Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 108: I Can See Ghost [7]

Wen Qing deliberately came to find the scholar. She counted the time, the scholar in the original book came to the military camp around this time. However, when the new recruits entered the camp this time, she happened to be absent, so she could only come over to find him now.

She was lucky to meet the right person as soon as she came.

The young man who was called scholar was handsome but thin, and a little weak. At a glance, he looked like a scholar who could not lift his arms nor fight. Certainly not someone who could kill enemies on the battlefield. The client's wish was to keep him alive and repay his previous life’s kindness. This was not difficult, it would be easy to protect him with her current ability. Just turn around and ask him what he wants, whether he wants to achieve a great career or bring honor to his ancestors, and it was enough to give him some help.

When the new recruits saw her coming, they were all nervous wondering what she was doing here all of a sudden. Wen Qing looked imposing, but asked in a friendly way, "They called you scholar? Have you read books?"

The scholar was a little embarrassed, he nodded and replied, "Yes, I have read the Four Books and Five Classics."

"Can you write?"

"I can."

"It just so happens that this commander lacks a copyist. Come with me then."

The scholar was stunned, he couldn't believe that such a good thing actually fell on his head! What is a copyist? It was someone who only need to write official documents in the tent, no need to go to the battlefield to kill the enemy. Would it be bad to just stay in the back? It was simply a jackpot!

A group of people looked at him with envy, jealousy, and hatred. With one word from the commander, this kid had reached the sky in one step and didn't have to die on the battlefield. He's so lucky! But they also knew that this was not something they could envy about. The scholar was someone who had studied, so he could have this opportunity. They were all rough men who couldn't even recognize a character. They couldn't even do it if they were asked to be a copyist!

The scholar was hit by a huge surprise and felt dizzy. Although he had promised his mother and little sister that he would go back alive before leaving home, he actually knew that going to the battlefield would be a near-death experience. If it wasn't for his mother's illness, he would never have come here. He had a scholarly honor from the imperial exam and could be exempted from forced labor. With a few years of studying hard, if he got top marks in the imperial examination, he would have a bright future. But his mother's illness could not wait, he had no choice but to choose the most dangerous path.

Unexpectedly, when he first entered the camp, he met a noble person and was transferred to the civil service. In this way, as long as he knew his place, he might not necessarily have to wait until the peaceful time to return safely.

Lin Zhihang felt grateful and had more respect for Wen Qing who promoted him.

Seeing him so tense, Wen Qing joked, "Relax, this commander doesn't eat people. What is your name?"

The scholar hurriedly cup his fist in front of his chest and replied, "Replying to Lord Commander, this subordinate is surnamed Lin, my given name is Zhihang."

"Ling Zhihang? Not bad, who else is in your family?"

"There's a loving mother and a younger sister."

Wen Qing pretended to be surprised, "Are you the only man? What about your widowed mother and younger sister now that you are in the army?"

Ling Zhihang forced out a bitter smile, "I dare not deceive Lord Commander, my mother is seriously ill, this subordinate joined the army because I had come to a dead-end, only for the 2 taels of silver as the life-saving money."

"So that's the case," Wen Qing suddenly realized, "If that's the case, how about this commander let you go home?"

Lin Zhihang couldn't believe it and stared at her and tried to see if she was joking, but he couldn't find anything. The other party was speaking with him very seriously.

Lin Zhihang was indeed a little moved. His mother was seriously ill and his younger sister was still young, so he couldn't rest assured no matter what. If he could go back, it would naturally be the best...

However, Lin Zhihang finally refused Wen Qing's proposal, "Thank you for your kindness, Lord Commander. Although Zhihang is not talented, I also understand etiquette and integrity. Since I have taken the settlement money, I should do my part. Otherwise, what is the difference between me and an ungrateful villain?"

Wen Qing also knew that he had an unyielding character, so she followed his wish. However, she lent him 100 silver taels in her personal name, so he could send it home. This time, Lin Zhihang did not refuse. Although he couldn't go back, he still had to settle his family's life.

After settling the scholar, Wen Qing recruited her confidants to discuss the evening events.

"Commander, the general will definitely make a move tonight. We cannot afford to not be on guard, ah!"

"Li Ang’s wolfish nature is obvious, he will definitely leave us here before entering the capital! The emperor is far away, and he will find a reason in front of His Majesty at that time, wouldn't he just have to talk nonsense without evidence then?"

"That's right, instead of sitting still and waiting for death, let's make the first move!"

Several people talked in low voices, Wen Qing listened calmly, waiting for them to finish before asking, "Then according to your opinion, how can I protect myself? The first to strike is the strongest? If I kill a formidable general, how can His Majesty not blame me?"

There was silence in the tent, and after a while, there was a voice, "Why don't the commander make himself a king?"

When the words came out, the whole room was shocked.

Wen Qing looked up and saw that it was Sun Chaoyun who talked. This person only joined her a year ago. He was brave, resourceful, and courageous, but he was a relatively low-key person and not a scheming person. If not for the system showing his heartfelt value reaching 94, she wouldn't notice him.

