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Chapter 12: The Turning Back of the Prodigal Son

Mrs. Shi came with a pot of chicken soup, and mother and son chatted happily for a long time before Shi Chong asked, "Mom, has Xiaoyue been here during this time?"

With his understanding of Shen Xiaoyue, she would definitely come over after he suffered such severe injuries, but his own parents might not give her a good face.

She looked at his son that was lying in bed while hanging one arm and a leg. His whole body was wrapped with gauze, but to this point, he hadn't forgotten about the one he raised outside. Thinking this, Mrs. Shi simply couldn’t help but gnash her teeth.

With a cold face, she said, "So what if she has been here?"

"How is she now, and where is the baby?" Shi Chong was so eager to know about Shen Xiaoyue's current condition that he didn't even pay attention to his mother's expression.

"How do I know how she's doing? She came over to see you once and left when she heard you couldn't wake up, and never came back again."

"Impossible!" Shi Chong spoke with certainty, not believing Mrs. Shi's words in the slightest.

"Impossible?" Madam Shi sneered, "If you don't believe me, ask others about who actually visited you every day these days when you were unconscious. It was Ning Yan! As for that sweetheart of yours, she probably knew that our Shi family wouldn't acknowledge her. Therefore, she has already been looking for another high branch."

"I don't believe it, give me the phone." Shi Chong's face was green and white, and he reached out to Madam Shi for his mobile phone.

Mrs. Shi snorted as she was very disdainful to her son's lack of growth. She threw her own mobile phone to him.

Shi Chong repeatedly entered the familiar phone number again and again, but every time, only an empty beep sounded from the other end.

Tang Susu coldly looked at the mother and son and found it quite interesting.

When Tang Susu got off work and walked out to go home, she was stopped by Mrs. Shi outside the hospital. Even though she knew that this person had saved her son, Mrs. Shi still didn't like her. She stood in front of Tang Susu and said coldly, "If you don't want to lose this job, you should know what to say and what not to say, right?"

"Of course."

Madam Shi didn't let anyone tell Shi Chong that Shen Xiaoyue had been here, and Tang Susu wasn't interested in going in front of Shi Chong to talk and being nosy.

And since Mrs. Shi had given the statement, it meant that the Shi family had already settled Shen Xiaoyue properly, and they would never let her come out to make waves again.

However, whether or not they would be able to keep an eye on her would depend on their own skills.

Naturally, the Shi family's skills could not be underestimated. Shi Chong called Shen Xiaoyue's friends and finally got to know information about Shen Xiaoyue, but this news failed to make him happy.

Because no matter how you look at it, it was looking like Shen Xiaoyue had left on her own accord. In addition to selling the villa he bought for her, she even went to the hospital to have an abortion.

He heard Shen Xiaoyue's best friend apologizing to him on the phone and clarifying that she didn't want to go and it was Shen Xiaoyue who had cried and begged her to accompany her to the abortion. After hearing this, the last bit of expectation in Shi Chong's heart was also finally gone.

Although what his mother said was awful, at this time, he couldn't help but believe his mother. Shen Xiaoyue didn't like him, all she wanted was money.

It was a shame that he had fallen out with his family over such a woman, and even wanted to quit marriage with the Ning family.

Seeing that her son had finally come to his senses, Mrs. Shi was delighted, and it just so happened that Ning Yan had also finally convinced her parents to let her visit Shi Chong in the hospital.

Ning Yan was good looking and had a good temperament. Although Shi Chong didn't like her, he had to admit that this woman was quite capable and worthy of him.

Most importantly, she was still deeply in love with him.

Shi Chong, who had just been hurt in love, needed someone to comfort him. Ning Yan never left him, so soon, both were stuck together.

Every day, Tang Susu watched the two flirting and feeding each other in the hospital room, and felt that her presence was very redundant.

Shi Chong's prodigal son finally turned back, and Ning Yan ignored the past grudges. The relationship between the Shi and Ning families finally began to ease. However, Shi Chong had gone too far before, so Ning Yan's parents were persuaded by their daughter to visit Shi Chong in the hospital.

This time, it was only after Shi Chong honestly admitted his mistake to his future in-laws and promised that he would never let Ning Yan feel sad that he finally managed to appease the other party.

This farce seemed as if it was about to end with a happy ending.

Shi Chong stayed in the hospital for two months, and his injuries were almost healed. The last thing Shi Chong did before leaving the hospital was to propose to Ning Yan, and even Tang Susu became one of the witnesses.

Shi Chong bought 9,999 pink roses to propose marriage. Although it was in the hospital, the crowd was still not small. The corridor outside the ward was crowded with people watching the fun, and those little nurses were even more envious.

Tang Susu was squeezed into the back of the crowd. After padding her feet to look inside, Tang Susu turned around and left the hospital building.

After walking a short distance, she stopped in her tracks and swept behind her back. Not seeing anyone looking her way, she couldn't help but frown and then continued walking.

It wasn't long after she left that the person hidden behind the Roman columns in the small garden showed up.

"That Shen Xiaoyue is back. But why is she following you?" Gou Dan was lying in Tang Susu's backpack. It asked while peeking its little head and looking at the back.

"She is driven to desperation. I'm the only one left who can help her now."

"You don't know her very well, then why would she ask for your help?" After staring at Shen Xiaoyue for a while, feeling bored, Gou Dan yawned and retreated back into his fluffy plush-padded backpack.

"Probably, she thinks that we are in the same boat." Tang Susu's mouth turned up slightly.

Having witnessed Shi Chong proposing to Ning Yan with her own eyes, Shen Xiaoyue couldn’t endure it. She didn't even wait until the next day and knocked on Tang Susu's door that night.

Seeing Shen Xiaoyue outside her own door, Tang Susu did not show any surprise. She just opened the door and turned sideways, "Please come in."

Shen Xiaoyue's hair was cut short. Tang Susu didn't know exactly where she had been in the past two months. Her face was ashen and thin, and she had also lost a lot of weight. She was wearing a grey sweatshirt and looked like a dried-up rose, no longer as delicate and beautiful as she was in the beginning.

"You don't seem surprised to see me." Shen Xiaoyue walked into the house, looked around, and grinned, "You're quite rich to be able to afford such a big house in Tianhua Court."

The Tianhua Court community was full of wealthy people. It costs 40,000 to 50,000 yuan per square meter, and this house was over a hundred square meters, so it was no wonder that Shen Xiaoyue said so.

"A friend's house, just a temporary stay."

"Better than me. You at least have a friend who gives you a house to live in. Those friends of mine don’t even know me when they see the money." Shen Xiaoyue spoke with sarcasm.

Tang Susu chuckled lightly at her words, knowing what she was talking about.

Without the help of those so-called friends, how could it be so easy for Shi Chong to find Shen Xiaoyue’s trail, and how could Shi Chong stop searching for her if he couldn't find her trace.

She didn't know if she should sympathize with Shen Xiaoyue or pity her anymore.


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