My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 64: Chapter 34.3

Lang Chen: “No. It’s the same as the flame-condensed spirit beasts during the rehearsal, which can have part of the owner’s mind and thoughts; it will also form again if it dissipates.”

The little white cat meowed. This little tiger was too smart and looked realistic, making her want to pamper it.

She hadn’t seen such a spiritual fire spirit beast in the rehearsal hall.

Remembering something, the little white cat got up from Lang Chen’s arms, rummaged through her bag, and took out the snack to give to him.

“For you, senior brother.”

Lang Chen laughed when he saw the snack given by the little cat. It was probably from the rehearsal hall again, as the people there liked this snack. They would eat food like this on late night rehearsals and take everyone out for dinner when they would rehearse until morning.

The school attached great importance to the annual opening ceremony, and on that day, the younger generations and people from all walks of life would come to visit the school.

The end of the opening ceremony also meant that the off-campus competition would officially begin.

The little tiger had already jumped on Lang Chen’s arms too and tried to sweep the little cat’s head to its body.

Seeing this little tiger’s action, Lang Chen’s eyes flashed as he stretched out his hand again to throw away the little tiger.

When the little cat saw the little tiger being thrown off, she pounced on it with a loud meow and bit its ear.

Lang Chen: ……

Lang Chen tilted his head.

“You can bring it to your dormitory to raise. Don’t worry about it setting things on fire since I’ll control it well. Just treat it as a normal toy.”

So he and Xiaohan exchanged gifts, and he gave Xiaohan the fussy thing as a toy to play with.

The little white cat grabbed the little tiger and hearing Lang Chen’s words, she meowed excitedly, “I see!”

Lang Chen looked at the little white cat, whose eyes were brightly reflecting the starry sky, and said faintly, “Be nice to him.”

Hearing this, the little cat sheepishly let go of the little tiger and jumped with a whoop. One could tell that it liked the little cat very much as it pressed onto her, constantly rubbing on her and encircling her with its paws.

Trapped again by the little tiger, Qi Xiaohan couldn’t help but look up innocently at Lang Chen.


Lang Chen couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He pointed at the little tiger, then saw the little tiger quickly become bigger, picking up the little cat and putting her on its back.

“It can also be used as a mount.”

Who would’ve known that when his words dropped, the tiger, with the little cat on its back, would run quickly.

Lang Chen rubbed his brow.

What went wrong? His condensed fire spirit was so lively.


When she returned to the dormitory, her roommates were still playing.

Hearing the little cat back in the dormitory, they saw her come back with a blazing tiger.

The little snow leopard was shocked. “Where did this come from, Xiaohan?”

Lu Ling: “This fire spirit looks familiar.”

The golden cat: “Don’t say it, it’s quite cute.”

Qi Xiaohan patted the little tiger’s head, wanting to show off to her friends. Then she saw the little tiger hold its head high, drag its tail around, walk majestically around the dormitory, and go back to the little cat happily.

Seeing that the little tiger was going to rub her fur again, Qi Xiaohan raised her paws to push it away and said to her roommates, “An unexpected harvest from senior brother Lang Chen.”

The little tiger disappeared into thin air.

The little mountain cat raised her paw to pat the little cat. “We haven’t looked at it properly yet, take it out again!”

The little snow leopard: “I heard that there will be a lot of spirit fire beasts at the opening ceremony, and that there are many senior brothers and sisters that are good at this. Their harmonization is good, too.”

The little white cat was pressured by the little mountain cat into letting out the little tiger again.

After releasing the little tiger, it looked at the little cat and patted her head with a hum. The little cat had a relenting, helpless look.

Qi Xiaohan thought of what her senior brother Lang Chen had told her, that she could feed the little tiger with flames, so she raised her paw and released a purplish-red flame.

When the flame came out, the room became dry.

The little snow leopard hurriedly suppressed the temperature, then looked at the little cat with bright eyes, somewhat curious about how to feed this kind of fire spirit.

Qi Xiaohan tore off a small piece from the top of her flame and pushed it in front of the little tiger.

The little tiger roared, looked at the little cat’s fire, and stepped forward. It opened its mouth and ate it.

She then saw the little tiger’s body solidify more, the black pattern on its body flashing red and disappearing again.

“Wow, that’s really wonderful!”

The little snow leopard exclaimed.

The little tiger wrinkled its little nose and darted next to the little white cat.

Qi Xiaohan raised her claws again and put the little tiger away.

The little tiger: ……

That night, the roomful of cats fell into a deep sleep. The little tiger, which had been put away by the little white cat, appeared secretly, and lifted its paws to swat at the little cat. It glared at her aggressively, then picked her up with its paws.

The next day, the little white cat put on her neckerchief and then ran towards the military training grounds.

Many of the students had already arrived.

These were the most critical days. After all, the school training assessment was about to begin. They had heard that the instructor had brought the very fierce lizard beast again to accompany them at their training.

Qi Xiaohan came to their squad and meowed a greeting.

Seeing Xiaohan coming over, the little lion ran towards her. When he was about to reach the little cat, he jumped on his hind paws and pounced on the little cat.

The little white cat suddenly meowed, then moved away in a flash and stepped on the little lion’s head.

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