Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 122: Male God Raider System [11]

Compared with the noble and glamorous Chuyi, the various dislikes of Chu’er, the father and son of pair of Chusan and Chusi, the relationship between Chuwu and Bo He was so sweet.

Before Chuwu came, Bo He set up the dreamy princess room with on his own. He bought all the materials and also prepared a lot of small gifts, introducing them to the camera while imagining how happy his little girl will be when she received the gift.

The corners of the furniture were covered with a soft cloth to prevent children from bumping into them. Under the camera, Film Emperor Bo’s expectant expression almost filled the whole room with pink bubbles.

Finally, he heard someone say that the child was almost there. So, Bo He went down early and waited at the door. When the car door finally opened and the people inside saw him, then happily calling him Dad, Bo He's heart melted instantly.

The eyelashes were curved, and the big eyes sparkled as if they can talk. The eyes were bright, and the black irises were crystal clear, like beautiful obsidian. She was wearing a pink princess dress, her hair was soft, and tied into two pigtails. She fulfills all the fantasies of Bo He had about her daughter.

The little girl he wanted was like her.

Bo He hugged CHuwu, and couldn't help kissing her, "What's your name, baby?"

"Dad, my name is Chuwu."

"Chuwu? It's a good name, but why are you called Chuwu? Were you born on the fifth day of the lunar new year?"

"No dad, because I have four brothers, Chuyi, Chu’er, Chusan, and Chusi, so I'm called Chuwu."

*T/n: Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu respectively meant one to five.

Bo He: "..." One, two, three, four, five, um, no problem!

Chuwu’s appearance was a combination of the advantages between Wen Qing and Bo He. At first glance, the two are not alike, but if you look closely, you can find that she has many similarities with the two. For example, the eyebrows, nose, and mouth were like Bo He, and the eyes, ears, and face were like Wen Qing.

Therefore, the longer Bo He and Chuwu get along with each other, the more they can discover the subtle similarities in their appearance. However, the world was full of wonders, and it was not uncommon for the entertainment industry to bump into similar faces. What was so strange about their appearance?

After the first episode was filmed, the program team stepped up editing, and the show began to broadcast two weeks later.

No publicity, no promotion. But all fans were already looking forward to it.

As we all know, young cute babies were generally not as expressive and explosive as children from celebrity families, and it was the first episode of the show. However, as soon as the show aired, almost everyone almost became fans of the few cute babies!

For example, the noble and glamorous Chuyi. From his very first appearance, he had a noble and cold style of a domineering president. But at a young age, he has a mature and steady attitude that does not match his age. It was his conversation with Xu Zhan about the game.

"Most people play games because they have failed too much in reality and want to find a sense of existence in the game."

"You can't control yourself to be addicted to games, that's not playing games, but being played by games!"

"An adult can't even control his own desires, no wonder you don't have a girlfriend yet!"

His words were sharp, and he can be called a little expert at using words as a knife. His appearance was like a little adult giving lectures, it creates a great contrast with his immature appearance.

And Xu Zhan blurted out, "You look like my first love!" It also successfully wont on the hot search.

Another example was Chu’er, who always disliked Dad's stupidity, and was discovered by netizens when he first appeared. His eyebrows and eyes were very similar to He Jinsheng, almost exactly the same. A large number of comments @HE Jinsheng asked if he was really his son. He Jinsheng didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so he had to reply in a unified way, really not.

There was also Chusan and Fang Ziqing whose laziness was almost the same. So some netizens shout out that it was not unusual for people to look alike, but to have the same personality, that was amazing!

And the photos from when he was a child were almost identical to Chusi now. The comparison pictures of the same period stupefied people because they can't tell them apart. Where did the show team find an intern son who looks like his own son?

The most surprising thing was the Bo H’s team. The Film Emperor Bo used to take the high-cold route, but this time he almost completely broke the previous image and incarnated as a daughter slave, he can be said to be a daughter-con! The relationship between the two was also sweet, and the people who watch them were envious and jealous.

"That was surprisingly awesome! Hahaha! Seeing that Xu Zhan was speechless by the president, he completely knelt down to the president!"

"Chu’er is so cute and he always dislike the stupid dad. He Jinsheng's image of a veteran cadre has collapsed, and the image as a stupid dad has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!"

"I really want to steal Chusan, @fangziqing, Male God please take care of the Little Male God, it is unhealthy for children to eat instant noodles!"

"Am I the only one who suspects that Chusi is Shen Ruochu's son?"

"You are not alone!"

"Xiao Wu is so cute, how can there be such a cute little girl!"

"Film Emperor Bo and Xiao Wu are such sweet father and daughter. The show crew wants to trick me into having a daughter again!"

Several cute babies have their own characteristics, and each of them was very attractive. However, the most surprising thing was that these five babies actually come from the same family. Yes, very careless!

"Their parents must have saved the galaxy in their last life!"

"Oh my god! I can wake up laughing if I have such a cute baby, but there are five in their family!"

"Isn't this a joke? A mother of five children?"

"What kind of family can raise so many lovely children?"

"Call Mom! 6666! Give me another call for this little cutie!"

"Weakly raising my hand. Am I the only one who wants to know how much the family planning fines are?"

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