The Bowl of Seven Emotions Chapters List

Chapter 3: Not Good Enough

It was a rough, gray color stone bowl, with some pitch-dark grime stuck within. There was a gaping hole on the rim of the bowl, as if someone had gnawed off a piece of it. Probably no one would pick this kind of thing if it was thrown out.

But for some reason, as soon as the bowl fell into her hands, her heart pounded uncontrollably.

It was as if this stone bowl was very important to her.


Suddenly a sweet cat cry sounded, and Tang Susu watched in stupor as a small black cat appeared out of nowhere in the empty bowl in her hand.

As the little black cat obediently sat crouching in the bowl, she was only a little higher than the edge. The little cat slightly tilted its head and curiously looked over at Tang Susu, who was still holding the bowl. While Tang Susu was also observing it, she looked at the little cat’s green eyes that were as bright as brilliant emeralds.

“Miss, everything is already in the suitcase. If it’s okay, can we go now?” The housekeeper looked at Tang Susu, who was blankly staring at the empty bowl and opened his mouth to remind her.

Tang Susu turned her head to look at him and saw that his expression remained unchanged. She contemplated whether he hadn’t even seen the kitten in the bowl.

Was it her blurred eyes, or...

“Meow! Why did you come to me so late? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” The little black cat licked her tender paws, and her voice went all the way into Tang Susu’s head.

“Are you... talking to me?” Suddenly someone spoke in her head, and Tang Susu was so startled that she subconsciously asked back in her mind.

“Otherwise?” After saying that, the little black cat jumped to her shoulder. It moved her paws left and right before finding a more comfortable position to squat down and said, “It’s dark and cold here, quickly take me out to sunbathe.”


The doubts in Tang Susu’s heart were still unresolved, but seeing the housekeeper’s increasingly impatient expressions, she could only pack up her suitcase first and then carry it out.

After she walked out of the room, the housekeeper didn’t follow up again. Before going downstairs, she vaguely heard him instructing the people next to him to remove all the furniture from the room and burn it.

She felt a little funny and dropped her eyes.

When her mother was alive, no one in the Tang family treated her badly. However, who would have thought that when she died, they would be so disgusted with her.

“Grandpa, grandma, I’m leaving first.” Without even looking at the people sitting in the living room Tang Susu casually said and walked towards the door with her suitcase in tow.

“Wait, from what Qiqi said, you have turned down the job your father found for you?” The person had almost reached the entrance, and Old Lady Tang suddenly spoke with a tone full of dissatisfaction.

“Yes, what’s the problem…” The corner of Tang Susu’s mouth tilted upwards into a sarcastic smile, and she turned her head to face the old lady, but then her eyes widened.

She saw a pitch-dark mass of something behind Old Lady Tang, and it was knocking on Old Lady Tang’s head, time and again.

“Aigoo, the head hurts again…” Before Old Lady Tang could reprimand Tang Susu, her eyebrows knitted in tight frowns and she groaned loudly.

Old Lady Tang’s headache was already an old affliction, and after consulting doctors for years, she couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Before, Tang Susu had thought it was her faking it until she saw this scene that overturned her outlook on life upside down.

“Meow! This old lady has so much filthy aura on her. I guess she did something bad in the past and couldn’t get rid of it.”

“What is the filthy aura?” Tang Susu moved back and silently asked in her heart.

“According to you humans, it’s a kind of Qi that can bring calamity. Under normal circumstances, it would have dispersed dozens of times till now as the purpose of New Year and festivals is to get rid of the filth, but her case is special.”

Tang Susu’s thoughts moved. Even though the little black cat’s words were easy to understand, she still felt very unscientific. However, she was finally able to keep her cool and turned towards the imposing old man sitting on the single couch, “Grandpa, I’m leaving first.”

Old master Tang looked up at her from the newspaper and said, “Your grades in the four years of college are not good. It is much worse than Qiqi, so it is not good to let you into the family business. Your father has chosen an excellent path for you.”

Tang Susu’s footsteps that were going outside paused at once. She began to think about her past. Her grades in high school were very good, so taking a major university was not a problem at all. However...on the day of the college entrance exam, she had a car accident and missed an exam, so she ended up having to pick a local ordinary university in Fenglin City.

With the Tang family’s power, there were actually some better options, such as sending her abroad. But Tang Qiming did not agree. The entire Tang family, along with her own mother, disagreed with her going abroad. Then, she later proposed to repeat the year, which was also rejected by them.

In the following years, every time her cousin Tang Yun deliberately brought up Tang Susu’s mention of repeating her studies, Tang Susu would attract a lot of criticism. It was as if by making this request, she had become a shame to the Tang family.

Therefore, four years later, after graduating from an ordinary university, she had finally become someone who, in the words of others, was not good enough.

Tang Susu had endured this family for a long time. She tried to resist before and paid the cost by being slapped twice by her mother. But now, her mother was dead.

“Grandpa has a point.” Tang Susu chuckled lightly.

Tang Mingguang looked at this granddaughter who was quite not to his liking, and he frowned even more, when he saw her sudden smile.

“But I don’t have any aspirations. I prefer to lie at home and let others send money to my door.”

“You don’t even know what it means by making progress!” Old master Tang’s face turned dark, he was obviously angered by her words. Because of years of being in the top position, there was no one around who wasn’t afraid of him. As the Old Master Tang’s expressions sank, the whole living room turned silent and gloomy.

“I really don’t know how to make progress as I am not as motivated as you guys. Life is so short, so of course, I have to fully enjoy it. And at least I live with a clear conscience.” After saying that, she raised her eyebrows towards the old lady Tang who was leaning back on the sofa with a not-so-good face, “Grandma, you will have a headache if you do too many bad things. Don’t you think so?”

After saying that, without caring about the other people’s expressions, she turned around with the suitcase and left.

She didn’t notice that after hearing this sentence, Old Lady Tang’s face instantly turned pale white.

This sentence was similarly said to her eight years ago by someone when she went to the Puxian Temple for incense. That person told her that she would get a headache if she did something wrong. She didn’t believe it, but she had a headache ever since then.

Now, was it a coincidence that Tang Susu had said the same thing, or did she know something? Old Lady Tang’s hand trembled slightly.

Tang Susu didn’t care what kind of storm her sentence had caused in the Tang family. She had already driven away from the Tang family and it was estimated that apart from not knowing how to be motivated and unbearable, she will also be called unfilial.

But how did it matter to her? Since then, she and the Tang family were just strangers.

Novice Tang Susu was driving the sports car at the speed of a cattle-cart. The little black cat had already jumped off her shoulder, and squatted in front of the windshield with a pose of the white porcelain Lucky Cat figurine, and stuck to the same pose for some time.

Its small paws were only as thick as a human finger and were looking like a hook. And even Tang Susu, who had no interest in keeping pets, was trembling in her heart. If she hadn’t been driving, she would have already held it in her arms to rub it well.

“Why did you come to see me so late?” After playing and posing for a while, probably finding it boring, it turned around and faced Tang Susu.

“What does that mean?” She had a strange thought. The little black cat seemed to know her from early on when she used to live in the Tang family.

“Hey, weren’t you the one who woke me up at the cost of your twenty years of life? Twenty years of life was exchanged for twenty years of glory and prosperity. I’ll always remember your scent.”


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