Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 106: I Can See Ghost [5]

When Shen Wenshu came back from Guangyin Temple, it was obvious that her eyes were filled with spring water, her face was like a peach blossom, and her complexion was very good. In this trip, she not only gained a good man, but also established a good relationship with the Zhang family. When her uncle heard she was going to the Guangyin Temple, he especially let the eldest aunt bring some cousins to meet her, asking about her well-being as a show of affection.

There were understanding and consideration, and having close relatives made Shen Wenshu always in high spirits like seeing the rainbow after the rain. God treated her well. She suffered a lot in her last life and doubled the compensation in this life, which also let her taste the happiness of being loved, pampered, and cared for.

As for those people in the Shen estate, although she still found it hard to let go, she felt that Shen Wenqing's words were not unreasonable. There was a cause and effect. Lady Li had not done anything in this life, if she retaliated, what was the difference with Lady Li who harmed people in her last life? Forget it, suppose they live peacefully in this life and did not harm her again, then she would take a step back and be at peace with each other. If they persist on doing harm, then don't blame her for being cruel and ruthless.

Shen Wenshu figured it out as if pushing away the stone that pressed her heart. She felt relieved from the inside out and swept away the gloom and dullness since her rebirth. However, after she returned to the Shen estate and heard that Lady Li was pregnant, this relief turned into disbelief.

Lady Li was pregnant? How come? There was no such thing in the previous life! Shen Wenshu couldn't help pondering, first, she met the seriously injured Ling Tianci, then Shen Wenqing changed her attitude towards her, and now Lady Li was pregnant again, how could there be so many changes in one rebirth?

Shen Wenshu thought about it, she felt that Shen Wenqing's change was the strangest, other things could be classified as coincidences, but how can a person's character change just like that? It was because she was reborn that she seems to have changed a person. After a maid mentioned it once, she paid intention to make a gradual change so that no one suspected it. But Shen Wenqing... was it possible that she was like her?

Shen Wenshu was startled by her own thoughts, but after careful consideration, she felt that it was reasonable. Otherwise, how could her attitude towards herself change so drastically, also saying something about ghosts, gods, and karma. Shen Wenshu was skeptical, so she looked for an opportunity to beat around the bush to test Wen Qing.

Wen Qing knew what she wanted to ask at a glance, and felt that Shen Wenshu was a smart person, so some words, if said openly might have unexpected effects. She simply asked, "Does elder sister think you are the only one who was reborn?"

This one sentence seemed like a thunderbolt burst in her ears, making Shen Wenshu's mind blank, staring at her with wide eyes.

Fortunately, it was now daytime, and the ghost wasn't present. The subordinates had also been driven out by them, or else, she would not be able to hold back her reaction. Wen Qing continued to say, "Little sister is more sensible than in the previous life after being reborn, also more reasonable. Family is one's support, 'bound together in the same boat' this sentence is not just pleasantries, but a lesson that came out from experience."

"Only after marriage did I learn the bitterness and jealousy among sisters are nothing compared to the intrigues and schemes of the royal family. In my last life, my mother pushed elder sister into the fire pit to clear the obstacles for me. It's our fault, I apologize to you. But in the end, my mother only tripped you on the marriage, the life after marriage is up to you. If you can stand up, you won't live such a miserable life. My mother can't avoid responsibility for elder sister to have such an ending in the previous life, but elder sister was also not devoid of faults."

"The world is harsh on women, and women can only rely on their maternal family. Elder sister is noble in nature, although mother is your stepmother and wasn't as close as a biological mother and child, you and father and grandmother are related by blood. You don't please them when you are at home and don't get close to them at all. How can you expect your family to take care of you sincerely when you are married? Isn't the Li family just after seeing that there's no one who would back you up, they trampled on you? In case you let grandmother and father pay more attention to you, they will not dare to bully you like that!"

"Of course, the Li family was indeed a fire pit. But according to elder sister’s temperament in the previous life, no matter what kind of family you marry into, you wouldn't be wronged. Marriage is to tie two families together, it's not just a matter of marrying back a wife. Without the support of your maiden family, you can’t act tough no matter who you marry. Since you can’t get close to your grandmother and father, you should be unyielding by yourself and hold on. To be able to get hold of your husband is also a capability, like Shi Lili from the minister of revenue estate."

