Pampering You Even More

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Chapter 29: Chapter 29

Song Yancheng called the waiter to pay the bill. However, the waiter came back quickly, and smiled. “Hello, someone has already paid the bill, thank you.”

“Did you pay?” Song Yancheng looked at Feng Hao.

Feng Hao was also stunned, and shook his head. “No.”

Song Yancheng quickly understood after thinking for a while. He chuckled, and nodded at the waiter. “Alright.”

“What happened?” Feng Hao looked at him suspiciously. He did now know that the owner of the hotpot restaurant knew them.

Song Yancheng could not help but laugh, and said in a rather helpless tone, “It should be Tong Jia who paid.”

“…” Feng Hao opened his mouth and froze for a while before giving a thumb’s up and gulped, “I’m convinced. President Song came out to eat and actually asked the girl he likes to pay. I’m really convinced. I really admire you.”

Song Yancheng actually was surprised. He did not think Tong Jia would do something like this, but at the same time, he did not feel ashamed. Instead, he had an urge to laugh. Song Yancheng did not know why he liked Tong Jia. The two had not had an official date, and had not known each other for a long time. Strictly speaking, they might not even be friends, but he felt that every little thing Tong Jia did, made him like her.

“You… Going out to eat a few times with Tong Jia costs money. Don’t chase other girls and let her pour out her money. Believe me, I can laugh at you for a year!” Although Feng Hao said these words, he did not mention how envious he was. A beautiful girl with a good personality unexpectedly could domineeringly pay others’ bills. She was the perfect woman to marry! He was so jealous that he almost fell on his knees.

Song Yancheng spread his hand innocently, and said, “But I also didn't know she would pay for me. You don’t know what kind of person she is. Once, when we went to the Sichuan restaurant, she insisted on using Groupon to save money.”

“If you can restrain your smirk on your face a little, then your words will be very convincing.” Feng Hao looked at Song Yancheng blankly.

Song Yancheng got up and tidied up his cuffs and collar, “I’ll go and see if she’s still there and say thank you.”

“Go, go, go!”

When he came to table 8, Tong Jia and her family had already left. Someone else was sitting on the seat, and looked like they just sat down.

Tong Ming found that his sister was in a good mood. She was grinning on the way back.

He eyed Father and Mother Tong walking arm in arm in front of them. Only then did Tong Ming approach Tong Jia with ease and asked, “What are you laughing at? Did you pick up some money?”

“I did not pick up money, but I lost it.” Tong Jia could not hide her smile. Her mind wandered to what Song Yancheng’s expression would be like, it must be interesting.

The domineering president was dominated by others, how exciting!

“You should get yourself checked.”

Tong Jia ignored Tong Ming, and continued, “I spent 400 yuan to buy a good mood for a week. No matter what, I think I earned it.”

“Huh.” Tong Ming continued teasing.

This little brother was caring like a padded jacket a few times, but most of the time he was rude, like now. Tong Jia took out 10 yuan from her wallet, and shook it between her fingers. “I can be happier. Bark like a dog, and this 10 yuan will be yours.”

“You take me as a beggar? Do you think I am that shameless?” Tong Ming grabbed the 10 yuan from her hands. “Well, yes. Woof!”

“How obedient.” Tong Jia patted Tong Ming’s head vigorously with a loving look on her face.

“By the way, is that person really my future brother-in-law?” Tong Ming was most concerned about this. He put the 10 yuan in his pocket and kept badgering.

Tong Jia did not know how to answer this kind of question. She thought about it for a while and replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t known him for a long time.”

“Is he good to you? Is he a local? How old is he? What does he do? How much is his salary?” Tong Ming fired off a barrage of questions.

Tong Jia was pleased with her brother’s first question, “Is he good to you?”

She wanted to complain that her brother was like the neighbourhood aunt who checked household registration, but her heart softened, and she replied honestly, “Currently, he treats me well. He is a local, and should be 30 this year. I still don’t clearly know his job and his salary.”

She really did not know what Song Company's main business was…

“Uh, no. He could be considered as a manager of a big company.” The man standing on top of the Song Company’s pyramid.

Tong Jia did not plan to tell her brother about these things yet. Of course, it was not a secret, but she believed that even if she told him, he would look at her with disdain and ask whether she had read too many Mary Sue novels? Well, he would even suspect she had run into a con artist. Definitely.

Tong Ming began to contemplate it seriously. “Although I don’t remember his face, he should have an extraordinary appearance. If you said he is in his thirties, he must have some certain economic strength. Well, management of a big company is at least a department manager, right? I remember my senior said in a company of Zheng’s size, the department manager’s annual salary is at least 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.”

