Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 96: In Modern World with Supernatural Ability [1]

The world this time was a modern supernatural harem. The otaku, Li Haotian experienced a betrayal from his friend on the day of his college graduation and his girlfriend cheated on him. While he drowned his sorrow in alcohol, he accidentally tripped over a wine bottle and hit his head. When he woke up again, he unexpectedly found that his eyes could see through things.

From then on, he bought lottery tickets, gambled stones, reigned the casinos, incidentally conquered a series of beauties, such as the pure school flowers, a young imperial policewoman, a big-breasted teacher, cute Lolita, etc. Finally, he became the crownless king of the city.

It was too messy, and Wen Qing was no longer able to complain. And the client this time was the ex-girlfriend who cheated. At the graduation ceremony, she hooked up with a rich second generation and dumped Li Haotian. Just dumping him was not enough, she also took the rich second generation to show off in front of him.

However, Li Haotian who had obtained the X-ray vision felt that he had been humiliated and vowed to make her regret it.

In fact, he didn't need to do anything. After he became famous, people naturally ridicule his ex-girlfriend who had no eyes, disliked the poor, loved the rich, loved money, and mistook fisheyes for pearls*, to the extent that people detested her like a dog. Including the rich second generation she struck up a relationship with which did not had a good end.

*t/n: To pass off fake products as genuine.

Bai Wenqing's wish was, "To make that wretched dead pervert have nothing at all! God was blind to let him win the lottery and earn a lot of money! There were also many women who were willing to share him with each other! A group of brainless idiots! Let him be a salted fish all his life! Never get back on his feet again!"

Setting the client’s morals aside, this one wish of hers really fitted Wen Qing's heart. Wen Qing very much disliked this kind of wretched YY* type of stallion novel. It seemed that every woman would fall in love with him and share him willingly. Moreover, he must be very talented and could satisfy everyone. One night slept with n-girls or something, simply treated women as playthings!

*t/n: YY novel usually refers to a novel with a male character who has a special charm, making several or more women crazy for him, and willingly sharing him. YY novels usually have this kind of unrealistic plot in which the protagonist can achieve something impossible.

Wen Qing herself is a woman, and she didn't like this kind of disrespectful behavior whether it's towards men or women. It was obviously a modern society, but he has three wives and four concubines. Even the ancient people did not play as much as he did even if they have wives and concubines. Slept together under the big quilt, slept with n number of women. Really disgusting.

Wen Qing still chose the Immortal Cultivation Space golden finger this time. Because the spiritual energy could block Li Haotian's X-ray vision, she didn't want to be seen through by that wretched man.

When she woke up again, Wen Qing found that she was being held in someone's hand with their ten fingers interlocked.

"... I'm telling you, Qingqing is now my girlfriend! Stop pestering her! You should take a picture yourself when you pee*, what a shameful behavior, a toad wants to eat swan meat**, you don't deserve it!"

*t/n: Well, this is a bit weird. Anyway, this sentence is used to satirize people who can't see their own shortcomings.

**t/n: It is a metaphor for people who have no self-knowledge and want to get things that are impossible to get.

This was... the scene when Bai Wenqing took the rich second generation to Li Haotian's dormitory to show off?

Wen Qing quickly came back to her senses and quickly mobilized the spiritual energy from the space to cover herself. Then she looked at the two people in front of her.

The man with puffy eyes, disheveled clothes, and hair which resembled a bird's nest. You don't need to think about it to know that it was the male protagonist, Li Haotian. And the little white face who held her hand and talked endlessly, was probably the rich, good-looking second generation who was caught by the original host, right?

What a coincidence that she was caught up in this shura field* as soon as she came.

*t/n: It refers to a place where fierce battles were taking place, mostly used to describe tragic situation.

"Bai Wenqing, I really didn't expect you are this kind of person! Coveting money, disliking the poor, and loving the rich! Do you still have some face? You've climbed up the second rich generation, right? I was really blind before that I fell in love with you, this kind of woman!"

Wen Qing sneered, "Just right, I also think that I'm blind to take a fancy to you."

Li Haotian glared at the two people in front of him, one was his ex-girlfriend, the other was his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. Even if Bai Wenqing cheated, that was fine. But she still brought him here to show off, do you really think he was easy to bully? He suddenly remembered the X-ray vision that he had just obtained. His eyes could see through things like wardrobes and books, he wondered if he could see through clothes? It would be interesting if he could.

