My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 66: Chapter 35.1

After another two days of training had passed, the little white cat had gotten used to each day being busy and running around in the training hall and rehearsal hall.

She didn’t even have enough chances to use the little puppet she had bought before, leaving it for her roommates to play with. Recently on WeChat, the little snow leopard also told Zhou Mingyu to add more functions to the puppet.

The little white cat rushed towards the road leading to the rehearsal hall.

But then, a big civet cat suddenly stopped her.

The little white cat stopped and meowed, looking at the big civet cat suspiciously.


The big civet cat took a step toward her as he looked around confusedly and asked:

“Hello, little student. I’m here to attend the opening ceremony, and I wanted to see my friend’s kid. Can you tell me where Building 56 is?”

While the white cat listened, her ears twitched as she thought carefully. She remembered that buildings after the fiftieth number were on the floating island, but she didn’t know where exactly Building 56 was.

She shuffled around and said with some hesitation, “I think it should be on the island?”

She then pointed at the floating island in the sky.

The civet cat also followed where the little white cat pointed, and when it saw the countless groups of floating islands in the sky, the cat became silent.

“Meow ……”

The little white cat was also embarrassed at the direction she pointed at, so she pulled out her phone with the intention of telling this big civet cat where it was.

While fiddling around with her phone, the little cat asked, “By the way, where are you from? Why did you come over to see the opening ceremony this time?”

She was asking this to clarify, in case that it was some unknown person trespassing into the school, though it would be unlikely due to the strict security checks.

The civet cat was still looking up at the floating islands with a sad expression. When he heard the little cat’s question, he replied:

“I'm one of the Supernatural Authors. It's not just me, but there are others who will arrive in a while to see the opening ceremony. I only came here early to see the grown-up little cub I watched over.”

Qi Xiaohan listened and, remembering something, said to the civet cat, “Then why don’t you call him and let that student come to pick you up?”

The civet cat: “He’s in a club interview right now and can’t come see me, so he allowed me to go to building 56 to wait for him.”

Club interview?

The interview started so early?

Qi Xiaohan pulled up the map on her phone, looked at it, and finally found building 56 on the nearest floating island.

After the little cat pointed him in the direction of building 56, the big civet cat immediately became happy and thanked the little cat. With a stomp, the big civet cat propelled himself into the air, unrestrained by gravity. Even before the little cat could stop him, he ran over to the floating island.

Suddenly, a stream of light flew by, almost hitting the cat mid-air. So the big civet cat rotated in the air and landed on four paws on the ground. Growling, he looked up with alert in his eyes.

He then saw two witches from the witch clan, not far away on the opposite side, along with law enforcement, and books on their bodies.

“That cat, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know it’s forbidden to fly on campus without a license?”

The witch from the witch clan sounded serious.

Both the witch and the human race had difficulties distinguishing the ages of those in the cat clan, having to examine them for a while. Many were only able to distinguish between an adult cat and a juvenile. As for how old they were, they obviously wouldn't know the exact age, but this big civet cat wouldn't be the same age as the students here.

The civet cat explained his identity, and also took out his ID card. The witch students on duty swiped the card, and after confirming it was legitimate, they returned it to the big civet cat, saying:

“I’m sorry, senior, the school prohibited everyone from flying without a license, and since you’re a visitor, we’ve arranged flying devices specifically for visitors. It’s also okay for one of our students to take you for a flight.”

Moreover, weren’t all the visitors to be escorted by the student council reception staff? What was the deal with this civet cat that he had been left alone?

The witch deacon said kindly, “Senior, is there anything we can do to help you?”

The civet cat was slightly embarrassed as he didn’t remember this school’s rules and regulations well since he hadn’t gone to college, only finishing high school from a school funded by demons and, with a recommendation from there, had landed a job in the Supernatural Authority.

The civet cat: “I want to go to Building 56. I have a half-demon cub I know who goes here, and I want to come over and see him.”

The witch: “Okay, in three minutes the flight for route 6 will come over; you can take it to Building 56. Who's the cub you’re talking about? We can help you call him down too.”

The civet cat: “Zheng Ze, he’s a half-demon from the Water Spirit Academy. I’ll just go over to him.”

The little white cat was about to leave after helping this civet cat, but who would’ve known that she would hear Zheng Ze’s name? The little cat stopped her paws at once and meowed.

“Zheng Ze? I know him!” The little cat said excitedly.

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