn’t good to fail one subject, and it would be dangerous if you failed more than three. This had been announced by the student council in order to save freshmen military training time, and also to prevent a period of two and a half days of examination alone.

After they received the paper, Qi Xiaohan pressed her paws on the paper, her feline ears trembling as she concentrated on reading the mathematic questions.

She read and read, little Maomao’s ears drooping more and more.

——She had given up ever since she had entered the examination hall, reading the questions only once.

The students next to her had already started to answer the questions with confidence, but she could only pick and choose the ones she could do.

The little cat sighed, turned the mathematic section over, and looked at the political topics at the back. She had some impressions on many political topics and was able to write some key points. After all, she had been taught by the devil senior brother Lang Chen for a while. There should be some effect.

However, some of the topics were a bit off, and Qi Xiaohan couldn’t remember how to answer them.

The little cat’s tail waved impatiently as she tried to write some nonsensical words on her test paper. What the outstanding contributions of the five ancient witch gods of the ancient tribes were, what pioneering deeds a modern dean had done, et cetera. The little cat controlled her pen as she wrote her answers on the paper, head down, line by line. Her font was still her own ‘cat style large font’ that she was very confident of.

For the last question, Qi Xiaohan took her pen and wrote a lengthy explanation: It was easy to prove that the demon emperor’s six men, witch, and god had been sealed with their bodies, which had had an epoch-making significance, promoting the production and development of all races within the six circles and contributing to the healthy growth of the future generations. She used a series of rhetoric writing for the history questions, which had been taught to her by senior sister Lu Sha before the exam.

After the cat finished writing on her paper, she secretly looked around and saw her other classmates with their heads down, still struggling to write. She was very shocked when she saw her dark and large writing on her paper.

Within the classroom, one could only hear the sound of flipping pages and brush strokes on the papers.

The rest of the topics had been more or less answered, and how many they could get right depended on God’s will.

(T/N: Qi Xiaohan: I believe in the power of God to pass the test. [lol])

Little Maomao lay back on the table, unable to answer more questions. She also couldn’t leave the test area early so she moved her paws, controlling the pen in the air, and pushed the pen with the tip of her nose.

On the little white cat’s nose was her black answering pen, as she raised her head, and kept its balance. Obviously, she was very happy and amusing herself.

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