The Abandoned Daughter

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Chapter 19: Untouchable

Madam Lu's family background was actually not bad. Although she was the daughter of a fourth-ranking officer, her family never received any reward from the royal family. Furthermore, the only imperial decree their family ever received was hanged on the wall by her parents. Thus, she has no clue that all the rewards from the imperial family should also be taken care of all the time! She was so upset seeing all the jewelry that she can’t even touch!

Feeling amused, Xie Ru Zhuo replied, "Of course." She yawned, "Jian Zhu, give me my medicine, I am not feeling well."

Madam Qiao hurriedly walked over and helped Xie Ru Zhuo, she concernedly asked, "Do you feel uncomfortable? It’s all my fault, I should have sent you to your room to rest."

Madam Lu felt dejected. Now that she knew she couldn't take any of the rewards, she no longer wanted to talk to Xie Ru Zhuo. Madam Lu winked to Xie Ru Lan, "Since sister-in-law is busy, then I and Lan'er will leave first."

Madam Qiao nodded, "Bi Zhi, send the Third Lady back."

After Madam Lu and her daughter left, Madam Qiao cautiously said, "Ru Zhuo, you should rest, let the maid come to Lin Lang Pavilion to call me if you need anything."

Xie Ru Zhuo nodded, "Thank you, mother." Then she closed her eyes.

Madam Qiao got up and said to her maid, "let's go back."

Madam Qiao left with her maid Bi Zhi. Qian Bi also left the room to send all the rewards to the small warehouse.

The mattress under her felt both strange and familiar, which made Xie Ru Zhuo feel at ease. She breathed out slowly, and closed her eyes.

There was a sound of footsteps from the outside, it seemed like there was a maid cleaning in the corridor. Suddenly, a maid named Qing Tao started talking, "Don’t know who the Eldest Madam is trying to impress by pretending to be nice to you!"

Qing Tao's voice is full of venom, Xie Ru Zhuo had no choice but to open her eyes and stare at her.

Realizing Xie Ru Zhuo only staring at her quietly, Qing Tao smiled, "Miss, why are you looking at this servant, is there something on my face?" It's just that to Xie Ru Zhuo, the smile was a bit unnatural.

Xie Ru Zhuo stared at her for a long time before she lightly said, "Qing Tao, if I remember correctly, mother’s maid is your aunt, right?"

Qing Tao was taken aback when she heard Xie Ru Zhuo's question, and after she realized who this “mother” she was talking about, she hesitated before she replied, "Yes. My aunt is Eldest Madam's maid."

Xie Ru Zhuo nodded, "If someone heard you, they might think it was your aunt who instructed you to say this, so that our mother and daughter relationship will not be good."

"Miss, this servant didn't say it because I was instructed by someone, but this servant said this for your own good!" Qing Tao was so frightened she knelt down in front of the bed.

In the past, every time Qing Tao said bad things about the Eldest Madam, Fourth Miss would always agree with her, but how come she did the exact opposite today?

“Is it?”

Xie Ru Zhuo quietly stared at Qing Tao which caused the maid to sweat profusely. She finally said, "By saying all these, how will it do me good?"

Qing Tao secretly looked at Xie Ru Zhuo. She finally remembered the news that she had inquired about over the past few days, "She pretended to be a good-hearted mother in front of you. It is clear that she is bullying you! The most annoying thing is that she disregarded the reputation of the Eldest Master for her own son. This servant heard that the Eldest Madam often said bad things about the Eldest Young Master in front of the Master!"

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