“Pfft…” Tong Jia could not stop laughing at her brother’s observation.

“Be serious, I am analysing things for you!”

“It’s incredible that you are obsessed with money at such a young age!” Tong Jia tapped the back of his head.

“I just want you to live better in the future. Could it be that you want to live a hard life and struggle with your mortgage every month?” Tong Ming asked flippantly,

Tong Jia found it amusing when her brother said such a thing, but she did not refute Tong Ming. Even though he was younger than her, he still hoped that she would have a good life and not have to worry about food and clothing.

“Alright, I know.”

On her way home, Tong Jia received a message from Song Yancheng.

‘My friend laughed at me, saying I actually made you pay the bill.”

Song Yancheng wanted to call, but after some thought, he realised she was probably with her family, and it would be inconvenient for her to answer a call. Sitting in the car back home, Song Yancheng lowered his head and smelled his shirt. The smell of hotpot should not be pleasant, but at this moment because of Tong Jia, his face softened.

Like Feng Hao said, City A was so big, how could they coincidentally meet? Was it fate?

Tong Jia pondered for a while, and quickly replied to the message.

Song Yancheng was holding his mobile phone. When he felt a vibration on his palm, he quickly opened the message.

‘Was eating a free hotpot not good? Today, I am addicted to being a domineering president.’

So, it was like that…

Song Yancheng burst into laughter.

‘How did it feel?’

What kind of feeling? Tong Jia thought about it carefully, and finally understood why some male stars specialised in acting as domineering presidents. The feeling was very cool!

‘Don’t you know it very clearly? Weren’t you ready to pay my bill?’

Surprise flashed across Song Yancheng’s face, but he soon understood. She knew he was going to pay for her bill, so she paid his bill first. Song Yancheng was not bothered by Tong Jia’s action, he reasoned that she was not angry if she acted this way.

‘Is it convenient for you to answer a call?’

‘Not convenient, there is a husky beside me.’

Tong Jia quickly turned off the messaging interface, for fear Tong Ming would peek at her phone again. If he saw the messages, Tong Ming would definitely tell their parents.

In the end, as they were exchanging messages, Song Yancheng took the opportunity to invite Tong Jia to dinner the next day. This time he had a perfect excuse; because she had paid his bill, he had to invite her for a meal. Tong Jia also did not refuse and quickly agreed.

Qin Yue returned home, and found his aunt was also there. He hurriedly greeted his family, ready to go back to his room and sleep.

“Didn’t you go on a business trip to Japan? How are you already back? You didn’t go home all day today, what happened?” Father Qin stopped him in his tracks.

“Oh, nothing.” Qin Yue shook his head, and leaned dejectedly against the door, “I just wanted to come back. Don’t worry, no need to feel troubled. I’m leaving tomorrow.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the atmosphere in the living room dampened.

The one who reacted the most was not Father Qin, but the gentle Mother Qin. “Is it because of Tong Jia? Xiao Yue, I already told you. You two are not meant to be! Besides, she doesn’t care about you now, you are the only persistent one!”

“Right, I am persistent, what’s the matter?” Qin Yue was very depressed, a breath of air was stuck on his heart. He felt low-spirited and drained. At this moment, he did not care and spoke up.

He always was the only one enthusiastic and had wishful thinking. He used to beg and follow her around, but now he could not wait to dig out his heart and kneel in front of her. Doing these kinds of things did not matter to him as long as he was happy and willing.

“Do you think you are still 18 years old? You are not young, can’t you be a little more mature? If Tong Jia liked you, I would beg for her to come into the Qin family. But that kid doesn’t like you at all. Can you stop? Do you have to wait until she gets married before you give up?!” Mother Qin scolded him.

She also liked Tong Jia very much. She used to think Tong Jia as her own daughter. She also still loved her. But as a mother, she was more concerned about her son.

There were so many good girls in this world, why did he like someone who did not like him back?

Qin Yue’s eyes reddened. He grinned his teeth and bellowed, “I won’t give up even if she's married!”

However, Aunt Qin interrupted upon hearing the argument. “Hey, I thought something big happened. Isn’t she the girl from Director Tong’s house? That girl doesn’t seem like a person who you can spend your life with. She looks bright and beautiful, but what can she help you with?”

