My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 42: Chapter 29.1

With surprise in his eyes, the officer in front stood up.

The color from the spirit measurement column rushed straight up, and the bronze bell hanging at the top rang out, striking seven times in succession.

Everyone in the hall looked up, and the little white cat also opened her eyes.

“Fire Spiritual Root Pure Spiritual Body, Spiritual Power Level – Spiritual Guide Level 1, Spiritual Root Qualification: Natural Top Fire Spiritual Body!”

The officer looked at the little cat, a small smile appearing on his serious face, and bowed his head: “Student, withdraw your paws. You possess good talent, but your spiritual power is too poor. You have to study diligently.”

This little cat had been naturally born with fire. Looking at the moment when she had poured her fire in, her fire attribute was dominant and had a strong attack power.

The little white cat retracted her claws, ears perked up. Knowing that she had done quite well, her eyes lit up as she nodded her head vigorously.

“En, I will work hard!”

The students in line behind them looked at the cat that had lit up the entire spirit measuring pillar and then at the officer at the front with bewilderment. What would it have been like to be complimented on one’s great talent?

Everyone looked at the dazzling spirit measurement pillar that was lit by fire spirit as the hall was constantly filled with admiration.

The light illuminated the entire hall with the solemn sound of the bronze bell that even if one just stood there and watched, one’s body would tremble, subconsciously stirring one’s emotions.

Every time a gifted student tested their spirit, the bronze bell at the central hall would ring.

This had been the school tradition for many years, and even the senior students would wait to hear the ringing of the bronze bell on this day.

This meant that there was another extremely outstanding fellow among them.

Depending on the talent, the number of rings the bronze bell struck varied. It was said that the highest number, a senior brother’s, had once rung the bronze bell nine times in a row in front of the spirit measurement pillar, and no one else could reach his level.

Most of the new students weren’t able to use their own spirit to trigger the bronze bell.

As early as this morning when the freshmen were still taking exams, the school forum had already opened a post to bet on how many freshmen would ring the bronze bell that day.

Most of the guesses were that there would only be one. After all, there were only too few who could ring the bell, and only one such student had come out of the 18th grade.

However, when the test had been conducted that afternoon, the Golden Spirit Academy already had a student who rang the bronze bell three times. They thought it had been the best of the day, but they didn’t expect another Fire Spirit Academy student to later come and ring the bronze bell seven times!

After all, the highest record had only been nine rings, how good would this Fire Spirit Academy freshman’s talent be?

The forum threads had long been trending, all of them discussing today’s spirit test, except that the students who had gone into the same group for the tests couldn’t bring any electronic gadgets, resulting in them not being able to see the actual face of that Fire Spirit Academy student yet.

At the central tower, after measuring the little cat’s different attributes, the officer returned the identity card to the little cat. He watched the little cat walk away with her little bag behind her, bowed his head down, and recorded.

[Born with top fire spirit body, great potential].

Soon this record was uploaded to the upper ranks. The top military and school leaders were sitting together, listening to the reports from below.

All students with good talents would be directly reported there, and when Qi Xiaohan’s spirit measurement report was submitted, several deans were discussing a student with ice spirit root that had just been reported.

Spiritual roots were optimal for orthodox spiritual roots. Branching spiritual roots under orthodox spiritual roots would have the disadvantage of insufficient absorption of heaven and earth spiritual energy, and tended to cultivate a little more slowly than other students. But it couldn’t be said that variant spiritual roots were not good. Variant spiritual roots produce wonders, but only if the spiritual energy could keep up with the cultivation, variant spiritual roots could surprisingly grow.

The last student had an ice root with good spiritual roots, but its degree of aura absorption wasn’t enough, and judging by the combination, this student might have a big problem with aura absorption.

Qi Xiaohan’s report had been handed in at this time.

The dean of the Fire Spirit Academy took a look at it and smiled, leaning back in his chair with a pleasant expression.

“This year’s class of students isn’t bad. A student who triggered the bronze bell is even better than the one before, a natural fire spirit body.”

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