Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 94: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [7]

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"A slap in the face! Another face slapping! The left side of Smash the World's face was just swollen from the beating, and the right side has been stretched out to be beaten again!"

"I was so shocked that my melons fell off, godly plot twist ah!"

"2333*, where's the dude who said about stealing the monster before? Quickly come out, you owe the Great Master an apology!"

*t/n: 2333 means ‘hahaha’

"Recently Smash the World really has a lot of dramas ah. Some time ago they had a catfight and forced A Smile Can Overturn a City to quit and discredit Unparalleled in The World. Although there's unrefutable evidence, but tearing each other every day is really annoying. Now the cause and effect have been posted by others."

"Yu Gui and those people are blind, right? This is called robbing monster? I think the unfortunate one is Great Master Ximen!"

"Lying through their teeth is the compulsory course of Smash the World's members. I was rejected by Smash the World before because I failed."

"The goddess image of Yu Gui has collapsed ah! I originally thought that she was cheated by a scumbag and the sly woman betrayed her, and was quite sympathetic to her. But now it seems that it's hard to say ah."


Yu Gui went through those comments and her heart sank. She always felt that things were out of her control. In fact, she also knew that she couldn't blame Great Master Ximen for robbing the monster. It was just that day, they had grinded three times continuously and still did not got the 'Build a Clan' task. Everyone was upset and in a bad mood, especially Moonlight Flower, so they couldn't hold their anger.

But Moonlight Flower was her people and her intention was to retrieve the reward. She couldn't just shot her own people down, right? Therefore, she could only follow along with Moonlight Flower's intention.

Originally, she thought that she was just a passing player. Losing Moonlight Flower's face for a nameless nobody was not worth the loss. When the other party saw they had a lot of people, she should not cause trouble. Unexpectedly, they kicked an iron plate.

"The current public opinion is very unfavorable towards your guild's reputation. For now, only by asking Moonlight Flower to apologize will this storm slowly calm down." Lone City looked at her silence and gave suggestions.

Yu Gui shook her head, "No, she won't apologize. Moreover, an apology is like admitting that we were wrong, which will make it the same that we won't end well."

Lone City could not persuade her and could do nothing about it. After leaving the sentence "Do how you see fits", he took his leave.

It's not his guild anyway, so what's he worried about?!

Yu Gui also knew that Lone City was angry, but she had no choice. Handing over Moonlight Flower to take the blame was indeed a solution because she was the one who made the first move. But if she really handed her over, their friendship will come to an end.

Moonlight Flower's family was the shareholder of Hurricane Company, and Hurricane Company was the one who researched and developed "Gods and Devils".

In the end, Yu Gui still wanted some face, she felt complicated about the video that suddenly appeared. But Moonlight Flower never cared that much, what kind of thing is that? Can you eat it? She never cared about reputation. She only knew that Great Master Ximen has exterminated their whole group and made them lose face in the "Gods and Devils"! When she walked on the street, she felt everyone looked at her like a joke.

Therefore, she couldn't swallow this anger no matter what.

[World] Moonlight Flower: Offering 10,000 golds reward for Great Master Ximen! Drop one level gain ten thousand golds!

[World] So Big: Yo, the price has risen.

[World] Xiaobai is Not White: Your three hundred people were besieged and destroyed. If you wanted to kill Great Master to drop a level, at least there have to be four hundred people, right? 10,000 gold divided for four hundred people is not much ah!

[World] Sleepless Flower: The risk is too high, and the reward is too little. It's not worth it ah.

[World] Great Master Ximen: He he.

[World] Xiaobai is Not White: Master is out! Begging for Knight's weapon! I will kill Moonlight Flower till zero!

[World] So Big: 'He he' these two words perfectly express Master's reserved, elegant, but disdainful emotions. Master, I beg you for archer weapons! I can warm your bed!