Father Qin coughed heavily to signal his sister not to talk too much, but Aunt Qin ignored it and continued her tirade, “Xiao Yue, don’t blame your aunt for being nosy. Our family doesn’t have any other intention, I just want to say realistically. Her father is a director of an ordinary middle school with no social relations. Her mother is only an ordinary employee. The family situation is also not very good. Even if you are married to her, she won’t be able to help you.”

Mother Qin swallowed her angry words towards her son, and looked at Aunt Qin dumbfoundedly.

“If you pictured her good looks, I can understand. With appearance, all men would think about beauty, but can beauty bring food? In the end, you will get old, and you will get tired of seeing it. The purpose of marrying a woman is to live an easy life. Aunt has a friend from a playing cards group. The family is rich, and they are all doing big business. It is estimated that they have tens of millions of yuan. She has a daughter. Although the daughter looks ordinary, her standings are excellent. If tomorrow you are not in a hurry, I will arrange a meeting for you. I guarantee she is better than that Tong family girl.”

Although Mother Qin thought what Aunt Qin said was inappropriate, Mother Qin’s attention was all attracted by the prospect. As a mother who cared about her son, she desperately hoped that her son would meet a new girl as soon as possible, and let go of Tong Jia. She quickly opened her mouth, “Alright, alright, if the girl doesn’t dislike it, invite her to eat at our house.”

Qin Yue declined the offer, “I’m leaving early tomorrow morning. Aunt, I thank you, but I really don’t need it.”

“Forget it. Let him take care of his own life. Don’t meddle,” Father Qin declared, he made the final decision.

Aunt Qin chimed again before Qin Yue went back to his room. “It’s Director Tong's daughter's fault if she doesn’t like you. Our family Xiao Yue is so capable, and joined the Song Company at a young age. As an aunt, I am usually proud to talk about it. Then again, the girl I wanted to introduce you to has business with the subsidiaries of the Song Company. I’ll leave it here today. Director Tong’s daughter looks bad at first glance. She won’t be able to find someone better than you in the future. You wait and see.”

Mother Qin could not listen any further and stopped her, “I don’t think so, Tong Jia is quite good.”

Qin Yue’s mouth twitched. He turned his head, looked at his aunt, and said with a smile, “It’s me who cannot find someone better than her.”

After he finished speaking, Qin Yue shuffled to his room. He stared at the ceiling blankly. He wanted to scold himself to get it together because he knew what his mother said was right.

But was this not how people were? Regardless of what their predecessors had said, they all wanted to go in the opposite direction of what their predecessors thought was right.

The next morning, before Tong Jia had gone out, Mother Tong went back from grocery shopping with a red face, which made the Tong siblings hold their tongue, for fear of annoying the queen mother.

Mother Tong was a straightforward person. She could not hide her thoughts. She trembled with anger as she put the vegetable basket away.

“Don’t associate with the Qin family in the future!”

“What happened?” Tong Jia’s heart skipped a beat. There was an ominous premonition.

“They are bullies!” Mother Tong thumped the table, “Qin Yue’s aunt told people that my daughter is not good and frivolous. She was not present, otherwise, I would really fight her!”

Hearing people talking badly about their daughter would make any mother fight back.

“What?!” Tong Ming began to utter foul language in his anger.

“Jia Jia, don’t contact Qin Yue anymore in the future, you too Xiao Ming. From now on, our family will not associate with their family anymore! His aunt also said that she would introduce Qin Yue to daughters of rich families. Let’s not stoop to their level!”

Mother Tong was treasured by her family before she got married, and was guarded by her husband after marriage. She did not mind if she was the one being cursed. However, she could not stand that her daughter was being despised and cursed by others.

Tong Jia was powerless. She was angry, but she remained reasonable. She knew Father and Mother Qin were good people. They absolutely would not talk unkindly about her, but she really should not contact Qin Yue anymore.

She was also afraid of getting into trouble.

Tong Ming took out his phone and directly blocked Qin Yue. His face was stoic. “I won’t contact him anymore.”

Originally, the two families' friendships had gone back a long way, but your family’s child was a treasure and my family’s child was not? These kinds of words hurt.

Mother Tong called Father Tong, and Father Tong, who was wandering around school, was so angry that he almost dropped his phone. He could be reasoned with if someone said his daughter was not good. However, she said his daughter was frivolous. If the Tong family did not beat others, they were already considered good people.

Just like that, Qin Yue who was already on the plane did not know that what little possibility he thought he had with Tong Jia had completely vanished. Now, even if Tong Jia agreed, Father and Mother Tong would object.

Tong Jia’s mood was inevitably affected. After comforting her mother and brother, she actually had no intention to meet with Song Yancheng, but she had made a promise.