The Shi Lili that Wen Qing said was a famous tigress in Beijing. She was like Shen Wenshu, her mother died, and her father married a second wife. Her stepmother was worse than Lady Li. She openly and secretly treated Shi Lili harshly, setting up rules to compare notes with her. Later, the marriage she sought for her was also with an unmotivated playboy. But Shi Lili was daring and resolute in nature. Before getting married, she endured it for the sake of her reputation, after she got married, she didn't care to pretend. She threw her husband's concubine, guard the door, and tidied up to make him submissive. Even the husband was under her strict control, to obey every word she said. Although the man was a real straw bag, it has to be said that Shi Lili was really capable.

"You are neither close to your family to seek shelter, nor can you put your dignity aside and stand up for yourself. Don't you deserve to be a fool, being bullied but not dare to fight back? That's why I said that you also have faults that lead to the tragedy of your previous life. But no matter what. It's an indisputable fact that mother harmed you, and I can't argue for her, it was natural for you to have resentments. But I still hope you can get over it. What's the point of being entangled in the grievances of the previous life? Isn't it a good thing to pursue a better life?"

Wen Qing's long words made Shen Wenshu unbelievably shocked at the beginning, felt complicated, then slowly accepted it. She had gradually calmed down, but when she heard Wen Qing's last words, she couldn't bear it anymore, "It's easy for you to say. It's not you who was harmed, it's not you who experienced it. You just move your mouth and tell me to let go of my hatred to pursue happiness, it's easier said than done!"

In fact, she already agreed in her heart, What Wen Qing said made sense. She was also responsible for such an end in her previous life, but she couldn't stand how the other party didn't care.

Wen Qing smiled, "Elder sister said that I haven't experienced those things, so it's easy to say, but in fact, my last life was not that good. Marrying the seventh prince does sound impressive, but who knows the sadness behind it? People of the royal family have grown ten sets of eyes, each one more shrewd than the other. Trembling with fear as though treading on thin ice, I can't even sleep peacefully. Elder sister died early, so you might not know, but the seventh prince failed to seize the throne and was beheaded. I, the seventh imperial concubine was not spared, even the Shen family was implicated, and the whole family was exiled, and they died outside......"

"You see, having a good marriage or not was actually not much different. Didn't it all ended the same?"

These words stunned Shen Wenshu again for a long time, not knowing how to react. In her last life, she exhausted all her efforts in the backyard of the Li family and died at a young age. She really didn't know that the Shen family ended up in this situation. The whole family was exiled, and they all died......

Shen Wenshu's mood was very complicated. To say it was hate, she certainly hated Lady Li's malicious heart, hated the nonchalant father, hated the cold-blooded grandmother. She should feel very happy when they ended up like that. But for some reason, she didn't feel happy, instead, she felt sad.

Perhaps, there was still a touch of affection for this family.

Wen Qing left when she was lost in thought. Going too far might end up with a bad result, she has said so much today, so let her digest it slowly.

As the New Year was approaching, the mansion was busy again. Since Lady Li was pregnant and did not have enough energy, she asked Wen Qing to help her, and by the way, taught her to learn how to manage the house. Wen Qing pushed Shen Wenshu out, using the same rhetoric that her sister would be able to promote the Shen family if she was a noble. Lady Li was convinced by her to agree, and Shen Wenshu accepted her kindness with mixed feelings.

Wen Qing was idle and had nothing to do, so she asked for a martial arts book from the system and secretly practiced in her room. Without martial arts, it won't be easy for her to make a name for herself in the military camp. It was already too late for her to practice martial arts now, but fortunately, the system gave her quick methods. In addition to the potions to strengthen her body, it was barely enough.

She was fed up with the tricky cultivation techniques, she had a high vision, so she naturally despised those moves of the martial arts of mortals. In fact, the martial arts given by the system were already excellent, and you could walk unimpeded in the mortal world.

Wen Qing was busy practicing martial arts, Shen Wenshu was busy learning how to manage the house, and Lady Li was busy taking care of her body and the baby. The busy days passed by.