Let's experiment with these two, it doesn't matter if there is any damage.

Li Haotian focused his attention on his eyes and then looked toward Wen Qing only to be disappointed. The other party still wore her clothes and there was no change. Just as he was about to withdraw his gaze, the corner of his eyes swept to Tang Nian next to her.


Li Haotian exclaimed. He actually saw through the other party's clothes!

He first saw the shirt under the suit, then the skin inside, even the panties can be seen through... tsk tsk! So small and short, not even half his size! I wonder if Bai Wenqing will regret it after seeing him so small?

Tang Nian was stared at by the bizarre gaze that he felt goosebumps. He clenched Wen Qing's hand tightly, "I advise you to know your place, else... humph! Qingqing, let's go!"

Wen Qing was not ready to say anything to the stallion men either and just resigned to being pulled along by the man. Then, Li Haotian looked at her with a profound expression and whispered in her ear, "Short and small, tsk tsk. Bai Wenqing, you might not be able to satisfy your desire in the future. But not necessarily, after all, you are the best at cheating. If he can't satisfy you, you can just change to another one!"

Wen Qing's footsteps did not stop and kept pulling Tang Nian away. His head was full of dirty thoughts as if he doesn't have anything else in his mind except for these things! Saying one more word to him would just tarnish her soul! Humph!

"Aye, what did he say to you just now? Why do I feel that he was insulting me?" Tang Nian turned his head and asked.

Now, this was also a character with a unique style. In the original novel, Tang Nian was not only brainless but also a silly and spoiled character. Forever oblivious and kept jumping in front of the male lead to show superiority, then be slapped in the face by the male lead, continued to look for trouble, then get another face slap... until Li Haotian destroyed his family and he could no longer jump.

Typical scenes:

Encounter in hotel - With squinted eyes and nose up in the air, "Even a country bumpkin like you can enter a place like this?"

Auction house - With squinted eyes and nose up in the air, "Since when did the auction house allow such a poor guy like you come in?"

Meeting a big boss - With squinted eyes and nose up in the air, "Is Mr. X also someone you can meet?"

In fact, the owner of the hotel is Li Haotian's new lover, the finale in the auction house was a special supply from Li Haotian, and Mr. X was waiting especially for Li Haotian, moreover, begging him... Tang Nian was a cannon fodder who used his life to explain how to be qualified cannon fodder.

Wen Qing suddenly felt a little sympathy for him, and sighed, "Ignorance is bliss."

Tang Nian was taken aback, "Hey, speak clearly. What exactly he was saying about?"

Tang Nian kept asking her until they got into the car. Wen Qing was impatient and finally told him, "He said you are short and small, and you can't satisfy me."

Tang Nian's face immediately flushed red, "Nonsense! He never even saw it, how could he know!"

Well, it is because he has seen it that he said it like that. Otherwise, how could people say that you are short if you are a little over 1.8 meters?

Tang Nian saw that she didn't speak, and thought that she didn't believe him, "Really, I'm amazing! Otherwise? Let's try it tonight?"

"Tr, try, trying what you big bastard? Start driving!"

"Oh." Tang Nian frowned and sat back down to start the car.

Wen Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry. Tang Nian this man did not have the arrogance that most second rich generations have. Apart from being a little stupid, his personality was a little easy to bully, otherwise, he won't fall into the original owner's trick. He could even go to the ex-boyfriend to show off and make a threat!

On the other hand, Li Haotian suddenly came to his senses. Something's not right, why could he see through Tang Nian but not Bai Wenqing? Could I only see through men and not women? God! He's not gay, what does seeing through men for? Li Haotian was frightened and hurried out to try again.

Once he got to the dormitory downstairs, he saw the school flower, Yu Feifei. Li Haotian's eyes lit up and immediately pretended to act casual, then looked intently...

Fair skin, perfect figure, thin waist that was perfect to hold, and a small round white rabbit... My God! The school flower actually did not wear underwear!

Li Haotian hurriedly covered the gushing nosebleed. OMG, it's too exciting!

Yu Feifei saw that he has a nosebleed and stepped forward and handed over tissue with concern, she said, "Classmate, lift your head up, it will slowly stop."

As she stretched out her hand, her chest that was squeezed by her arms changed shape. Seeing that, Li Haotian became more excited! Hating that he couldn't stretch his hand to fondle it.

Yu Feifei also noticed his gaze and blushed suddenly. She felt too hot and didn't wear underwear today, he won't notice, right?

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