Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 18: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [9.2]

CHAPTER: Possessed By Unfortunate God

#The teacher scolded me in front of the whole class and told me to get out, but the headteacher advised me to apologize to him. What should I do?#

Mo Yao had more than 100,000 Weibo followers. Although she was not as big as a celebrity, she was still a little influential. Once she posted this on Weibo, it immediately attracted attention. Just some time ago, the news about a primary school teacher that abused a student caused a hot topic. When netizens paid more attention to education, Mo Yao uploaded such a post at the time when people were focused on teachers abusing their students.

Mo Yao was also a public figure, so this matter soon received wide attention because she was beautiful, her family was poor but she constantly strived for self-improvement. She started out as an inspirational figure. Of course, others would not think that she was in the wrong. So in the comments, they condemned the school and asked the school to severely punish teacher Qiao. Even a middle school student in Lincheng who didn't know the truth was pointing fingers at Teacher Qiao. The principal and the leaders of the Education Bureau came to him to understand the situation and made him miserable.

However, the students in Mo Yao's class felt that Teacher Qiao was wronged. Mo Yao almost lifted the table in class, which disrupted the classroom discipline. Teacher Qiao from beginning to end, he had only said one phrase, "get out" nothing else. MoYao doing this, is really making a mountain out of a molehill!

However, their voices grew weaker as they tried to explain the situation. It was quickly drowned in numerous criticisms.

Mo Yao sent another video, thanking everyone for their concern, and saying that she didn't want to make a big deal out of things, claiming she just wanted to go to school in peace.

In the video, she looked haggard, her eyes were red, her eye bags were dark, and she appeared to have not slept well for several days. This image of hers made netizens flare with anger. Look how they tortured such a good girl! She must have suffered great injustice! There were even more fierce condemnation made of Lincheng No.1 Middle School and Teacher Qiao, even the education department was scolded, claiming they didn't take action.

Upon seeing the public opinion towards her positively improve, Mo Yao finally breathed a sigh of relief. The school wanted to bully her seeing that she had no money and no influence? Impossible!

Suddenly Mo Yao saw a notification from the group.

『You received Grim Reaper's Possessed By Unfortunate God.』

What's happening? She didn't grab a red packet! Mo Yao quickly opened the red packet space, which was still empty, but the chat box clearly showed that she received the Grim Reaper's Possessed By Unfortunate God. Mo Yao couldn't help but panic at the thought of the nightmares she had been seeing. She had nightmares continuously for three days before finally returning to normal, but now she had again received the Possessed By Unfortunate God! What did she have to face this time?

Grim reaper?! Why was she targeting her? Was it because she accused her last time? Moreover, she could directly incorporate the red packet on her without her consent, this was really terrifying!

Mo Yao was terrified, but she didn't know what to do. She was banned in the group, and she couldn't ask others for help. Call the police? No, no, she couldn't let anyone know that she had entered such a group. Moreover, an external interference may not be useful.

A few days ago, the nightmare kept her from getting quality sleep, it was hard to get rid of it. Mo Yao couldn't help but fall asleep, with the fear of being possessed by an unfortunate god. At that moment, the situation on the internet suddenly changed.

A video was posted on the internet revealing the real events of that day.

After watching it, the netizens were silent. They had already scolded Teacher Qiao, calling him a wicked villain, but the truth of the matter turned out to be like this! Mo Yao not only slept in class, but also almost lifted the table. Comparatively speaking, it was lenient of Teacher Qiao to just let her out of the class.

The so-called sinister teacher was innocent at the end. It turned out that he did nothing wrong. The harder the netizens scolded him before, the guiltier they felt, but they refused to admit that they were wrong. They thought Mo Yao misled them, so they turned their backs on Mo Yao and blamed her.

Mo Yao woke up and found that the direction of the wind on the internet had changed, and everyone was scolding her. When she saw the video, she still didn't understand. She was scolded by the teacher, and asked to exit the class. Wasn't it his fault? Why was everyone scolding her?

Mo Yao felt puzzled, but she also knew she couldn't go out now. Due to the things on the internet, and also because of the 'Possessed By the unfortunate God'. She thought, as long as she didn't go out, which Unfortunate God could fall from the sky?

As a matter of fact, the Unfortunate God would actually fall from the sky.

She opened the refrigerator to make some breakfast, but there was only one tomato left. She had been home for three days, and she had already run out of food. Forget it, she could cook some porridge. She looked at the rice bag, and there was only a handful left. Well, that's better than nothing. She picked up the rice, went to the sink to wash it, then the water stopped running. Mo Yao angrily threw the rice into the sink and went back to her room.

She hadn't eaten so was very hungry, helplessly she took out a box of instant noodles from under the bed. She poured two bottles of mineral water into the electric kettle, but it stopped when she switched it on! Electricity Too?!

She was facing a lot of abuse on the Internet, her house ran out of food, the power and water supply were cut off.

She received a phone call from the agent company, saying that her debut was suspended. This was not over, the advertising company called her for compensation...

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