Shen Rong was lying in the beauty room when she received a phone call from her friend, Liu Kang. “Did you find something?” she inquired excitedly.

Because of the girl’s expanding vanity, she was getting more and more interested in Song Yancheng, and wished to steal his heart today.

Liu Kang peeked at Song Yancheng while holding his phone, he replied, “I haven’t found anything yet. Now he is in the Sichuan restaurant beside the convention and exhibition centre, the one we ate at before. Boiled fish and spicy beef are especially good …… Sss!” His mouth watered.

Shen Rong rolled her eyes, and interrupted him rudely, “You foodie, straight to the point!”

“He is waiting for someone, and he is in a good mood. He is probably waiting for his girlfriend.” Liu Kang saw Song Yancheng’s eyes moving in his direction. He quickly lowered his head and pretended to look at the menu. It was just a pretence, but he could not help but start ordering food.

Shen Rong was obviously unhappy. “His girlfriend is really unsophisticated, what Sichuan restaurant. She is really low-bred, definitely doesn’t deserve him.”

Liu Kang paused. He really wanted to say, ‘Rong Rong, you also liked to eat in Sichuan restaurants’.

Tong Jia came by the subway. It just so happened that the convention and exhibition centre had a shopping mall. She checked her watch and there was still around half an hour before the appointed time, so she went into the shopping mall. Tong Jia also had her own plan, she did not want to wait for Song Yancheng. She wanted to kill time, and half an hour seemed to be enough to try on lipsticks.

She saw Song Yancheng when she arrived at the Sichuan restaurant, but she accidentally bumped into someone who was about to get up from another table. She took two steps back and got a closer look. It was a young boy who seemed about 20 years old with orange hair. “I’m sorry,” she said with a smile, she stood still and subconsciously tucked her hair behind her ears.

Liu Kang was blown-away, he thought today was his lucky day.

He had bumped into a goddess!

She was beautiful, ah, her voice was also gentle QAQ

She gave him a feeling of gentleness like water. ‘I fell in love at first sight!’

“No, it’s fine…” Liu Kang bowed his head and stood for a while, then summoned his courage and said, “Can you…” give me your contact?

Before he could finish speaking, the goddess walked around him and Liu Kang turned around in a daze, almost petrified. Because he saw Song Yancheng standing up to greet the goddess, the two sat down and exchanged smiles.

Suddenly, there was only one thought in Liu Kang’s mind – Rong Rong, why don’t you give up, don’t challenge the impossible.

“That little boy seemed to want to strike up a conversation with you.” Song Yancheng smiled and joked while pouring her water.

He did not mean to be jealous at all, which Tong Jia appreciated. She was terrified of the other party becoming jealous when people asked for her number on the street.

“Really? Yesterday, my younger brother thought you wanted to strike up a conversation with him.” Tong Jia was this kind of person. People who did not know her or were not familiar with her would think of her as a quiet and gentle girl. However, once people were a little familiar with her, they would find that she liked to complain.

No, she used her brother and started to complain about Song Yancheng’s excessive attentiveness.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Song Yancheng’s face, he clenched his right hand into a fist and coughed lightly. “Then please explain to him, I just wanted to hand him a tissue.”

“Absolutely have to explain, otherwise, wouldn’t the Mary Sue halo land on him?” Tong Jia grinned slightly.

She absolutely had to explain!! She was given the Mary Sue halo by the Song Company’s president, how could she give it to other people?! And, her brother did not have Tom Sue’s fate at first glance.

“Ah, what do you mean?” Song Yancheng had not read romance novels. Well, to be precise, he had not read many novels, so he did not understand what Mary Sue meant, but he still humbly asked, trying to keep up with Tong Jia’s pace.

“It’s fine if you don’t understand.” Tong Jia continued to laugh.

Song Yancheng did not plan to let it go, he took out his phone and searched what Mary Sue meant. He would not have known without searching. He burst into laughter immediately.

“You don’t have colourful hair nor are your hair rainbow-coloured. Your bed is also not 500 square metres, and your name is definitely not Li Ying Shang Angelina Ying Xue Yu… Uh, it’s too long, I won’t say it” Song Yancheng put down his phone, “You are not Mary Sue, this is all the truth.”

Invisible flirting was the most deadly.

Tong Jia did not know Song Yancheng’s love story, but she had to admit that the sentence pierced into her girl’s heart.

This was all the truth.

