My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 58: Chapter 32.2

Zhou Mingyu went along with the force of the little white cat and lay on the ground. He didn’t get up as his shoulders trembled while he stifled his laugh.

Qi Xiaohan’s expression then was very funny. The dirt-covered little white cat seemingly looked like she had gotten out of the stove a moment ago.

It could be estimated that the many years of old ash from the utility room was stuck to this little white cat. His little puppet flew all around, flying to almost every corner of the room and moreover, at a fast speed.

Qi Xiaohan lifted her feline paws again and hit Zhou Mingyu a few times before meowing.

“You bad human!” The little white cat meowed accusingly with a little feline whiny voice.

The little cat had never expected to be secretly attacked today.

Zhou Mingyu was still laughing, and while laughing, he told the little white cat, “Use the cleaning technique.”

Qi Xiaohan meowed. Only then did she begin to think of using the cleaning technique. Her cat head had been entirely damaged by the human.

Zhou Mingyu sorted out his little puppet, then smiled at the little white cat and said, “This flying puppet uses spiritual power. As long as you possess high spiritual power, its reaction speed will be faster. It can understand basic commands and if there’s a problem with the puppet not understanding your commands, then come to me and I’ll repair it. It’s very easy to use. Now, go back and promote me to the other students, okay?”

The little white cat sullenly picked up the little puppet, then looked up at Zhou Mingyu.

“You’re too unreliable, I don’t want it.” The little white cat refused.

Zhou Mingyu tugged the little white cat’s tail and hastened to redeem himself by saying, “Hey, that was an accident, don’t be angry. And I’ve already given you a 50% discount on this puppet, haven’t I? This is already a friend’s price. When the other cats see it, even if they want to touch it, they can’t.”

The puppet was made of the school’s ochre willow wood, which was relatively cheap and was provided to the students for free. As for the other parts for making the puppet, it was generally provided to the students of Golden Spirit Academy at a price, so they encouraged their students to make little creations from it.

It was said that various mechanical appliances, puppet appliances, etc. were made by the students of the Golden Spirit Academy. Although Golden Spirit Academy’s funds were not as good as that of the Fire Spirit Academy, they did some business outside and that was why they were relatively rich.

The little white cat took a look at the little puppet with a price tag of 120 but Zhou Mingyu only charged her half of the price, which was in fact a good price.

It could also be seen that Zhou Mingyu had made it with great care, seeing that the wood was polished smoothly, unlike the other seniors who sold their puppets when the wood still had some splinters.

The little white cat pondered for a moment and took out her cell phone, transferring the money to Zhou Mingyu.

Zhou Mingyu watched the little white cat put the little puppet away with a smile on his face and urged the little cat, “Don’t forget to help me with promotion, okay!”

Qi Xiaohan meowed, “Got it, got it!”

With the little puppet, the little white cat ran towards the location that senior brother Yan Chong had said before.

Yan Chong had explained yesterday that she didn’t need to eat dinner and to just come over in time.

The little white cat was running so fast that the people she passed by only saw a little white cat with something tied to her tail behind her, scurrying.

When Qi Xiaohan arrived at the rehearsal hall the student union had set up, it was just in time for Yan Chong to give out their dinner.

Yan Chong saw the little white cat standing at the door and waved at her with a smile, “Xiaohan is here. Just in time, come over and eat.”

The witch next to Yan Chong looked at the little white cat and asked, “Is this the junior sister you brought? I heard that this little cat rang the bronze bell seven times in a row on the day of the spirit test?”

The surrounding students who were busy unpacking their lunch boxes looked in the direction of the little cat after hearing this, and when they saw her, they couldn’t help but smile at her. (T/N: Because cats are cute ?)

The little white cat walked in their direction. When Yan Chong saw that she was carrying a small puppet behind her, he helped take down the puppet. “Come on, what are you doing with this?”

She meowed as she tilted her head: “This was made by a classmate and I just came from over there after asking him to debug it for me.”

“Really? Your classmate is from Golden Spirit Academy? How much is this one?”

The witch asked from next to Yan Chong.

After the little white cat answered with Zhou Mingyu’s non-discounted price, it was clear that the people around were interested in the puppet.

The price of Zhou Mingyu’s puppet was very generous compared to the puppets sold by other students of the Golden Spirit Academy.

In the academy, there were plenty of first-hand and second-hand puppets of this kind, but this had been made by a freshman, after all, and it was also a good price, so people couldn’t help but take a look at this puppet.

The little white cat let people look at the puppet she just bought, her cat ears twitching as she explained to the people.

The glamorous senior sister leaning on the table as if she had no bones looked at her and said in a charming voice: “Junior sister, if your senior sister wants to buy one, can you bargain?”

The little white cat looked up at this senior sister, meowed, and said solemnly: “I should be able to. I’ll give you his contact information.”

The senior sister chuckled and truly waited for the little cat to give her Zhou Mingyu’s contact information.

Qi Xiaohan found her phone and was about to open up Zhou Mingyu’s QR code when she saw the senior sister suddenly approach her, their eyes almost touching.

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