The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 23: Argument

“Xiao Zheng, what rubbish are you spouting? Stop acting on others’ hearsay. Do you seriously believe her?” Tang Yun scolded Mi Zheng.

“What is there to disbelieve? At least Sister Susu grew up with us, unlike a certain someone. God knows what she has done before.” The demeaning words were mercilessly directed towards Tang Qi’s face. Unfortunately, no one could say otherwise.

They had been having a nice meal, but with Tang Susu’s words and Mi Zheng’s adding fuel to the flames, everyone had to disperse unhappily. Tang Qi endured, again and again, to not shatter her plate in front of everyone. After returning to her room, the more she pondered the more resentful she became. In the end, she made a phone call.

“Qiqi, are you having a good time at grandma's house?” As soon as the call connected, the gentle voice of a woman spoke from the other end.

“Mom, they were bullying me.” The rims of Tang Qi's eyes became red. She complained to her mother, Tang Qiming's second wife, An Qi, aggrievedly.

“How could that be? Don’t you get along well with Yunyun?”

“It's all because of Tang Susu picking fights everywhere, and that Mi Zheng, wagging his tail and barking beside her. Whatever. You let Dad teach her a lesson.” If it weren't for her mother's repeated warnings to not make any trouble in the Tang family’s old house, to not make the old woman unhappy, Tang Qi would have personally handled Tang Susu.

However, this was also good, letting her dad personally teach her lesson.

She had heard that her father had frozen Tang Susu's credit card before. One day, she would make him lose his patience, and the Tang family would finally fall into their hands.

That was what Tang Qi thought, and didn't care so much about the injustice she had just suffered.

“You, I’ll talk to your father later. After all, she’s been brought up without a mother. That poor child. Why should you argue with her?”

“I don't like her, Dad even specifically let Lin Xi come to pick her up. It’s really horrible!” That was what was especially to her dissatisfaction.

If Lin Xi hadn't come with Tang Susu today, Grandma wouldn't have let her in.

When Tang Susu had refused to enter the company at the beginning, Dad had been extremely angry and had even snatched the little house that had been left behind by Tang Susu's mother. She had considered Tang Susu to be hopeless, but who would’ve known that she still would’ve stirred up trouble?

“Your father has been in talks with the Di Jiang Group about a contract recently. Coincidentally, Tang Susu is in Di Jiang. It's also her luck. In the future… the same luck won’t be present.” The voice on the other end of the line would give anyone chills.

“How on earth was she able to climb up to the Shi Family? Maybe she slept with an old man to get the chance,” Tang Qi thought maliciously.

“Ok, don't talk nonsense about this. Your father won’t be happy to hear about it.”

“I know, so I'll hang up first.”

What had happened in Tang Qi's room was unknown to outsiders.

In the master bedroom of the old house, the previously graceful Old Lady Tang lay half-dead on the bed, clutching her head, wheezing and panting.

Patriarch Tang stood beside the bed with a walking stick, coldly watching a little nurse giving Mrs. Tang a head massage.

After giving the old lady a check-up, Dr. Li, the Tang family doctor, shook his head at the patriarch. “Master Tang, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. The old lady's illness is so strange. We can’t find anything on the test reports, and can only give her an analgesic injection.”

“Ok, you should pay more attention these two days. There are many people coming for her birthday; let’s not make a joke of ourselves then.”

“I understand.” Dr. Li nodded hurriedly.

He had been a family doctor in the Tang family for more than ten years, so he knew more about this publicly affectionate couple.

Outsiders would say that Patriarch Tang was affectionate to his wife and had never had an illegitimate child outside, but in fact, the relationship between husband and wife was not as important as Patriarch Tang’s face.

Actually, he was also quite curious. Clearly, Patriarch Tang despised the old lady, but could also be content to live with her for so many years. It really was strange.

But these things weren’t things he could think of as a family doctor. He prescribed painkillers to Mrs. Tang and then led the little nurse away.

After the pain-relieving injection, Old Lady Tang's face finally looked better. She rested a little in bed before sitting up.

As soon as they were left alone, she coldly asked Patriarch Tang: “I heard something was sent here from my hometown just now?”

Patriarch Tang frowned. Considering her poor health, he didn't say much and instead gave a gentle “hmm.”

“Hmph, I told them I didn't need that garbage, but they still had to send it to be annoying,” she said, glancing at Patriarch Tang.

“If you don't want those things, just throw them away. The Lin family, at least, raised you for over ten years. Speak with some respect!” Patriarch Tang was fed up and especially dissatisfied with his wife's mocking words every time she spoke.

Every year, the good mood would sour because of her words.

“Hmph, they did raise me. Then why don't you look at how much I repaid? All of it should have been paid off these years!”

Their argument could be vaguely heard outside the room by the group of younger members, who shrunk their heads. Nobody wanted to be struck by bad luck.

Originally, Patriarch Tang had insisted that the youngsters come two days in advance, in order to let them mingle amongst themselves. Who would have thought that these two old people would’ve been the first ones to fight?

After a while, Patriarch Tang opened the door angrily before slamming the door and leaving. As soon as the door closed, there was a loud crash. It was unknown what the old lady had smashed.

Tang Susu naturally used one ear to listen to this farce. She watched several cousins get together to discuss how to make the old lady happy, but didn't join in the excitement. As soon as the door had closed, nothing could be heard.

“In the previous years, the old lady's temper wasn’t so big.” Tang Susu took out her laptop from her suitcase and chatted freely with Gou Dan while turning it on.

“The filthy aura on her body will grow a body and affect her all the time. Her temper will get worse and worse.” Gou Dan was lying on the bed, his little paws scratching her iPad. Tang Susu looked over to see him playing Fruit Ninja.

His level was even higher than her, too illogical!

“That's really good. Once they’re in trouble, they’ll be too busy to remember to find trouble with me.” Her father was a greatly responsible son, and the old lady was in a bad mood, so she wouldn’t have the mind to take care of her.

Tang Susu was quiet for a long time.

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