Wen Qing felt that this ability of Moonlight Flower to be obscure is remarkable. She didn't know where she got the confidence and face to offer a bounty. This seemingly straightforward and careless behavior was actually quite annoying. Thought herself to be straightforward but will throw blades when there's a disagreement. Acted rash and impulsive, completely disregarded the consequences. Covered up evil deeds with a single word of justice as if she was upright and always did the right things…

The original host has that kind of bitter experience because Moonlight Flower contributed a lot. After all, Yu Gui cared about her reputation, and would not show disdain or care about others when they said few harsh words. Therefore, how could the upright Moonlight Flower watch as her friend was bullied?

Wen Qing felt that she could not let Moonlight Flower jump around anymore. It's playing games after all, of course, they could be willful. If you see unpleasant people, just kill them, and everything will be fine. What was the use of making a blinding announcement?

Therefore, Wen Qing went to Moonlight Flower with a stack of resurrection scrolls, killed, resurrected, killed, resurrected… All the way until Moonlight Flower’s back to level zero.

A number of players saw this scene, so without Wen Qing saying more, someone already spread the news for her.

[World] Xiaobai is Not White: I missed a god-level weapon, but somehow, I feel so excited, what to do!

[World] Sleepless Flower: Yes! It should be like this! What is the point of just fighting in the forum! It's still better to do it for real!

[World] A Sword from the West: Like.*

*t/n: It was like liking a post on social media.

[World] So Big: Snapshot Great God! I always feel that Smash the World should have let go of this matter. Does Yu Gui have not expressed her position yet?

[World] Cheap Cute Chick: Yu Gui definitely will not express her position la. She was not there when they besieged the Master, was not on the world server when they offered bounties, and was not there when they tore each other up in the forums! Regardless of whether these things have anything to do with her, it's also okay to let the guild members take the lead as a guild leader. This is a scheming behind-the-scenes boss who won't come to the front desk!

[World] So Big: Indeed, Yu Gui won't show up for these things ah! The members of Smash the World are also stupid to be used as a tool!


Moonlight Flower was infuriated, she actually was killed back to zero! If it was not because you could not send messages in the world channel before level 10, she would already had gone up and scolded that lowly woman to death!

"No way! Yu Gui, I can't just swallow this anger. You have to help me kill her back to zero! I want to make her unable to play this game again!"

Yu Gui had a headache, but she still patiently persuaded her, "I will definitely help you with revenge, but not now. Because the current public opinion is very unfavorable to us."

"What public opinion! I'm going to explode! Arghhh! No way, I really can't take this! Help me post a bounty for me in the world channel! One hundred thousand golds for killing Ximen this b**ch down one level!"

Money was nothing to her. Spending money in the game was just taking it from the left pocket and putting it into the right pocket, but she must not lose her face!

Yu Gui couldn't persuade her, so she had to make an announcement for her, but she marked it with her name on the front.

[World] Yu Gui: Moonlight Flower offers a bounty for Great Master Ximen, one level for 100,000 gold.

Money moved people. One hundred thousand gold was equivalent to one hundred thousand yuan in the real world. Naturally, some people were willing to earn this money. Wen Qing also saw the news but did not care. Moonlight Flower kept clamoring to kill her back to zero, but who succeeded? Not to mention that after Wen Qing hid her figure, simply no one could find her. Even if they found her, it's no use, they couldn't kill her.

And all those people who came to kill her were killed instead. Not only did they die, but they also become broke! Lost a big amount of wealth! Because of her lucky point, each person who was killed by Wen Qing dropped half of their possessions, and their most precious equipment too.

Not everyone in the game was rich, and rich people were not interested in the bounty rewards. So most of those who tried to make money out of these were poor players. Dropping a piece of equipment was equivalent to losing a piece of meat. Can they not be distressed?

Although the reward was good, you need to be alive to get them. Therefore, no matter how Moonlight Flower increased the bounty, the players who had eaten big losses were unwilling to take the risk. Of course, there were also those newborn calves who were not afraid of tigers or those who did not care for their life. It's just that Wen Qing was too lazy to deal with them.

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