The Bowl of Seven Emotions Chapters List

Chapter 2: The low-key Maserati

Tang Qiming was worthy of being a businessman. He immediately turned his back after knowing that he won’t get the benefits he was supposed to get. Only ten minutes later, he sent someone to force her to move out.

The person who came was his special assistant Lin Xi, who had a smiling face. He would meet everyone with a happy face, but unfortunately, he was basically the same as his boss, who would quietly eat people whole without even spitting out bones.

He stood at the door and smiled towards Tang Susu before saying, “Eldest Miss, the boss has already transferred this house to Second Miss, and she wishes to take back this house now.”

Tang Susu came out dragging two large suitcases. In addition to these two suitcases, there was a pile of unopened cardboard boxes that she was unable to carry out by herself. She was exhausted, but assistant Lin didn’t intend to help and just smilingly watched her crawl all over the floor like a snail.

Tang Susu wiped her sweat and placed her butt on one of the suitcases. She flipped out the phone from her pocket and dialed a number.

Within a short while, a cheerful voice came from the other side of the phone call, “Hey, Susu! Why did you suddenly think of me?”

“Ah, Mian! I don’t have any place to stay, lend me an apartment.”

“Okay, Building A 2902 in Tianhua Park Community. Where are you? I’ll have someone send you the key...” The person on the other end of the phone unhesitatingly gave her a bunch of addresses.

“I’m here at my old house. If it’s convenient, get some people to help me move.”

“No problem, why are you suddenly moving out? Is the Tang family bothering you?”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright, I’ll see you when I get back.”

After they finished chatting, Tang Susu hung up the phone and saw the slightly surprised expression of assistant Lin. Tang Susu grinned back at him.

She guessed they thought that if she had been kicked out of the Tang family without a penny then she would have no place to stay. Hence, she would have to compromise with them sooner or later. So, what kind of misunderstanding did Tang Qiming and his people have about her? Did they think that without the Tang family she would starve to death?

Ten minutes later, her best friend, Bai Mian’s people arrived. Four handsome guys in suits lined up in a row, each one was good looking enough that noted handsome people might not even fit close up to their long legs.

Knowing that the best friend did so to back herself up, Tang Susu smiled at them and pointed to the boxes in the living room behind her, “These are the ones, move them over to the new house.”

“Yes, Miss Tang.” One of them stepped forward and handed a bunch of keys to Tang Susu, “Our lady gave it to you to use for your transportation.”

Seeing her raised eyebrows, the man further explained, “Our Miss had already explained to us that you don’t like cars that are too conspicuous. This one is very low-key.”

“Oh…” Tang Susu shook the car keys in her hand. Low-key Maserati? She had already gotten the hang of Bai Mian’s aesthetics, she perceived it!

Tang Susu moved away as one would expect, but unfortunately, the news didn’t make some people happy, especially after Assistant Lin reported what he had seen that day as it was.

“I’ve underestimated her.” Tang Qiming stood in front of the office window wall. He was looking out with an indifferent look but behind his lenses, his gaze was cold.

“Boss, Xue’s side has already agreed to the deal, what should we do if Eldest Miss refused to go over there?”

“She’ll compromise on her own when she understands what it means to lose the Tang family. Go ahead and freeze her credit cards first.”

“...” Assistant Lin was silent, “Eldest miss doesn’t have any credit card.”

After he finished speaking, he felt the air pressure around him getting heavier and heavier. In his heart, he smiled wryly, who would have thought that Miss Tang didn’t even have a credit card in her hand. Compared to her, it was the second miss with the boss’s supplementary card, who was more like the daughter grown up in the Tang family.

“Get out.”

Hearing the boss’ harsh tone, the assistant Lin didn’t dare to stay and hurriedly left the office.

Bai Mian’s house in Feng Lin City was just one of her many properties. She had only lived in it a few times before. There was no shortage of things in it, even the fridge was full of food. Tang Susu just needed to carry her bags and move in.

The day after she organized her things, she made a call to the Tang family’s old house to pick up her mother’s belongings. The housekeeper coldly quoted a time slot and asked her to be there on time, and without even saying goodbye, he clicked the phone and hung up.

She had been used to this kind of treatment since she was a child. She twirled the cell phone twice in her hand before getting up. Then she went to the kitchen to cook. All the way, thinking that when she would pick up her mother’s belongings tomorrow, she wouldn’t need to go to the Tang family’s old mansion anymore.

The Tang family’s old house was located on the Tian Ding Mountain in Feng Lin City. Legend has it that a phoenix was inhabiting there, and the famous century-old sycamore tree on the top of the mountain was still lush and green. Most of the rich and powerful people of Feng Lin City lived in this area.

She arrived at the Tang’s house at 4:30 p.m. in her friend’s 'very low-key' royal blue Maserati GT.

After entering the gate, she found that the old house seemed to be very lively today. Not only was Tang Qi there, but several of her cousins were also there. When Tang Susu entered, she didn’t know what Tang Qi said, causing her grandmother to laugh aloud.

After Yu Guang glimpsed Tang Susu’s figure, the smile on Old Lady Tang’s face cooled down. She seemed to frown a bit unhappily and said, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to pick up the things Mom left behind, I already called yesterday.”

Her grandmother had been treating her like this for years, and Tang Susu had gotten used to it. She was long past her childhood and didn’t need to look for affection from these people.

Old Lady Tang looked at the old housekeeper who was leading the way. Seeing the old housekeeper nodding his head slightly, she turned her head rather unhappily and said, “Hurry up and take all those things away. She came to fetch them so eagerly that those who don’t know anything would think that we are greedy for her tattered goods, really ignorant.”

“Grandmother, don’t get angry over those irrelevant people.” The one who spoke was Tang Susu’s elder cousin sister, Tang Yun, who wasn’t pleased with her since childhood. In the past few years, Tang Susu had always suffered in her hands every time she spent the New Year in her old home.

“It’s still you guys who are good.” Tang Yun said this while Tang Qi was giving comfort to the old lady. The old lady looked at her two sensible granddaughters, and her face eased a lot. In contrast, no one paid attention to Tang Susu, so it made her look out of the place.

“Eldest Miss, let’s go.” As the housekeeper’s voice came from beside her, Tang Susu withdrew her gaze and followed him up to the second floor with a cold face.

Tang Susu’s mother was considered to have died in the Tang family’s old house. Originally, she had been living on the third floor, but at some point, she was moved to the innermost room on the second floor.

This room seemed to have no one to clean it occasionally. It smelled musty as the door opened. As Tang Susu stood at the door, she could feel the gloom in the room, as if even the sunlight had abandoned the place.

The housekeeper stood pensively outside the door. His one hand was covering his nose, making his disgust obvious.

There wasn’t much in the room, or rather, there were hardly any personal belongings in sight, except for a lone suitcase in the back corner of the door.

She stepped forward and opened the suitcase, and inside she saw some diaries, and jewelry boxes and cosmetics, and so on, which were supposed to be the relics left of her mother’s possessions after she passed away.

She put all the scattered things inside one by one in the pile, and then touched a bowl at the bottom.


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