The Bowl of Seven Emotions Chapters List

Chapter 21: Filthy Aura

Anyone who had business dealings with the Tang Corporation and the families who had a good relationship with the Tang family wouldn't miss Old Lady Tang's birthday.

As a descendant of the Tang family, according to established tradition, it was necessary to return to the Tang family’s old house in Tianding Mountain two days in advance.

However, Tang Susu was apprehensive. Currently, there was no place for her to stay in the old house.

She’d like to forget that so-called tradition. Like other guests, she just wanted to give a birthday present to Old Lady Tang and leave. She didn't know why Tang Qiming sent his special assistant to personally visit and remind her not to be late.

Tang Susu was too lazy to argue with Lin Xi. She packed two sets of clothes and got into the car. Originally, she had used the excuse of buying gifts, but who would’ve known Lin Xi would be well prepared and told her that the gifts had already been bought for her?

All her escape routes were blocked, so in desperation, she could only endure it.

Lin Xi was driving the car steadily and smoothly, with the melodious music playing inside the car. Unfortunately, the mood of the person sitting in the passenger seat did not improve despite the music.

"I heard that Eldest Miss has not returned to the Tang family recently. Is it not convenient to live outside by yourself?" While waiting for the traffic light, Lin Xi turned his head to look at the expressionless Tang Susu, who was sitting next to him.

He hadn't seen her for a few months. Eldest Miss had changed a lot. However, according to Lin Xi, it was not because she was driven out of the house, but because of Mrs. Tang's death.

When Mrs. Tang was alive, she was very strict with her. As an outsider, Lin Xi sometimes couldn't help but feel distressed about Tang Susu's situation. Mrs. Tang's death was not necessarily a bad thing for her.

Unfortunately, as Tang Qiming’s special assistant, Lin Xi would never say that.

"It's quite convenient. Not only do I not have to pay rent, but I also don't have to worry about being thrown out."

Linxi failed to understand the sarcasm in her words and smiled. "Eldest Miss hasn't come home for a while. The boss often mentions you. After all, you are both separated by only a little hatred. It would be nice to visit whenever Eldest Miss has time."

The assistant was trying to give Tang Susu advice which made her uncomfortable.

"Go back to see what? To see that my room doesn't even have my bed left?"

Lin Xi was left speechless, and the atmosphere became awkward.

As Tang Qiming's special assistant, he would often visit the Tang villa. Naturally, he knew that since the boss had married another woman and Second Miss entered the house, Eldest Miss’s former room had long been changed into a storage room.

The Tang villa was a big place, and there was no shortage of places to put miscellaneous items. However, Tang Qiming did not refuse the orders of Second Miss, so it was settled.

He didn’t expect Tang Susu to know. Tang Susu looked down on Lin Xi's thick skin. She thought that Lin Xi would finally shut up, but who knew that he still wouldn’t give up.

"Eldest Miss, no matter what the boss did wrong, you were raised by the Tang family. You can't forget this."

When he said this, Tang Susu could not help but think of the twenty years she had lost without even being aware.

She forced down the surging hatred in her heart. She turned to look out of the window and pulled the corners of her mouth, her voice indifferent. "You're right, of course I won't forget."

The answer seemed to satisfy him and Lin Xi finally stopped being nosy. After more than an hour, the two of them arrived at the Tang's old residence smoothly.

Old Man Tang had two sons and two daughters. and the following descendants were numerous. Tang Susu arrived late. When she walked through the door, everyone in the hall turned to look at her.

Seeing Tang Qi's face in a group of cousins, Tang Susu felt bored again. Lin Xi came in after Tang Susu. After coming in, he first greeted Old Lady Tang.

Old Lady Tang's attitude towards him was polite. She casually asked, "What's your boss doing, why hasn't he arrived?"

"The boss had an important business to discuss with Di Jiang Group. He will come tomorrow." Lin Xi smiled and explained to Old Lady Tang.

Tang Susu stood far away. She did not want to be near Old Lady Tang at all.

When they met last time, there was a mass of dark stuff stuck on Old Lady Tang. Goudan had told her that it was a filthy aura and it was still lingering. Not only that, but it had also grown and seemed to have taken human form.

The filthy aura was lower than the evil spirit. The danger wasn’t high, so Tang Susu could see it. If she wanted to see the level of an evil spirit, the bowl would need to collect seven more emotions.

The filthy aura wasn’t dangerous and wouldn’t casually contaminate others, but looked a little disgusting. She wasn't sure if it was an illusion, but it smelt a bit bad.

She looked at Tang Qi sitting next to Old Lady Tang, her bare arm attached to the filthy aura. That ink-like liquid slid down her arm. Tang Susu finally couldn't hold back as she covered her mouth and ran outside to throw up.

"I don't know how the eldest daughter-in-law was taught before. She really is rude!" Old Lady Tang said, displeased, as she watched at Tang Susu's movements.

"Grandma, you don't know, Elder Aunt was from a small and poor family, pretending to be from an influential one. What manners can such a person teach?"

Tang Yun, who had always dealt with Tang Susu, curled her lip and deliberately said.

In the past, no youngster in the Tang family would have dared to say these words. However, this time was different, and Elder Aunt was dead. No matter what she said, no one would care.

Sure enough, Old Lady Tang not only didn’t scold her but also nodded deeply. "Can't blame her for sticking onto your uncle. Your uncle is a kind-hearted man, so she shamelessly latched onto him."

Listening to Old Lady Tang's remarks, many of her grandchildren had different expressions.

Leaning on the edge of the couch, dressed as a cowboy, a boy with a height of 1.9 meters couldn't help but pout. He saw the group of women chattering, so he left the living room impatiently.

After pushing the door and going out, he saw Tang Susu sitting there alone on the edge of the fountain not far from the door. He couldn't help but walk towards her with large strides.

"Sister, what are you eating?"

"Xiao Zheng? Why did you come out?" Tang Susu smiled, took back the maltose which had been chewed on by Gou Dan, and asked the boy who came to her with a smile.

This was her little brother from Second Aunt, Mi Zheng, one of the few relatives who she had a good relationship with.

"The people in the house were too noisy. Grandmother is old, her brain is not good, and her speech is crude. Eldest Sister, don't take it to heart." Mi Zheng was a little tired of Old Lady Tang, but he couldn't say it otherwise his mother would beat him to death.


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