My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 62: Chapter 34.1

The director clapped his hands and told everyone, “Okay, performers, take your places on the stage and let’s do it again.”

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The little white cat looked up and saw Qiu Xiao, who stood next to Yan Chong, walking to the stage with a group of girls in costumes.

They were going to do it once more.

The little cat was watching when the director lifted her up and placed her two front paws to face one direction.

The little cat meowed. moved her hind paws, and looked around.


The director gestured towards the scene. After a while, he looked down at the little cat and moved her a little bit.

The little cat moved her paws back. She was practically being moved around.

The director took a few steps back and made a thinking sound, then frowned and shouted to the assistant director who was already standing behind the stage: “Zhong Xiu, what about this position?”

Zhong Xiu gestured from afar, indicating that it was okay.

Only then did the director put the little cat down and pat her head, a signal that she had done a good job.

The little cat: ……

This relationship was like she was being treated as an insentient object.

“Just stay right here!”

She was asked again to produce fire as instructed before. She nodded to show her understanding and the director left.

Their practice started and the entire rehearsal hall came to life as the little cat waited for her turn to produce fire, plucking up enough courage to start her exhibition.

Her purplish-red flames transitioned from dark to bright, then ignited instantly, making the temperature inside the rehearsal hall rise up and filling the hall with fog. Under the different lights, the fog changed colors, looking extraordinarily beautiful and hazy.

The flames turned into a shape of a flaming beast running and flying over their heads. Xiaohan lifted up her head to take a look. It was a blue dragon with a majestic gaze, flying over her head, its sweeping tail almost inches away from touching her head.

Her eyes widened and she couldn’t help but jump back.

After waiting for the spirit animals to fly through, the performers on stage started.

There was a transition between the fire display and performance, in which the performers performed right after the fire-beasts flew over.

They were now rehearsing this transition.

Little Maomao slowly collected the flames back to her body.

Hearing that there would be stars coming to the school to perform every year, Qi Xiaohan had some slight expectations.

After rehearsing for some time, the rehearsal hall began emptying out when it was past ten o’clock in the evening.

The little white cat put on her backpack and said goodbye to her senior brothers and sisters.

She had heard that the rehearsal would take more time, so the director had been left behind in the rehearsal hall, thinking of supper preparations.

Yan Chong pushed a bag of snacks onto the cat and told her to go back early, that she had military training tomorrow, and to not sleep too late. The little white cat meowed and agreed, stepping her paws forward, preparing to run towards the dormitory.

Who would’ve known that just after she had run out of the rehearsal hall, she would see a familiar upright figure waiting outside the rehearsal hall? When he saw the little cat come out, Lang Chen’s eyebrows smoothened, and he walked towards her.

Long Chen skillfully picked up the little cat, smoothed her fur, stroked her feline head, and asked, “Why are you only coming out at this time?”

The little white cat answered honestly, “Director Zhu Cheng said he wanted to rehearse again, so I stayed a little longer. If not for the military training tomorrow, I would’ve had to continue practicing.”

After saying that, the little cat thought about it again, looked at Lang Chen, and asked, “How did you know I was here?”

The corners of Lang Chen’s lips curved slightly. “I looked at the replacement list reported by the student council, and you were on it.”

So that was it. No wonder.

The little cat meowed in understanding and rubbed her face against Lang Chen’s palm.

Lang Chen felt the softness on the palm of his hand, then touched the little cat’s face and held her paws.

“Xiaohan, did you forget that we’re going to eat dinner together?”

The little cat: Meow?

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