My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 44: Chapter 29.3

Qi Xiaohan felt her cat ears being rubbed a little and felt warm so she lowered her body slightly. She listened to Lang Chen setting their plans for tomorrow. His tone was very light but the plans had already been finalized.

Qi Xiaohan felt something was strange somewhere but still nodded. “Okay, then we’ll go out tomorrow.”

Lang Chen smiled, his delicate and cold eyebrows melting away like mountain snow.

Lang Chen set the little cat down and told her, “You go back first, I’m guessing your roommates will finish measuring later. I have to be here, waiting for the students to come out. There’s no need to wait for me.”

The little white cat nodded, and after saying goodbye to Lang Chen, she stepped forward and ran outside as fast as she could.


The little snow leopard Zhou Mingming had been waiting outside for a while now. She was a Water Spirit Academy ice spirit root. The Water Spirit Academy measured faster, so only she was able to wait outside for her roommates.

Students weren’t allowed to stay inside the central tower, and the instructors inside controlled the access.

Seeing Qi Xiaohan come out, the little snow leopard mewed and happily leaped forward:

"Aah, Xiaohan, you’ve come out. It's so sunny today and I’ve been waiting outside for so long."

The weather was really good today. The summer sun shone on the ground and even the ground’s temperature was high.

Feeling the little snow leopard pouncing on her, she even felt that her fur was hot.

The little cat said: “Xiao Mengmeng and I were in the same courtyard. I didn't see her when I was lining up so she should be grouped in at the back. I guess we'll have to wait for a while. Where's Lu Ling? Do you know when she’ll come out?”

The little snow leopard shook her head: “The Wood Spirit Academy will have to wait. I haven’t seen many Wood Spirit Academy students come out. They’re always very slow.”

The big cat and the little cat spent some time in the sun in front of the central tower, then decided to go get ice cream first.

They sent a message to their roommates telling them to meet them at the mall and then left the tower.

The on-campus commercial street was very far from the center tower, so the two of them rode an on-campus bus together before arriving at the commercial street.

There were already quite a lot of people in the commercial street. Qi Xiaohan and the little snow leopard went through the crowd and came to a cold beverage store.

“I want two cones!”

The little cat tilted her face and told the waiter at the counter.

The waiter looked under the counter and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the little white cat waiting: “Yes, please wait a moment.”

The little snow leopard found a seat in the store and beckoned the little cat over. After Qi Xiaohan got the cone, she and the little snow leopard sat there together and ate slowly.

The air-conditioning’s breeze at the cold beverage store was comfortable. The little cat sat on the chair, obviously in a happy mood.

After a while, the store’s door was pushed open again. When the little cat looked up, she saw Zhou Mingyu entering.

Zhou Mingyu also saw the cat, his eyes lighting up as he walked towards her: “Xiaohan, you’ve finished testing too?”

Zhou Mingyu hadn’t expected to meet this little cat here. He saw the little cat still eating the ice cream, and let out a laugh:

“It’s my first time seeing a cat eat ice cream.”

The little cat swallowed the ice cream and gave him a blank look: “Is this the first time you’ve seen a cat talk?”

Zhou Mingyu mused: “That’s not true, I’ve seen it when I was a kid.”

Zhou Mingyu placed his backpack across the little cat, went to the counter, ordered a cup of kumquat lemon juice, then took a number and sat back down again.

“When I was little, there was one year that it snowed especially hard and schools were closed. I was home alone at night, and then I heard the window being knocked on……”

Zhou Mingyu lowered his voice, his eyes wide and dark, creating an atmosphere of a horror story. The two cats eating ice cream cones couldn’t help but be attracted to his story.

“I wanted to take a look, but suddenly, I remembered that my house was on the third floor. What would knock on my window on the third floor?” Zhou Mingyu sipped his drink. “The more I thought about it, the more scared I was, but the window was still being knocked on. It was even an impatient knock. I was terribly scared as I inched closer to the window, opened the curtain, and took a look –“

“Guess what it was!”

The big cat and the little cat suddenly slapped the table with their feline paws. “Tell us! Who wants to guess!”

Zhou Mingyu kept the cats in suspense, rubbed his nose, and continued: “I went over to take a look, and then saw a black and white cat outside, knocking on my window to let him in.”

“I was still young, so I listened to the cat’s words and really let him in. Who knew what the cat wanted to do. The cat ran to my bathroom, scratched the mirror with its claws, and pulled out a kid from inside.”

“Wow!” The little white cat was really interested. “So your childhood home had a ghost, right?”

Zhou Mingyu nodded with a grave face: “I didn’t know then. I only saw him pulling out a pale and frightened ghost. Then the black and white cat pursed his mouth while approaching me and said ‘be quiet’ –” Seeing the two cats holding their breaths, Zhou Mingyu rolled his eyes and shouted: “Sergeant Black Cat for the people!”

Both the big and little cat were scared and jumped in shock. They realized that this human had been teasing them so they raised their feline paws and hit him.

“I really believed in you!” The little white cat gasped.

Zhou Mingyu saw the two cats jump up. He walked past them, laughing as he hid: “Hey, I didn’t know that you guys would believe it so easily too. Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me.”

Just the little snow leopard and the little white cat jumping up was simply too cute. Zhou Mingyu recalled it a hundred times and still wanted to laugh.

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