Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 124: Male God Raider System [13]

There was dead silence in the room, and even the sound of breathing seemed to stop after Chuyi finished speaking about the "truth they should know".

The five of you are our biological fathers - They can hear every word of this sentence, but why can't they understand it together?

Everyone is wondering if they were hallucinating. Otherwise, how could they hear such an incredible thing?

However, the serious look on Chuyi's face told them that he was not joking. The five people gradually froze, and their faces were full of confusion.

So, what he might, seem, maybe, say is true?!

A bolt of thunder out of the blue! No, no, a bolt of thunder was no longer enough to describe their mood at the moment. Human language was so scarce that it can't describe their mood at this moment, under this situation.

What was this called? Happiness to be a father? As a 24k pure gold bachelor who exudes the fragrance of a single dog and doesn't even have a girlfriend! Suddenly! Have! A! Child! And the kids can already run around! Life is full of surprises, and you won the lottery by accident!

Should they be glad that they didn't have to pay anything and gain a child for nothing, or should they cry bitterly and become the father of the child without getting married? As calm and collected Bo He was, as cold and indifferent Shen Ruochu was, and at this time, they couldn't be calm anymore and were directly stunned!

Xu Zhan looked at Chuyi, and then at Wen Qing on TV, and suddenly remembered those memories that he had deliberately forgotten. His first love and girlfriend disliked that he couldn't do it and had to break up without saying a word. She went abroad without a word. He was so sad that he had to indulge in games to numb himself. And yet, to his surprise, she gave birth to their child and raised him!

Xu Zhan didn’t know what expression to make. He was neither happy nor angry, looking very strange. When he looked up and saw several other people, he suddenly reacted in his heart. Based on Chuyi’s words, he seemed to say... the five of them were their biological fathers?

In other words, these people are all the boyfriends of his ex-girlfriend?!

He Jinsheng did the same, watching in disbelief the five siblings of the Wen family, as well as the other four, the ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriends, and their ex-girlfriend's children gathered together, how could this scene be so sour?

On the other hand, Fang Ziqing, after the initial shock, returned to his usual lazy appearance. After he knew that Chusan was his own son, there was only one thought in his heart, and that was— That's great! With a son to work with, I can finally get rid of the trouble of getting married! I can finally stop the family's urging for marriage!

As for Shen Ruochu, although he was a little surprised, he had an unexpected illusion. After all, there were signs of it before. The whole world suspected that Chusi was his son. Only he firmly believed that their appearance was just a coincidence, and the slap in the face came so fast.

Bo He couldn't be happy either. Of course, he was happy to have a cute little princess as he wished, but the daughter's four half-brothers were completely different from the four half-brothers he thought.

The air was suddenly quiet, and a terrifying embarrassment emanated from the five of them.

Not only them, but the group of staff members in the room who were filming were all stunned.

What's the situation? All five temporary fathers have children? Or an amateur cute baby who was partnering with them? So they were still in true father-son mode this time? No, no, that's not the point, the point is that their children's mothers are still the same person!!

This was not only embarrassing for them. The crew can imagine how many people's eyes will be stunned when this explosive news was released! Facing the scene of such a large-scale serial car accident was really exciting.

There were many people at the scene, and when Chuyi broke the news, he did not avoid others from hearing them, so this news was destined to not be hidden.







After the truth was revealed by Chuyi, the major forum websites were swiped by the news within half an hour! Because the news of Wen Qing becoming the world's richest woman appeared before, the two things increased the popularity of each other, making the two events, which originally have nothing in common, directly went to the top search!

Several major domestic websites were once paralyzed, and technicians rushed to repair them to no avail.

"What can I say other than kneeling down and sing congratulations?"

"What can I say other than kneeling down and call the Hail to the Queen?"

"What can I say other than kneeling down and shouting 666*?"

*t/n: 666 means awesome.

"What can I say other than kneeling down and stay in line?"


Whether it's sleeping with the five male gods and giving birth to a baby or becoming the richest woman in the world, what else can you do other than feeling envy, jealousy, and hate? If a person was only a little better than others, they may be envied by others, but if a person was so good that others can only look up to them, they will have no other thoughts except admiration. Wen Qing was like that.

She works hard to protect her children from being bullied when things come to light one day, and now it seems that she has done it. She had "children" with five different men. If she was an ordinary person, she would be scolded for being sloppy and flirtatious, but when she stood in such a position, no verbal attack could bring her down, and no one dared to slander her and her children.

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