My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 60: Chapter 33.1

The little white cat once again looked at her own flame with her eyes opened wide and meowed, “My fire really is beautiful.”

Yan Chong couldn’t help but laugh and raised his hand to pat the little cat’s head. “Don’t be shameless. Hurry up and let’s see if this can be removed so we can arrange your space.”

After all, Qi Xiaohan’s flames’ color had good brightness. If placed in good lighting, it would look very beautiful.

Yan Chong thought of this and, absorbed in thinking, took a picture with his mobile phone. He planned to report whether they could increase this type of fire in this area.

The little white cat meowed and lifted a paw, reciting words to the flame.

When Qiu Xiao heard it, she pursed her lips and laughed. This little cat was reciting what had been taught to freshmen in military training.

This rather crude fire control was very low-level and, generally speaking, she wouldn’t be able to control it finely. Moreover, fire control would be taught until the end of military training.

Qiu Xiao thought while looking at the specks of golden light controlled by the little cat lessening until they were gradually annihilated by the purple-red flames.

The flames were like shiny satin, flowing around the little white cat’s paws. The little white cat stared at them and couldn’t help but lift up her head.

“Senior brother, is this okay?”

Yan Chong looked at the flames and pondered for a while.

The more he looked at it, the more beautiful and better it looked than the main color. Isn’t it a pity to use it as a corner polisher?

Yan Chong looked at the phone; the director hadn’t responded yet. He was only responsible for the implementation and not the design.

Yan Chong put the phone away and looked at the little white cat. “Then first, let’s wait for changes and practice first.”

The little cat nodded and flung her paw to extinguish the flame.

Yan Chong: ……

Was this some new style of putting away spirit fire? It was just like the method of extinguishing a match.

The human senior brother standing at the side looked at Qi Xiaohan and told her, “Okay, Xiaohan, come with me. You’re in my group and are responsible for the second part of the dark color.”

The little cat meowed as she circled her tail and stood next to this human senior brother.

Yan Chong said to the human, “Wu Hao, senior brother Zhu Cheng sent a message earlier saying that the dynamic track of your Fire Unicorn needs to be changed, I’ll send it to you later.”

Wu Hao gestured OK, then took the little cat towards the direction of the rehearsal hall.

There were many other fire control groups in the same rehearsal hall, and Yan Chong was one of them. When Wu Hao took Xiaohan over, there were already members of other groups in that direction, and when they saw Wu Hao coming over with the cat, they said hello to him.

“Wu Hao, you guys are a bit late today.”

They were responsible for the bright color department, as well as the middle color harmonizer.

Wu Hao: “We’re a little late to dinner because we took some care for this junior sister who replaced Li Yu because he took a leave of absence.”

The corner members all smiled, responded, then unfolded the image floating in the air and practiced according to the previous rehearsal.

Qi Xiaohan’s position wasn’t particularly important, but if there were fewer words then she would feel like there was something missing.

Wu Hao bent down and took into account the little cat’s small height. “Xiaohan, just like Yan Chong taught you just now, come and fill the range we planned with fire.”

The little cat nodded in agreement, looked at the range delineated by the senior brother, and waited for the director to say start. Then, the little cat raised her paw and began to fill it with fire.

In the rehearsal hall, flames of various colors burned according to the prescribed trajectory, uniting into various shapes of spiritual beasts and patterns, and clouds of flame filled the air. The little cat raised her head, and the inside of her eyes reflected the different colors of the flames burning in the sky.

Director: “That’s too dark, make it brighter! Brighter!”

When the dark part started, the whole rehearsal hall became more beautiful and bright with the flames.

Xiaohan meowed in amazement. She followed the direction given and changed her flames.

When the little cat suddenly retracted her paw while rehearsing, the other senior brothers on the other side glanced at her and waved at her.

“Xiaomao, continue and don’t stop.”

(T/N: Xiaomao = literally ‘little cat’)

She meowed, twitching her ears, and raised her paw to light her fire again.

Still in accordance with the original range, the purplish flame burned slowly, changing color from time to time.

This little white cat’s memory was very good as she was able to remember the sequence even after reading it only once.

The director was very satisfied with their performance and when they finished, he walked towards the little cat. “Yan Chong said before that you, his junior sister, has a beautiful flame color. Can you show me the range it can support?”

Seeing the little cat hesitating, the director waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, just let it burn and I’ll support you.”

The little cat listened with her tilted head and her eyes brightened.

Set fire?

She loved starting fires!

The little cat took a step forward and stomped her paw on the ground. Suddenly, a fire ignited, rushing out from her body and quickly spreading to the entire hall.

Director: “Take a step back, everyone, and don’t burn the costumes.”

Other actors who weren’t from the Fire Department were watching the little cat igniting fires with excitement but hadn’t expected the director to drive them out.

The little white cat heard the director’s voice, so she looked up to the director. The area the fire was burning was large enough.

With the director’s palm pressing downward, the temperature in the hall instantly dropped, and seeing the little cat still looking up at him, he said, “No need to stop, continue.”

The little white cat listened, letting her power go. The flames rose again.

Many students from the Fire Spirit Academy also went outside while some remained, watching with excitement.

It was also fortunate that this rehearsal hall was for flame rehearsals, otherwise, there was no telling how many things would’ve been burned by now.

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