In the spring of March, the palace finally revealed the news that the empress wanted to hold the hundred flowers banquet in the palace. It was called the hundred flowers banquet, but it was actually a matter of choosing concubines for the princes, this was the unspoken purpose. Those who wanted to be rich and noble had long begun to prepare. And those who do not want to get involved were busy setting up a marriage contract in advance.

Wen Qing wasn't going to go, but she wasn't going to have engagements either. It would be fine if she claimed to be ill at the time. Anyway, no one would put the daughter of the second wife in their eyes.

Shen Wenshu as the eldest daughter of the minister has no marriage contract, so she naturally had to go. Originally, she was worried about whether she would be appointed to a certain prince, but Ling Tianci sent her a letter to reassure her that he had prepared everything. So she calmed down, feeling sweet.

Wen Qing didn't intervene in their affairs. The male and female protagonists were born to be a couple. Ling Tianci was quite qualified as a male protagonist. He was clean, didn't have any female companion, and only married Shen Wenshu. They lived together throughout their life, he didn't have a change of heart and loved her to the core... Not to mention in ancient times, in any other era, he would be considered a good marriage partner! Wen Qing was happy to see Shen Wenshu get a good marriage.

Although Shen Wenshu was persuaded by her to put away her hatred, she was somehow unhappy in her heart. Only by being happy could she dispel her past grievances.

Wen Qing couldn't see the twists and turns at the hundred flowers banquet, but it was said that it was very lively with someone falling into the water, being disfigured, losing one's chastity, getting poisoned... All kinds of tricks were staged in turn, which was really wonderful.

The female protagonist has always had an easy-to-evoke-malice physique, no matter what, she has to be involved. But with the male protagonist protecting her, there was no danger in the end. After the banquet, several families were happy and some were sad, and the Shen family was naturally the ones who were happy. Just because Sheng Wenshu was given marriage as a wife to Marquis Chengyuan, Ling Tianci.

Although Marquis Chengyuan was not a prince, he was the only son of the eldest princess. After the eldest princess passed away, His Majesty took pity on him for losing his mother at a young age and loved him very much. He was even more favored than ordinary princes. It was already very good for the Shen family to climb to the upper position with this marriage.

It was rare for the old madam to take a proper look at this granddaughter. She took a box from the bottom of treasures and gave it to keep up a front. Even Shen Ke asked her a few sentences of concern and instructed her to prepare well for the marriage.

These scenes, which were completely different from those in her previous life, made Shen Wenshu feel complicated again. In the end, what was the difference, it was not rare for her to see people adding icing to the cake, but she was reluctant to refuse. After all, this is the blood-related family that gave birth and raised her. As long as they had a little love, who would truly be willing to fight to their death with them?

Shen Wenshu's marriage was scheduled for autumn, the weather was neither cold nor hot. Ling Tianci personally asked for it so that the bride would not suffer. He was so considerate that Shen Wenshu was touched again.

The happy events in the Shen family came one after another. In March, the eldest daughter got a good marriage; in late spring, the eldest grandson passed the Tongsheng exam at the age of eleven; in May, Lady Li gave birth to a pair of twins, and broke the curse on the Shen family for three generations to only have one successor. The family was so happy that they couldn't wait to catch someone and tell them that their family has another baby boy.

The baby shower on the third day and the baby's hundredth day was extremely lively. The whole family was cheerful, even Shen Wenshu showed a smile.

Perhaps, the joyful time begets sorrow. After Shen Wenshu got married, and the two children also grew strong, the second daughter started to become ill. After a few days of lingering on the sickbed without any improvement, the Shen family had no choice but to send Wen Qing to a warm place to recuperate.

The winter in Beijing was as cold as an ice hole, so it was definitely impossible to stay there. The Shen family had no choice but to send Wen Qing to the old house in the south.

Shen Ke had an official duty and couldn’t leave, and the two young ones still needed someone to take care of them, so Lady Li couldn't leave either. The old madam on the other hand couldn't handle the fatigue of the sea trip. Therefore, only Wen Qing went to the south...

Since then, the fish leaped in the boundless sea, and the birds flew in the clear sky.

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