"You came to me to ask me to help you?" Tang Susu walked to the sofa and sat down. She raised her head slightly and asked her straightforwardly while staring into Shen Xiaoyue's eyes.


"I'm just a small assistant. I'm afraid I don't have that capacity."

"Your surname is Tang, isn't it?" Shen Xiaoyue squinted her eyes and said word by word.

Although she had lost Shi Chong as a patron, she still had money in her hand. So, it wasn't difficult to investigate Tang Susu's origins.

Shen Xiaoyue didn't expect that Tang Susu had such a good background, but unfortunately, this person's birth mother had died, and she had met a cold and heartless birth father. Obviously, she was the eldest daughter of the Tang family, but she was still driven out of the house.

She didn't believe that Tang Susu would be willing to be suppressed by an illegitimate daughter for the rest of her life.

"As long as you do me a small favor, I can help you deal with your stepmother and your sister." Shen Xiaoyue said with such certainty that in her mouth, Tang Susu's stepmother and sister seemed to be two minor characters that could be taken at will.

"Ha, I can't believe in such a promise."

Taking the kettle on the coffee table, she poured a cup of water and pushed it to Shen Xiaoyue.

"Why don't you take a gamble? I just want you to deliver something for me, and it's not like I'm asking you to kill someone or set fire." Shen Xiaoyue's gaze fell on the glass of water, and she sat down on the sofa in a smooth manner.

Gou Dan, who was originally lying on the sofa, had to change its position, so it moved and laid on the armrest of the sofa.

Tang Susu looked incredulous, "If I help you send something, you can help me deal with my stepmother? Is it that cheap?"

That being said, Shen Xiaoyue could tell that Tang Susu was moved.

"You may not believe me, but this is the only chance." With that, Shen Xiaoyue stood up and took out a long, flat gift box from her pants pocket and said, "This is what I want you to deliver for me. You just need to deliver it to Shi Chong."

Tang Susu looked down and asked hesitantly, "What's in it?"

"A gift that he gave me, and since he's marrying someone else, this will be my congratulatory gift to him."

"Alright, I'll help you this time."

Shen Xiaoyue smiled in satisfaction, "Don't worry, you won't regret helping me."

After the two negotiated, Shen Xiaoyue immediately left the gift there. She didn't stay long and left in the night.

When Tang Susu turned around and returned to the house, she saw the gift box on the table was scratched open, revealing a black jade comb inside. The five big and thick teeth on the comb were faintly exuding an ominous dark red under the light.

Gou Dan was lying on the comb. Squinting its eyes, it was licking the comb with its barbed, little tongue again and again as if it was tasting very delicious food.

After licking it for a long time, Gou Dan opened its eyes in disappointment, "It tastes so good but too bad...I can't eat it."

Gou Dan was the spirit of the Seven Emotions Bowl, and the Seven Emotions Bowl worked by exchanging one thing for another. Therefore, even if the things that didn’t belong to Tang Susu fell into their hands now, there was no way to use them.

Tang Susu helplessly shook her head. She couldn’t understand the unique taste of Gou Dan.

After Shi Chong recovered and was discharged from the hospital, Tang Susu could naturally return to work at the Dijiang Group. Originally, Shi Chong could enter the Dijiang Group relying on the game between his father and his young uncle. After two months of absence, the power that he managed to grab was almost disintegrated.

There was no one outside the general manager's office. Except for her, the desperate person, the others had all left the office.

Shi Chong was busy with his fiancée, so he didn't have time to come to the office. But Tang Susu went to work on time every day and never went late.

She also occasionally helped receive delivery for her boss and lived a very leisurely life.

After more than a week of these leisurely days, Shi Chong finally showed up. Probably because he was in love, so he didn’t get too angry when he saw only one staff member, Tang Susu outside the office. He entered while happily humming into his office.

Not long after going in, he came out with a cold face. He held a box in his hand and asked Tang Susu, "Who sent this thing?"

Tang Susu stretched her head out from behind the computer screen to look at it, "Oh, it was delivered by courier."

"Who told you to put this crap in my office!" After hearing Tang Susu's explanation, Shi Chong was still unhappy.

"Otherwise, who knows if it's filled with jewels or diamonds. What will I do if I throw it back later, and you let me accompany it?"

Tang Susu gave him a blank look.

Shi Chong was blocked by her. Choked for a long time, he slammed the door in exasperation. And he didn’t mean to throw that thing away anymore.

This was the reason why Shen Xiaoyue had asked her for help. Without Tang Susu, that thing wouldn't have been delivered to Shi Chong, and even if it was, it might not have been able to stay. After all, Tang Susu was not just a small assistant, and Shi Chong would be somewhat weaker when facing her.

Although it was just a matter of one sentence, it wasn't something that could be solved by anyone's words.

As soon as the door of the general manager's office closed, she lazily leaned back on the swivel chair. The computer screen was playing Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, and Gou Dan laid in her arms, watching it with relish.

Shi Chong, who had returned to his office, was irritated. After staring at the box in his hand for a long time, he couldn't help but open it. Sure enough, the thing inside was the comb he had given to Shen Xiaoyue.

He sat behind his desk with the comb, and his expressions changed several times. The day before the accident, the day he left the capital, Shen Xiaoyue put the comb in his pocket while saying that she wanted him to remember her whenever he would see it.

He suddenly realized that in the past two months or so, it was the last time they met.

It was almost noon when Tang Susu was planning to go to the company cafeteria to eat, she saw Ning Yan carrying a small bag and stepping on her two-inch heels.

"Is Shi Chong here?"

"Inside." Reflexively, she pointed at the closed office next to her.

Ning Yan smiled at her and knocked on the door a few times. But seeing that no one answered and the door was unlocked, she simply pushed her way in.

"What are you doing here?" Shi Chong, who was dazed with a comb, suddenly saw Ning Yan, and for some reason, he felt a little guilty. Throwing the comb on his desk, he asked her while avoiding direct eye contact.

Ning Yan's eyes swept over the comb, her expression still as she asked, "I came to invite General Shi to have lunch with me ah."

"Okay, where do you want to eat?" Shi Chong naturally wouldn't refuse. Walking out from behind the desk, he held Ning Yan's shoulders.

"Let's go for Thai food today, and you'll accompany me to try on wedding dresses this afternoon."

"Good." Shi Chong and Ning Yan were in a good relationship, so he would hardly refuse her request.

He put on his jacket and was about to leave, but he saw Ning Yan pick up the comb on the table.

"I've seen this comb before."

"Ah?" Shi Chong looked at her blankly.

Ning Yan didn't look at him, but lowered her head and leaned on the desk, "I was also at that auction. When you won it, I still remember the host asking if you were going to give it to your fiancée."

Her words made Shi Chong's expression very embarrassed, "Yanyan, I ......"

Shi Chong also remembered that the host had been nosy and asked this question. And even though he didn't respond to the question, he had expressed that he meant it.


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