My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 47: Chapter 29.6

Li Zhu looked at the little white cat and the golden cat, gently saying, “You should probably take his class later, too. Mr. Wei teaches spiritual mimicry.”

The little unicorn: “Go ahead, Li Zhu ordered a lot, and it won’t be fun for the two of us to eat.”

Zhou Mingyu and the others were somewhat impressed and told Li Zhu, “Then thank you, senior brother.”

“Thank you, senior brother!”

The seafood table was already set up, and the waiter purposely exchanged the room for one with a table and chairs that could fit them.

“Let’s take a group photo,” the little unicorn suggested.

With so many people gathered, it seemed to be a bit of a pity to not take a picture.

Little Maomao obeyed and jumped onto a chair just to pose. Next to her was Zhou Mingyu who fished her into his arms with a hand on her neck.

Senior brother little vermillion bird used his spiritual power to make his phone float, configuring it to automatically take a picture, and took a group photo.

At the table, only the two of them, Zhou Mingyu and Zheng Ze, were in human form while the little unicorn and the other furry ones surrounded them, so the photo turned out great.

The seafood was freshly caught and fresh. The waiter opened up the big lobster, its meat delicious and elastic. The chunk of shrimp, on the other hand, was delicious when dipped in a sauce.

Qi Xiaohan also had a bowl of small fish balls in front of her. With one bite, its superbness could be tasted.

The seafood arrived in rounds, and the waiter helped them with serving it.

After the crab arrived, a big spoonful of fragrant crab yolk was first dug from it. The crab meat was then carefully removed by the waiter and placed on a small plate, followed by the rest of the crab yolk which was similarly covered with crab meat.

After a while, each person was served a small portion of crab meat bun, dried scallop, and tofu soup with crab meat. The aroma and color were so alluring that the table of young ones looked so excited and exclaimed as they ate.

The waiter smiled and helped them handle it, mixing a bit of the soup into the rice and bringing it to them.

Then came the sea urchin soup, chewy on the outside, but soft and sticky on the inside. Then came a plate of palm-sized prawns……

Qi Xiaohan and the others were blinded by the batches of food served. The dishes were served fast and the taste was really like first class.

It was said that the seafood had been caught from Teacher Wei’s own sea territory, and the price was very cheap. The chef had worked at the Dragon Palace for a hundred years. He had been very comfortable working there and had taught things to his many apprentices. They also heard that he had been planning to open a branch in the human world.

After eating a single batch, a variety of shellfish and many large conchs arrived, which looked a bit fresh.

The first layer of the conch meat was so thick that a bit of effort was needed to bite into it. The little cat tilted her head and bit onto her food, looking very happy.

When they were almost done, the dessert was served to them— strawberry milk pudding and half-cooked cheese.

This meal she ate filled her till she felt like she could burst. The little white cat leaned on Zhou Mingyu, meowing.

Zhou Mingyu was also very full, his hand rubbing the little cat’s belly, helping her digest the food.

After their seafood meal, they went to the mirage again. At this time, the sky was completely dark, and dots of light were above the mirage, creating a very beautiful and romantic scenery.

They were about to go inside when there was a clamor around them. Several human boys and girls stood there, looking at the scene in front of them in amazement and cheerfully taking pictures.

“This amusement park was really worth it! The special effects are simply better than what we saw at the blockbuster!”

“Holy s**t, I doubt this amusement park had developed holographic projection, this is just too awesome!”

“Hey there’s a ghost over there! Oh, that’s so funny!”

“That’s too fake, what ghost eats cotton candy!”

Qi Xiaohan looked over at that side and saw a ghost cultivator looking speechlessly at the humans at their side, restraining himself and turning away.

Little Maomao: ……

Ignorant humans.

“S**t, there’s a lot of cats here! Wow, s**t, that’s a small snow leopard!!!” One of the boys saw Qi Xiaohan and exclaimed when he noticed the small snow leopard behind her.

“Where’s the little snow leopard? Is it invited to the park? Isn’t this a protected animal? I remember that snow leopards are still very precious, right……”

“Well…… that red bird at the back looks good.”

As for the little unicorn, he had long hidden himself.

The boy looked at the two people standing in the group and spoke, “Why is this group of big cats all around you? Are they yours?”

They asked Zhou Mingyu with some suspicion.

Was it a smuggling operation of precious animals?

Girl: “I don’t know why, but he looks a little familiar. He looks like an idol I fangirled about before……” the girl hesitated, pulled the girl next to her, and whispered. After a while of staring, she took out her phone to compare.

After a while, the girls’ eyes widened as they took a deep breath, reacting with: “Ahhhhhhhh it’s really Zhou Xingchen!!!”

Zhou Mingyu: ……

Well, there was tomorrow’s headline.

【Very shocking, a former idol blatantly selling precious animals in an amusement park!】

It showed his (Zhou Mingyu’s) tired smile.

He didn’t really understand why he still had to worry about such things when he retired from that circle and went to college.

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