His mother also clearly knew grandma's attitude towards his sister was excessive. She would occasionally mention it at home and sigh often, but here, no one was willing to speak on the behalf of his sister.

   "Mi Zheng, don't think too much." Although Tang Susu had long been accustomed to the cynicism of the Tang family, she was very touched by her little brother's words. But soon her attention was shifted elsewhere.

   Gou Dan, who had eaten half of the maltose and was attempting to get into her sleeve, stopped. He turned, jumped aside, and stared in the direction of the gate with intense eyes.

   After some time, they saw the housekeeper going over with a big package in his hand.

   The big package was wrapped in a grass-green woven bag. No matter how much they looked at it, that thing contradicted the Tang family’s style. It was unknown why but the housekeeper didn’t seem suspicious of it.

   Tang Susu rarely came to Tang family and didn't know much. When Mi Zheng saw her confusion, he whispered to her, "Grandma and Grandpa get such a package every year on their birthdays. It’s probably being mailed from some relatives in the countryside.”

   "What relatives, why haven't I heard of them before?" Old Lady Tang's eyes were higher than even the top. She prided herself on having received a higher education. It was a bit surprising that a person like her would associate with poor relatives.

   "I don't know, it seems to be grandma's relatives who are over there. I’ve never met them.”

   "Eh… what was sent before?”

   "Dried vegetables, mushrooms, fungus or something. Oh, yes, once they also sent dried pickles. My mother brought some back and they tasted quite good." Mi Zheng pursd his lips.

   ”Oh......" Tang Susu stared at the package in the hands of the housekeeper thoughtfully.

   The package was wrapped in snake-like black threads. Whatever it was, it didn't look like anything good.

   Mi Zheng was very lively; he accompanied Tang Susu for a while, then was called by several cousins to play basketball in the backyard. Only then Tang Susu could speak to Gou Dan.

   "Was that thing also the filthy aura?”

   "It looks quite like it.”

   "I thought you said it wasn't contagious. How can it stick to that package?" Anyone who had seen such a moving thing, couldn’t help but have goosebumps.

   Now she could understand why Gou Dan had been so disgusted when he had seen her coming into contact with the filthy aura earlier.

   She had hardly been able to see it.

   "It’s not contagious. The filthy aura is born from the human body, which belongs to evil spirits.”

   "Please speak human language." Tang Susu's face was aloof. Four years in university, yet she felt illiterate in front of Gou Dan.

   "Okay. I'll explain in the popular fantasy way. The filthy aura is like the demons in fantasy novels. They are produced when their heart is filled with wickedness and evil, such as jealousy and resentment. Before, I thought that the filthy aura of Old Lady Tang had been built up by her, so I said she had done something bad. If it wasn't for an evil heart, it wouldn't have been possible to make such a quantity of filthy aura. But now it seems the situation isn’t right.”

   Gou Dan couldn't help but lie down before he finished speaking.

   "What's wrong?" Tang Susu was keenly listening, but there was no movement.

   "Where’s my maltose?” Gou Dan said, as if he wouldn't talk without receiving candy from her.

   Tang Susu gave him a disdainful look and put the remaining half of the maltose that was in her hand into his mouth. "Every day you eat maltose, are you not afraid of damaging your teeth?”

   "Mmm~, rub my stomach." Gou Dan flipped over, looking like an idle and wayward person.

   Tang Susu rubbed Gou Dan’s belly with patience. He felt comfortable and continued his teaching while chewing the candy: "The filthy aura that follows Old Lady Tang may not have been produced by her.”

   Tang Susu understood as soon as Gou Dan had spoken. "You’re saying it might have been transferred from that package?”

   "Well, there is something special about this situation. Normally so much can’t be transferred but rather absorbed actively. I think she ate something she shouldn't have eaten. There are many things in the world that can gather filthy aura.”

   Because her relationship with the Tang household was really bad, she had barely come several times throughout the year. How could she know what Old Lady Tang had and hadn’t eaten?

   However much the curiosity, she didn’t want to get involved in any trouble.

   After returning to the house, she took a detour to the kitchen. The package sent before had been moved to the kitchen. It was just dry goods; the package was clean, and the filthy aura wrapped around it had long since disappeared.

   Tang Susu went to the living room and took a look. Old Lady Tang was away. She had said she had had a headache again and had gone back to the house to rest.

   Tang Susu was a little disappointed when she failed to verify her curiosity. She saw a group of people sitting in the living room chatting and went up the stairs to the second floor. She found the room in the corner that had been arranged by the housekeeper, opened the door, and went in.

   When it was time for dinner, Old Lady Tang still hadn’t come out. She sat alone in a corner after dinner and was about to leave but was stopped by Tang Qi.

   "Tang Susu, my father said you entered the Di Jiang Group. With your graduation grades, how did you get in? Why don’t you tell us?" Tang Qi toyed with a silver fork, raised her head, and looked at Tang Susu with bright malice in her eyes.

   Most people present were the younger generation of Tang, and they were not stupid. When the words fell, they all burst into laughter.

   Tang Susu got up, glanced at her, and replied with a sneer, "With your IQ, I'm afraid you won’t be able to understand.”

   "Hey, you still have the face to say that others have low IQ, but what about you? You didn't even pass the examination." How could Tang Yun miss such a good chance to step on her, taunting her with every chance she could get?

   Tang Susu listened to Tang Yun. Instead of being angry, she smiled and spoke eloquently, "At least I got admitted to university. Unlike someone, I didn't spend money abroad to get my diploma.”

   “What do you mean!" Tang Qi seemed to have been stimulated by Tang Susu's words. She suddenly flung the fork in her hand down and stood up.

   “What do you mean? A high-achieving student from overseas, if I were you, I would have already covered my face with a mask because of shame.”

   After finishing, Tang Susu left, leaving a group of people looking at each other.

   “What does that mean?”

   After eating, Mi Zheng pushed the bowl and chopsticks forward and said with a big smile, "What don’t you understand? I'm afraid someone's degree has been bought with money by uncle, otherwise there would be no guilty conscience.”

   Mi Zheng had despised Tang Qi ever since she had entered the Tang family. Not only had she robbed the home belonging to his sister Susu, but had also put on an affectionate act from the beginning.

   Everyone eats Chinese food, she had to eat Western food, having a problem with spitting out chicken bones. When her uncle had taken Tang Qi to their home, they had kindly given her a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice, but as a result, she had only drank kopi luwak.

[Note: Kopi luwak is a way of making coffee by using coffee beans that have been eaten and pooped out by an Asian Palm Civet, a type of cat.]

   What cat poop coffee, why not just eat poop!

   If it weren't for uncle's dignity, Mi Zheng would have thrown this person out.

   This time was good, she had finally been exposed.


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