The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 11: Awake

In order to not be treated as a psychopath, Tang Susu didn't rush to find someone to collect the Seven Emotions. She still went to the hospital regularly, watching over the still comatose Shi Chong.

Shen Xiaoyue still came every day, but her stay was very short. When Mrs. Shi heard that Shen Xiaoyue’s pregnancy was unstable, she ordered her to be hospitalized to protect the fetus.

Often Ning Yan would come as soon as Shen Xiaoyue left the ward. The two women seemed to be on a spree. Refusing to let go, they both were competing for the sake of a man who was lying in a hospital bed without any certainty of life and death.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. According to the doctor's diagnosis, Shi Chong's brain was becoming more and more active, and he might wake up soon.

Mrs. Shi was so happy that she stayed in the hospital almost all day. She was just waiting for her son to wake up.

When Shen Xiaoyue learned the news from others and went downstairs to see Shi Chong, she saw that Mrs. Shi was holding Ning Yan's hand and said something to her. Both of them were smiling happily as if the previous disagreement between the Shi and Ning families didn't exist at all.

After staying in the hospital for so long, Shen Xiaoyue, who was just as beautiful, looked haggard now. At this time, she looked much worse than the temperamentally outstanding Ning Yan who had come in exquisite and delicate makeup.

Upon seeing this clear contrast between the two, Mrs. Shi, who had to compromise for her son's bloodline, unhappily knitted her eyebrows and said to Shen Xiaoyue, "Didn't I tell you to take care of the baby, what are you coming down for?"

Shen Xiaoyue pulled out a smile, "I heard that Chong ge is about to wake up, so I came down to have a look at him."

"Mm." Mrs. Shi responded impatiently and said again, "Alright, you don't need to worry about this. Go back to your ward and wait for him to wake up."

By this attitude, it was clear that she didn't want her to get close to Shi Chong.

Tang Susu sat on the sofa in the hospital room. The corners of her mouth slightly curled up while watching the scene happening outside the door.

What was thought to be a murder case starring just one person had now turned into a multi-person mystery with a rich dog-blood story, but it was really getting more and more interesting.

The doctor's diagnosis wasn't wrong, and two days later in the afternoon, Shi Chong's body finally reacted. After calling the doctor over, it wasn't long before he opened his eyes.

As a group of doctors gathered around him to observe, Tang Susu took out her cell phone, pressed it a few times, and sent the message to Secretary Wu that her immediate boss had finally woken up.

In the company, a mobile phone message suddenly rang out in the huge office of the president, which forced secretary Wu, who was reporting her itinerary to the president, to stop.

This was a sound that was specially set for Tang Susu's prompt, and only after Secretary Wu got a signal from the boss did she take the phone out. After seeing the message on it, he solemnly reported, "Boss, the general manager has woken up."

It's no wonder that she had a bad face, the timing of Shi Chong's awakening was really bad.

The reason why the elder brother of the current Dijiang boss had been able to last so long against the boss was inseparable from the Ning family's support. Seeing that the two families are breaking up now, the boss could just take the opportunity to take over the rights of the eldest brother of the Shi Family in the company. But as Shi Chong had woken up now, all this was inevitably bound to go back to the original track.

Even if Shi Chong himself was not willing to marry Ning Yan, the old man wouldn’t agree.

The old man was forced to put down his rights and give the Dijiang Group to the boss. He would never let his youngest son take full control of the company.

Shi Chengxuan narrowed his eyes, "Since Xiao Chong is awake, you can go see him on my behalf."

"Yes. What about Tang Susu? Do you still need to keep her?"

After observing in secret for so long, Tang Susu had done nothing special, and Shi Chong's car accident should really have nothing to do with her.

According to Secretary Wu's opinion, it was best not to keep her behind. Although there were quite a few small assistants like her in the Dijiang Group, Tang Susu was a member of the Tang family, and leaving her behind now would cause trouble in the future. The Tang family had already greeted all the major companies in Feng Lin City, thus preventing them from hiring Tang Susu.

Although the Dijiang Group was not afraid of the Tang family, there was no need to make the Tang family an enemy for an insignificant person.

"She is Xiao Chong's assistant. Whether she stays or goes, you don't need to care."

"Yes." Secretary Wu quickly glanced at the boss's expression and couldn't see what the boss was thinking at the moment.

After he left, Shi Chengxuan turned his chair around to face the computer screen on the right front. At this time, an enlarged image appeared on the screen, in which a black five-tooth comb was clearly visible.

Below the five-tooth comb, there was also a sheepskin parchment scroll. Most of the characters in the scroll were blurred, and only two characters were still distinguishable - the horn comb.


Although Shi Chong woke up, his body was very weak. The injuries on his body from the car accident were also very serious. He was simply unable to heal in half a month, so he could only continue to stay in the hospital.

Although Tang Susu, who was originally sent over by Secretary Wu, nominally said to be the assistant to the general manager, in the end, she wasn’t handpicked and appointed by the general manager.

In particular, she also offended the general manager's mother. So, no one was there to protect her, and her job was in jeopardy.

Of course, Shi Chong would not disobey his mother's wishes. However, Secretary Wu told him in passing when she visited him last time that Tang Susu was the one who promptly called the police when he had a car accident. So, even if Mrs. Shi was not happy with her, she could not be dismissed.

To put it in small terms, people were unwilling to get into trouble. But to put it in larger terms, it was a life-saving grace.

If she hadn't called the police to call an ambulance in time, who knew if Shi Chong would have already breathed his last by the time people found him out.

Based on this, Tang Susu steadily got rid of this trouble and was still in the position of the assistant of the general manager.

Shi Chong was lying on the bed and could not move. Since Mrs. Shi got to know that her son's life was not in danger, she didn't come very often to the ward. In addition to the special care, the major and minor things Shi Chong ordered could only be done by Tang Susu.

The day after he woke up, more and more people came to visit him. Representatives from the various big families aiming for the Shi family, as well as Shi Chong's friends were also included in the visitors.

Tang Susu even met the people sent by the Tang family in Shi Chong's ward. Unfortunately, she, the eldest lady of the Tang family had never appeared with the Tang's, so the other party didn't even know her at all.

No one from the Ning family came to visit him. Ning Yan, who appeared every day when Shi Chong was unconscious, seemed to have suddenly disappeared, and not only Ning Yan, even Shen Xiaoyue didn’t show up again.

Tang Susu inquired about it. Shen Xiaoyue was discharged from the hospital the day after Shi Chong woke up. The Shi family picked her up, and it was not clear exactly where she went.

Shen Xiaoyue didn't show up again, but Tang Susu wasn't anxious. She believed that Shen Xiaoyue, who held that comb in her hands, would never give up easily.

Shi Chong, who had woken up several days ago finally remembered to ask about Special Assistant Zhang. He was sad for a long time when he learned that he had died in a car accident. And then he finally remembered Shen Xiaoyue.

In the past, when Special Assistant Zhang was there, he was the one to handle all the matters related to Shen Xiaoyue. However, Tang Susu was a newcomer, so even if she saved him, he can't just leave anything to her.

Reluctantly, Shi Chong had to call Mrs. Shi over.

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