“Oh yes, I have something for you.” Song Yancheng changed the subject in time. He took out an envelope and gave it to Tong Jia, monitoring her opening the envelope.

Tong Jia picked up the envelope, felt the texture, and first ruled out money. This piece was similar to at most one to two hundred yuan, which was completely inconsistent with Song Yancheng’s arrogance.

Could it be a check? What should she do, she must refuse! But what if the amount was too large and a series of zeroes knocked her out? What if she was not determined by then?

“You absolutely will like it.” Song Yancheng could not help but add.

Tong Jia debated in her head, she would not accept a check! Yes! That was it!

She opened the envelope, and the contents fell out. She held her breath and looked at it. It was actually a photo?!

Tong Jia hurriedly picked it up and took a look. Suddenly she did not know what to say, it was actually Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo!

Seeing that there was not much surprise on Tong Jia’s face, Song Yancheng was slightly disappointed, but he still asked with a smile, “You don’t like it? Isn’t he your male god?”

If it was a few days ago, Tong Jia would have been excited. But she could not get excited now, because she had also received the same gift from Zhou Yanchen, who had liked her for a long time and died in a car accident in order to come to see her.

She felt sorry that she could not make a happy expression. In order to be polite, she should smile and say thank you. However, when she thought of Zhou Yanchen, she could not bear to smile.

No matter how much time had passed, no matter how happy the situation was, as long as she thought of him, her mood would sink.

“I like it.” Tong Jia put the photo in the envelope, looked up and smiled at Song Yancheng.

Song Yancheng knew Tong Jia lied. If she liked it, she would not look sad. At this moment, her whole person was haunted by an indescribable atmosphere of loss, but only she did not know it.


Where did he go wrong?

However, Song Yancheng knew now was not the time to ask further questions. He felt that Tong Jia was crestfallen, and no matter how puzzled he was, he should keep his mouth shut.

Liu Kang went out after sitting for a while. He hesitated for a moment and called Shen Rong, “Rong Rong, just forget about it. That Song Yancheng is already old and not suitable for you.”

She had no chance of winning, Rong Rong should not take any risk.

Shen Rong noticed something was wrong with Liu Kang’s tone, and asked, “What happened? Did you see his girlfriend? What happened?”

“Yes, I saw her.” Liu Kang responded.

“Is she pretty?” Shen Rong also felt something was wrong. She was silent for a while and asked tentatively.

“Very beautiful.” Liu Kang evaluated it from the perspective of men. There were two types of good-looking girls. One was pretty*, another was beautiful*. The literal meaning was the same, but the difference was in temperament.

*TL Note: 漂亮 (piàoliang) and 美丽 (měilì) both mean beautiful.

Shen Rong rejected this statement. She continued to ask as if she had not heard it, “Is she prettier than me?”

Liu Kang really was not willing to attack his own best friend, so he could only answer with silence.

Shen Rong looked at her face in the mirror, obviously she was very pretty. Why did Liu Kang not speak? She bit her lower lip, and whispered, “I’ll go over now.”

She had to see Song Yancheng’s girlfriend with her own eyes. She was Shen Rong and she would not admit defeat.

“Don’t come, really, Rong Rong, Song Yancheng is not suitable for you. He is so old…” Liu Kang began to prattle.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear!” Shen Rong hung up the phone and went to the closet for a change of clothes. She put on big sunglasses and drove to the convention and exhibition centre.

Tong Jia became happy again once the dishes were ready. She should not project her emotions onto Song Yancheng. It had nothing to do with him. Since she agreed to his invitation, she should eat happily.

“I almost forgot, this is for you.” Tong Jia took out two red notes from her wallet and pushed them to Song Yancheng, “Teacher Zhang paid 200 yuan more, he asked me to thank you, and said the performance of the electric scooter is excellent.”

Song Yancheng did not want the money, but he was afraid of making Tong Jia unhappy, like just now. Needless to say, she must be unhappy because he did not do anything properly.

He nervously took the money and put it in his wallet, then smiled at her, “He is quite kind.”


Tong Jia felt she had done something wrong and turned the good atmosphere awkward, especially when she saw Song Yancheng’s cautious expression. She could not bear it and explained, “I really like Wang Kaizhi and really like your gift. It had nothing with you just now, I just thought of something and got lost in thought.”

“It’s okay.” Song Yancheng looked at Tong Jia warmly. He was not angry, but he was overwhelmed because he was afraid of doing something wrong.

After finishing their meal, Song Yancheng grabbed the bill in front of Tong Jia. He was a little reluctant and asked tentatively, “It’s okay. How about we watch a movie together?”