The system formulated a strategy for her to rip off the emperor but was completed misguided by her. Not to mention changing the advisor to a general, even the subjugation of maids and eunuch were used to subjugate her subordinates, the favorability value had changed to heartfelt value... She was the master of the system anyway, and there was no punishment if she played badly.

It was also because the system showed that Sun Chaoyun's heartfelt value was above 90, which belonged to the range of die-hard loyalists, that she noticed him. The reason was that she killed the prince of the Yi tribe, and that prince once killed Sun Chaoyun's brother. He felt that she had avenged him, and decided to follow her to death, Wen Qing naturally would not refuse something sent to her door.

Sun Chaoyun asked why not make herself the king. There was silence in the big tent, and no one said a word. Sun Chaoyun said again, "What is the situation of the court right now, no one here is not clear about it. In the north, the Xiang Clan supports the troops and stands on their own. There is a peasant revolt in the Mu family's village in the northwest. The so-called peaceful and prosperous world is nothing more than the wishful thinking of the royal family. The people cannot bear the heavy burden, sooner or later there will be a riot. It was a hopeless situation, so why can't we make the first move?"

"Everyone can see what kind of virtue Li Ang has. He kills people like flies and doesn't care about human life at all. Two of my fellow villagers who joined the army with me died at his hands." Having said this, Sun Chaoyun sneered, "How ridiculous, they didn't die in the hands of the enemy on the battlefield, but were killed by our own people! Killing someone is like a child's play, it all depends on his happiness. It's not that the court was unaware of his affair, they just turned a blind eye. It doesn't make sense to lose a great general for the lives of a few worthless people. Are you still willing to tolerate this kind of general? This kind of court?"

"Not willing!"

The rest of the group was stirred up by his emotions and roared with crimson eyes.

Sun Chaoyun turned his attention to Wen Qing again and waited for her answer. Wen Qing was silent for a long time until the others persuaded her as well, she then agreed with a reluctant expression, "Okay! I agree." Acting was also a technical job. Wen Qing took a little step back, finally, Sun Chaoyun took the lead and made her be the new emperor.

The others were so excited that they couldn't contain themselves. Once the desire was opened up a bit, what followed after would just be a matter of course. To be the emperor or to defeat the bandit, if succeeded, would be an instant success, and to fail was just to lose a life.

Wen Qing and Sun Chaoyun looked at each other, conveying something that only they could understand.

Wen Qing had long already been prepared for the evening celebration banquet. To give Li Ang his own medicine, and solve these few people.

Wen Qing's reputation in the army was extremely high, and as soon as Li Ang died, she became the highest authority. The soldiers at the bottom didn't know about the affairs at the top. And there were only a few trusted subordinates who knew about Wen Qing's plans to become the emperor, and it was not officially spread out yet. When her subordinates asked her, she said that it wasn't the time yet.

Two days later, the soldier who drew water found a goldfish in the river. The goldfish was covered in golden scales and dazzling, making it look very extraordinary at first sight. However, what was even more surprising was that the goldfish spit out a piece of silk and then disappeared.

The soldier was very surprised and hurriedly took out the silk. When he opened it, he saw that there were six words written on it, the Chen collapse, the De arise.

The Chen collapse? Wouldn't that mean the downfall of Da Chen? No one would not care about the rise and fall of the country, so this strange thing immediately spread among the soldiers.

"The Chen collapse means Da Chen will fall, so what does the De arise mean?"

"Our commander’s name is Shen Youde, Youde, Youde, can it be..."

Soon, Wen Qing issued a ban on discussing this issue. But the more this kind of thing was banned, the faster it spreads, and within a few days, even the people in the south would know the six words 'the Chen collapse, the De arise'. Then, together with the extraordinary picture of the goldfish spitting it out, it spread like a plague across the country.

On another night, the sharp-eyed soldiers saw the golden dragon looming over their commander's head, and when they got close, they could even hear the sound of the dragon's roar. This time, it was even more confirmed that the commander was the real son of heaven, he was born out of God's will, and the Da Chen dynasty was nearing its fated end.

Not to mention that half a month later, a golden elephant suddenly appeared on the martial arts field. It wore a dragon robe, emperor ceremonial crown on its head, and a scroll in its hand, looking solemn and majestic.

As soon as this miracle happened, everyone kneeled while shouting, "Long live the emperor".

After taking a closer look at the golden elephant, they found that the face and facial features of the elephant were exactly the same as those of their commander. However, the difference was that the golden elephant looked like a woman at the first glance, which made several people a little confused.

It was Sun Chaoyun who discovered the engraving on the scroll held by the golden elephant. He stepped forward to take a look. His voice was not loud, but he read it in an unusually clear voice, "The female sovereign of the world..."

When later generations commented on this period of history, they all commented on Empress Wen De as the female emperor of strategy.

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