Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 32: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [5.2]

Chapter: Why did the newly wedded lady scream at night?

Wen Qing shook her hand, finally revealing the stubble. "Do you want to buy it?"

"A thousand teals for a grain of rice; shouldn’t you let me know why it is so expensive?" Yinzhen quietly said.

"I will tell you only if you buy it. I can assure you it is worth more than just 1000 teals. You could even say it is priceless." If it weren't for the fact that she would take the throne from him in the future, she wouldn't bother to waste her breath on him! Not to mention giving him the grain for 99,000 teals cheaper!

Yinzhen was silent for a long time. He was contemplating whether 1000 teals for a grain of rice was worth it. In the end, he bought it because he felt that a thousand teals were as cheap as it gets in this store. Emperor Father had let him explore the actual situation of this shop, he could not return empty-handed.

Wen Qing counted the silver teals then readily threw them into the money basket. Yinzhen acknowledged that Emperor Father was right, in this shop, teals were indeed kept in the basket.

Wen Qing smiled and took out the grain of rice, placing it in Yinzhen’s palm. "Well, purchased goods are not refundable."

Yinzhen frowned. Was he fooled?!

He took a deep breath. "Now Miss, can you tell me what is special about this rice that cost a thousand taels! The last few words were passed through his gnashed teeth. It could be seen that Yinzhen was also very resentful of the 1000 teals grain of rice.

"This rice is a hybrid of rice. The yield per month could reach one thousand pounds." This was Wen Qing’s estimate. According to the agricultural level of the Qing Dynasty, it would be more than this in later generations.

Yinzhen was shocked. "The yield per month is a thousand pounds?!"

She didn’t blame him for being so surprised. The average yield of rice in the Qing Dynasty was only one stone or two which was equivalent to 300 pounds per month. This was the only output of the superior fields, it was fewer with the medium fields and lesser with the inferior fields. This small grain of rice could produce up to a thousand pounds! How could Yinzhen not be surprised?

Wen Qing was very satisfied with his expression, this was the normal reaction to have when buying her things!

She went straight to a bookcase in the corner and rummaged through it. Yinzhen's gaze involuntarily followed her and saw the cabinet, but it was not allowed to open without authorization, so he did not move. Yinzhen could only imagine what kind of secrets were hidden in the cabinet.

Yinzhen carefully looked at the names of the books:

《Terrible! Unexpectedly, this happened when the man bent over to pick the soap!》

《Shocking! Brother-in-law broke into his sister-in-law's room in the middle of the night...》

《Sniffle! Father-in-law and daughter-in-law actually do such shameful affairs in the room!》

《No Children allowed! A young married woman actually did such a thing in the broken temple?!》

《Unbelievable! The 60-year-old man became the groom overnight!》


Yinzhen was puzzled. What the hell?!

At this time, Wen Qing happily took out a book. "I found it! This is it"!

Yinzhen saw what it was:《Dreadful! Why did the newly wedded lady scream at night?》

Yinzhen: "..." He did not want to know why the newly wedded lady screamed at night!

"This was a detailed explanation of hybrid rice technology. The grain of rice isn’t the one worth a thousand teals, this book is." Rather than selling goods, Wen Qing was selling technology which was beyond the technology of this era!

Yinzhen didn't pay heed to the exotic title of the book and hurriedly opened it then roughly glanced through it. Unlike the astonishing name on the cover, the contents inside were reliable and serious. If what was recorded in this book was true, it would be a great blessing for the Great Qing Dynasty.

Yin Zhen put away the book, took out one thousand pieces of silver to buy the rice, and hurried into the palace.

"Emperor Father will be overjoyed!"

As soon as he entered the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Yin Zhen couldn't help reporting the good news. He was one of the few princes who worried about the people. It was hard to avoid getting excited when he got such good things.

"Emperor Father. Look at this. I bought a grain of rice for 1000 teals." Yin Zhen carefully held the precious rice and sent it to Kangxi. Kangxi opened his eyes wide to observe the rice on his fingers. His mouth drew a straight line, "You bought a grain of rice with one thousand pieces of silver?"

"More than that, there is this. Father, look".

Kangxi's countenance was slightly better when he heard that a thousand teals weren’t wasted on just a grain of rice. He looked at the book offered. "Dreadful! Why did the newly wedded lady scream at night?"

A blue vein popped up in Kangxi's forehead. "You ******! What the hell are you reading?!"

Yin Zhen saw that he misunderstood and hurriedly opened the contents inside. "Father, you see, this is a detailed explanation of hybrid rice planting with a yield of one thousand pounds per month."

"The yield per month is one thousand pounds?! Is that true?" Kangxi's expression was the same as Yinzhen when he first heard it.

"This son dare not deceive Father; the shopkeeper said so. It is still not proven."

Kangxi calmed down. "If so, my Qing will be fortunate!" He perused the book in his hand. The more he saw it, the more he felt that it was true. He himself studied rice, and he knew a little about it. Naturally, he knew whether the above records were true or false. He was shocked in his heart. Kangxi ordered Yin Zhen, "This matter will be handed over to you. The assistant manager of the Ministry of Housing and Industry will make the hybrid rice research successful!”

"Yes, Father."

Today was probably Wen Qing's lucky day. She had just sent off Yin Zhen and another important customer was guided in. This one had a much more dignified aura than Yinzhen. With luxurious clothes, he was escorted in imposingly. His body was emanating oppressive air. He could be a soldier.

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