“Okay.” Tong Jia took out her phone. She opened a mobile application, “What do you want to watch? I’ll directly choose the seat online.”

There was a movie theatre outside the convention centre, and the two chose a movie together.

“Do you watch horror movies?” Tong Jia looked up and asked.

Song Yancheng asked hesitantly, “Will there be a ghost?”

“It should be.”

He did not say anything, and Tong Jia questioned in disbelief, “Are you afraid of watching horror movies?”

“...” He refused to answer this question.

Almost forgetting that this question could hurt the dignity of a man, Tong Jia took the initiative to lighten the mood. “I like the movie ‘Ghost*’. I often think how deep love can be that even after death, the other party still follows and protects. Think about it from another angle, maybe those who have died have been protecting us all along. I’m touched.”

*TL Note: Ghost (Chinese title: 人鬼情未了) : a 1990 American horror movie.

“I’ll watch it tonight after I arrive home.” Song Yancheng had a strange feeling growing in his heart. He wanted to grasp it, but he could not figure out what it was.


Very touched?

What was it exactly?

He was silent, and Tong Jia turned to look at her phone, “This romantic comedy is said to be good. How about we watch this?”

Song Yancheng suddenly came back to his senses, and nodded without thinking. He did not mind watching anything as long as he was together with her.

Tong Jia paid after choosing the time and seat allocation. The two people walked out of the restaurant and made their way to the cinema to wait.

Shen Rong had just arrived at the convention centre. Given that she was in a hurry, she did not see the red light and crashed into the back side of another car.

The owner got out and knocked on Shen Rong’s car window. He spoke in a vicious tone since the car was newly bought, “Miss, how did you drive? Didn’t you see the yellow light? Why are you in a hurry to reincarnate?”

Shen Rong had never been on the receiving end of such anger. She got out of her car, and scolded the owner, “What did you say? Isn't it just a broken car? I didn't even say anything. What’s the point of you yelling at a broken car?”

“What did you say? Are you out of your mind?” The owner of the car just wanted to vent, and then settle the matter calmly. After negotiating the claim, it was better to drive away quickly, otherwise it would be bad to cause a lot of traffic.

“Your car is already broken, and you are furious with me?!” Sheng Rong angrily opened her car door and took out some money from her wallet. She was also enraged, and threw a stack of red notes directly to the car owner, “Is it enough?!”

The people nearby rolled their windows to see the excitement. Seeing Shen Rong like this, they were all amazed, hit someone’s car and still dared to be arrogant… rich and unruly.

The car owner’s face was ashen. He looked like in his thirties or forties, but was ridiculed by a little girl throwing money. This was just a slap in his face. He raised his hand, and his fingers were shaking, “You…… You!”

Tong Jia saw a few people on the side of the road watching, and thought there was a car accident, so she quickly went to see, and Shen Rong had just turned her back.

“What, is it not enough?!” Because Shen Rong’s was too loud, it sounded very harsh.

Several people on the street were also butting into the scene.

“Miss, just admit your mistake. What you are doing is wrong…”

“Yes, yes, crashing into someone else’s car and still being so fierce, your actions don’t match your good looks.”

“Don’t block the road. Have a little integrity. Do you want us to call the traffic police?”

Shen Rong’s face turned sour. She raised her foot, stepped on the red note, and mocked them, “I already gave you money, and I’m still shameless? Are you blackmailing me?”

Tong Jia shook her head. This girl looked very cute, how could her temper be the opposite? She did not know the cause of the incident, so she could not make any rash judgement.

Song Yancheng, however, had obvious disgust on his face. Of course, he recognised this person, he had not forgotten Shen Rong from the day before. Previously, he did not think too much of her, and just felt she was a little rude. But now… “Let’s go,” He whispered to Tong Jia.

He did not want to meddle at all.

It was not good for Tong Jia to watch, either. She nodded and followed Song Yancheng a few steps behind.

Not far away, Liu Kang dialled Shen Rong’s phone, and Shen Rong, who was arguing with the pedestrians, heard the ringtone and quickly answered.

“What happened? I am annoyed, I met someone who wanted to blackmail me for money.”

Liu Kang rubbed his forehead helplessly, “Song Yancheng was less than 2 metres behind you just now. He and his girlfriend watched the scene and just left.”

There was no chance of winning from the start, but now something like this happened. Shen Rong would need a miracle to fix the situation.

Shen Rong’s whole body froze. She slowly turned around while holding her phone, and saw a man and a woman walking away side by side.

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