The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 61: Durian is Good

"What taste do you like?"

"I mean the taste of fruit."

Tang Susu blinked in confusion, "Mango, strawberry is also good."

The corner of Shi Chengxuan's mouth raised, his eyes lingered on the shelf for a long time, and then he slowly pushed the car and continued to move forward.

After walking a few steps, I heard Tang Susu say again: "Actually, the durian tastes pretty good, do you want to eat it?"

Shi Chengxuan froze for a moment, "No, thank you."

Because someone helped to carry vegetables, fruits, and meat, she unceremoniously bought two big bags. She walked in front, and Shi Chengxuan followed behind with two large bags, which made her feel a little relieved.

When she saw Tang Qi at the door of her house, Tang Susu's good mood disappeared.

Tang Qi hadn't seen them yet, so she walked around her door with a sullen face, kicking the door from time to time, as if to vent her anger.

She turned around and greeted Tang Susu aggressively when she saw Tang Susu approaching, "Where did you go, the phone can't get through, so I've been waiting here for so long, so hurry up and open the door."

Before Tang Susu could speak, she saw Tang Qi's expression had changed, and her tone softened instantly, "Dad is waiting for you at home, come back with me later, and why won't you go home to see Dad for several months."

Tang Qi's sudden change of face was natural because she saw Shi Chengxuan who was following behind.

She had guessed early on that Tang Susu had hooked up with Shi Chengxuan, but when she saw it today, it was as expected. Thinking like this in her heart, Tang Qi couldn't help showing a trace of contempt in her eyes, as well as some uncontrollable jealousy.

Shi Chengxuan came over with something, glanced at Tang Qi, and asked Tang Susu, "What's wrong?"

Tang Susu took the key to open the door, "It's okay, come in."

She asked Shi Chengxuan to enter the house. Seeing that Tang Qi was going to enter, she took a step to the side to block her, "You don't have to enter, I don't welcome you."

"What do you mean!"

Even if Tang Qi had the intention to maintain her image in front of Shi Chengxuan, it would be difficult to maintain it under Tang Susu's extremely impolite attitude. Tang Qi didn't know why, but as long as she saw Tang Susu, she felt extremely uncomfortable.

Probably because she thought that she is so much better than Tang Susu, but she can only bear the name of an illegitimate daughter for so many years, and she is still not accepted by that circle.

If Tang Susu remained silent, she might still be able to ignore it, but this person was like Xiao Qiang who couldn't be beaten to death, and she could be seen everywhere.

For the charity auction a while ago, she finally asked for an invitation letter from her father. As a result, Tang Susu spent tens of millions on a mirror, and she took all the limelight alone.

When others asked her, she had to smile and tell them that Tang Susu was her sister. God knows how frustrated she was at that time.

"It means go away."

"You dare to scold me!"

Tang Susu couldn't help but snort when she saw her frowning coldly, "I still dare to hit you, do you want to try?"

"Okay, don't regret it!"

Tang Qi was full of anger, but she was thinking about how to tell her grievances to her father after she went back. It was best to find an opportunity to make Tang Susu suffer a little.

"Do you need to teach her a lesson?" Gou Dan's little head came out of the bag and asked Tang Susu. He also stretched out a small claw with black air lingering on it.

"No." Tang Susu turned around and entered the room after pinching its pink meat pad.

Shi Chengxuan's coat was placed on the sofa, and there was a faint sound of water in the kitchen. This person is still the same as before, not treating himself as an outsider at all.

She opened the bag and let Gou Dan play by itself. Then she took off her coat and planned to cook.

The two were busy for more than an hour and finally had dinner. After the meal, they had to eat fruit, and then drink tea. Tang Susu didn't know how many times she rolled her eyes in her heart, this person is really funny.

When the tea was almost finished, Shi Chengxuan stood up. Tang Susu thought, this time it's time to go, but he turned on the TV.

Please, be aware of how shameless you are right now! Tang Susu went crazy.

Shouldn't we go home and sleep after dinner? What does it mean to stay in someone else's house?

There was entertainment news on the TV, Tang Susu couldn't help but glanced a few more times, and sure enough, it mentioned the girl group idol Qiao Yu's violent beating of her assistant, causing the other party's disfigurement.

There was also a photo of the assistant posted on it. The little girl's right cheek was red and swollen, and there were bloodstains on it as if she had been subjected to abuse. It looked really miserable.

Seeing this, she couldn't help but glance at Shi Chengxuan, who would have thought that he would be staring right at her.

"What are you looking at?" Shi Chengxuan asked her while playing with the remote control.

"Nothing." She shook her head. She was still a little curious about the scandal between Shi Chengxuan and Qiao Yu, but it wasn't her turn to ask about it.

Shi Chengxuan smiled when he saw this, and the two quietly watched the entertainment news before he finally got up and put on his coat, intending to leave.

Before leaving, Tang Susu took out the installed bronze mirror and the set of sapphire jewelry.

With tens of millions worth of things at home, it would be possible to be murdered or burglarized these days, which is simply frightening.

Shi Chengxuan didn't take it, just glanced at the thing in her hand and asked, "Don't you like it?"

The corner of Tang Susu's mouth twitched, "This mirror is too expensive, it's not safe to put it here."

Shi Chengxuan nodded, "Understood, I will handle it."

That being said, he didn't take the mirror away. As for the set of jewelry, he said that there is still a chance to use it, so he placed it here for the time being.

After sending some people away, Tang Susu sat on the sofa holding the bronze mirror in a daze. She wanted to return his things, but she couldn't return them at all. Why did she always feel that something was wrong?

After walking out of the gate of the community, Shi Chengxuan took the phone out of his pocket. The screen of the mobile phone, which had been set to mute, kept flashing. As soon as he connected, he heard the woman's sharp voice.

"Shi Chengxuan, did you have something to do with what happened to the Qiao family?"

"it's me."

"Who asked you to do this, do you know how much thought I put into your marriage, do you have a heart!"

"You don't have to worry about my affairs, you just need to take care of yourself."

"Is this how you talk to me? I'm for your own good!" On the other end of the phone, the woman's voice seemed angrier.

"You know exactly who it's for. Chu Zilan, don't make me angrier, otherwise, Qiao Fan will be the next person to have an accident." Shi Chengxuan's face was pale, and every word he said made the person on the other end of the phone annoyed. Her heart shaking.

"What are you talking about, I..."

"I don't care about what you want to do for your son, but don't meddle in my affairs, understand?"

The answer to Shi Chengxuan was the beeping sound of hurriedly hanging up the phone.

He chuckled, put away his phone, and drove away.

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