The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 1: Driven out of Home

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The violent knocks on the door were hitting Tang Susu’s head like a hammer, causing her, who hadn’t slept for hours, to wake up muddled. With a splitting headache and strained eyes, she scratched her head and grabbed her loose hair scattered on her shoulder. She climbed off the bed, and walked through the messy living room where cardboard boxes were scattered everywhere, to the door.

“Open the door! Don’t play dead, Tang Susu! Open the door for me now!” A harsh and sharp female voice pierced through the door and came in clearly.

Tang Susu’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. She looked through her cat’s eye to see that not only Tang Qi was outside, but her father was also there.

She stood at the door for a moment, trying hard to pretend that she wasn’t there.

It had only been three months since her mother died, and she had an additional sister - Tang Qi, two months younger than her. She was a white, rich, and beautiful woman who came back from studying in the UK and had the same biological father as her. (T/N: Bai fumei: white, rich and beautiful)

And Tang Susu, a legitimate child, was evicted from the Tang family villa and moved to the house her mother had left for her before she died. As a result, it hadn’t been a week of the peaceful days yet, and they were here looking for her again.

“Hurry up and open the door!” Suddenly a bang sounded. It was probably the sound of kicking the door, making her heart thump in fright.

She stood stunned at the door for a moment before twisting the lock and pulling the door open.

“Daddy, what’s the matter?” She blocked the doorway and looked indifferently at the father and daughter pair outside the door.

Tang Qi looked a lot like Tang Qiming, while Tang Susu was more like her mother, which was why she was more of an outsider when the three of them stood together. This was probably why, as Tang Qiming’s second daughter, Tang Qi moved into the Tang family while Tang Susu could only be kicked out.

Wearing a black suit and gold-rimmed glasses, Tang Qiming looked like a successful socialite. In fact, he was indeed successful, with a company with a market value of over a 100 million under his belt, and with the backing of the Tang family, which could be considered rich and powerful in Fenglin City.

“Nothing much, I just came to see you. Won’t you invite dad in to sit down?” Tang Qiming smiled down at her.

This man was very good-looking, especially when he smiled. Otherwise, no one would have been willing to be his mistress for more than twenty years, knowing that he was already married and had children.

Tang Susu paused and unwillingly turned sideways to let them in.

The house was a bit small, only 60 square feet, and she hadn’t cleaned up in the past few days since she moved here. It looked even more congested as a few cardboard boxes were piled up in the living room.

Tang Qiming looked around and walked over to the still-clean couch and sat down. Tang Qi hugged his arm and sat down with him.

“What do you want to drink?”

“Coffee.” Tang Qiming didn’t say anything, it was Tang Qi who opened her mouth, and she deliberately added, “Add milk, no sugar.”

Tang Susu swept a glance at her but didn’t say anything. She went into the kitchen and turned around, bringing out a glass filled with tap water. Then she pushed it across Tang Qiming and directly ignored Tang Qi.

Tang Qi was very angry by her attitude, but Tang Qiming patted her knee, so she did not attack. Thinking about the purpose of today’s visit, a hint of happiness flashed in her eyes, and she quietly sat aside without speaking anymore.

“It’s been half a year since SuSu graduated, have you found a job yet?” Tang Qiming clasped his hands together and smiled towards his impatient daughter.

“Not yet.”

In fact, she had sent many resumes out, and so far, none of them had asked her for an interview.

Classmates with similar grades to her were basically already employed by now or had started internships. Only she had been repeatedly rejected. She didn’t know whether the Tang family had ever intervened, and she wasn’t even interested in knowing.

“Dad has an old friend. He just needs an assistant over there.” After saying that, Tang Qiming looked at her with a smile.

Tang Susu returned the same smile, “Is it? Such a coincidence. I don’t know which old friend is dad talking about?”

“It’s your Uncle Xue. You’ve met him before, remember?”

Tang Susu blinked her eyes. Her long eyelashes trembled slightly as she said, “Oh, remember.” She thought, of course, she remembered the uncle who was in his forties, had two wives who both had died one after another. He looked just like a pig, and now he deludedly wanted to marry her.

“What do you think?”

“Why don’t you let Tang Qi go for such a great opportunity?” She raised her eyes to the man sitting on the couch.

“QiQi has entered the family company.” Tang Qiming sat on the sofa with his legs folded and his posture stretched, while his eyes were narrowed slightly behind his gold-rimmed glasses.

“That’s unfortunate, I haven’t planned to look for a job lately. I want to go out and take a stroll while I’m still young, we’ll talk later about the work.”

After saying that, Tang Susu saw the smile on Tang Qiming’s face had turned cold.

Then, she heard Tang Qiming saying, “Susu, you probably don’t know that your mother had signed a divorce agreement with me before she passed away.”

“What?” Tang Susu’s expression stiffened and she looked at the other person incredulously.

“She netted out all the property in her name. All of it belongs to me, including this house you’re living in now.” Tang Qiming said slowly and methodically, finally revealing a smile as he watched his daughter’s changed appearance.

It was inevitable for the little girl to have a temper, but she forgot who she depended on for a living.

‘So, if she didn’t agree, she would be thrown out of this house?’

Tang Susu lost her smile, it really was Tang Qiming’s way of solving the problem. She had really underestimated the extent of the Tang family’s shamelessness.

“I understand.” Tang Susu was silent for a moment.

Tang Qiming’s mouth again raised into a smile. He crossed his arms across his chest and asked, “So, what’s your decision?”

“I’ll move out tomorrow. I remember Mom still had some personal belongings at Grandma’s house. If I can, I want to take those things along with me. Dad won’t disagree with that request, right?”

The pair of long, narrow eyes behind the gold wire glasses squinted slightly. After sizing her up for a long time, he said, “Susu, carefully think about it. You’re nothing without the Tang family.”

Tang Susu looked at Tang Qiming with amusement, her finger dabbed at the fair face and said towards him, “Daddy, look, I’m so beautiful. And I’m still your own daughter. Even if I become someone’s mistress, I can at least get a villa in return. It doesn’t suit me here.”

She just finished speaking, and she saw Tang Qiming waving his hand to sweep over the glass on the coffee table to the ground. Tang Susu turned a blind eye to the spilled water and pieces of the glass scattered all over the floor.

Anyway, the house wouldn’t be hers by tomorrow. Even if he smashed the whole place up, it would be fine.

The father and daughter separated unhappily. Before leaving, Tang Qi smiled triumphantly at her.

She thought Tang Susu refused to listen to her father, so everything in the Tang family would be hers in the future. So what if Tang Susu was a legitimate child; with such a stupid mother, she was doomed to have nothing.

Tang Susu certainly understood her smugness, but she didn’t feel angry. She was rather a bit sympathetic towards the other party. This silly kid really thought the Tang family was a good place? Tang Qiming could have an illegitimate daughter, so how could he not have an illegitimate son.

Even if Tang Susu couldn’t inherit the family business, it wouldn’t be Tang Qi’s turn.

If you want to get something from the Tang family, you must pay the price. This time Tang Qiming found her; next time, it might be Tang Qi’s turn. She just hoped that at that time, Tang Qi would still be able to laugh.

It was still unknown if Tang Qi could laugh or not, but Tang Susu wouldn’t be able to laugh anymore soon.

She had no place to live.