The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 10: Exchange

Tang Susu had intended to wait for Shen Xiaoyue. However, Shen Xiaoyue didn't come. Instead it was Shi Chong's fiancée, Miss Ning Yanning, who came first.

Just after noon, the special nurse went out for lunch. Before leaving, he repeatedly asked Tang Susu to carefully watch over Shi Chong for him.

In a short while, holding a bunch of lilies, Ning Yan walked into the hospital room. She saw Tang Susu smile at her, then she walked over and put the flowers into an empty vase on the window sill.

After fiddling with the lilies for a while, Ning Yan suddenly spoke, "It’s my favorite flower. Shi Chong gifted me the lilies when he first asked me out."

Tang Susu silently looked at her silently and didn't say a single word. Tang Susu was thinking, why did the two women of the general manager like to talk to her? Where did she look like a tree hole?

"You heard her yesterday. Do you think that I am the third person to be involved in their relationship?"

‘--Not really. Who has the luxury of caring if you're the third party or not. It's not my man who's being pried.’

Tang Susu still remained silent.

"Two years ago, it was Shi Chong who took the initiative to pursue me. He was the one who proposed to me. As a result, just because she is pregnant with his child, now all the fault has become mine."

"Don't deceive yourself. If you hadn't used the Ning family's power to force him in the first place, how could Chong ge have even looked at you. Proposing to you was just a stopgap measure, he never liked you at all. The one he liked was me!"

Ning Yan had only just finished her words when she was contradicted. The door to the ward was pushed open, and Shen Xiaoyue walked in from outside. Today she was wearing the same style of dress as yesterday, but it was all white, and she didn't have any make-up on. It looked a bit dull, but rather she looked like a different person.

At the sight of Shen Xiaoyue, Ning Yan's eyebrows tightened, "What are you doing here?"

"Of course I brought the baby to meet his father." Shen Xiaoyue was no quitter either. Stroking her belly with one hand, she raised her chin slightly with a hint of complacency on her face.

"Who told you to come over here?"

"Of course it’s aunt and uncle. Otherwise, what do you think?" Shen Xiaoyue looked at her with a mocking face.

"Don't get cocky! Even if Shi Chong doesn't wake up, the Shi family will never let you cross the threshold of their house." Ning Yan was short of breath and she shuddered with anger at her.

"Ha, it's not worth Miss Ning's concern. You'd better care about yourself."

Ning Yan didn't want to lower herself and fight with Shen Xiaoyue, nor did she want to be watched by outsiders. So, she could only leave with her bag. As soon as she left, Shen Xiaoyue came to the window and yanked out the flowers from the vase before throwing them all into the trash can.

Then she sat down on the edge of the bed like yesterday, took out the comb from her bag, and began to comb Shi Chong's hair one by one.

Tang Susu could clearly make out the side of Shen Xiaoyue’s face from the angle where she sat. She didn't know if it was because of the light, but she always felt that the other party's eyes seemed really hideous at the moment.

Obstructed by the presence of someone, Tang Susu didn't talk to Gou Dan and just stared at the comb in Shen Xiaoyue's hand. Unfortunately, in the end, she didn't see anything.

Shen Xiaoyue stayed until the special nurse returned from his meal before she collected the comb and left. It was as if she had come over just to brush Shi Chong's hair.

Only when she left did Gou Dan excitedly jump around on Tang Susu's shoulder, "It's her. What she was holding in her hand is the source of the evil spirit."

"Did she approach Shi Chong with that thing to kill him?" She excused herself to go to the bathroom and left the room for now. She whispered about it to the restless fur ball on her shoulder in the hallway.

"But that thing seems to be absorbing the evil aura. There's very little evil aura left in that man and he should wake up soon."

Had she guessed wrong and Shen Xiaoyue didn't mean to harm Shi Chong?

"That comb is good stuff, go snatch it up." Gou Dan unblinkingly stared at Tang Susu with a pair of expectant emerald eyes.

"No, it's against the law to rob."

"I don't know anything, I just want it!"


After staring at her for a moment, and realizing that she hadn't faltered in the slightest, Gou Dan turned around and pathetically balled up. Its little body jerked pitifully and it started to mewl, "Oooooh...oooh..."

After crying for a long time, it didn’t see Tang Susu soften. Gou Dan’s big eyes turned and it simply jumped to the ground and began to roll around Tang Susu.

Holy crap! My amazing Gou Dan has already mastered the ultimate skill of crying, screaming and hanging. In a few days, the ground would not be enough to perform for it.

Although Tang Susu was tough, she couldn't harden her heart against the little black cat that was only the size of a paw. So, she had to pick it up and try to reason with it.

"Do you know how much that comb cost? More than a million. And if I snatch it away for you, I'll be living in jail for the rest of my life."

"But I want it." Pitifully, the dense mist filled the emerald green eyes.

"I can't help it, who made your master so poor. Even if it were to sell, I wouldn't be able to afford it." ‘And... if Shen Xiaoyue knew what that comb was capable of, how would she be willing to sell it.’

"We can trade with her!" The dog suddenly thought of something and its eyes lit up.

"In exchange for what?"

"Wealth, longevity, power, these all can be exchanged." Gou Dan looked at her intensely.

Tang Susu was silent for a long while, "I didn't understand."

"Huh? Haven't I told you before, the Bowl of Seven Emotions can hold the seven human emotions and you are the owner of the bowl. You can use all the things collected in the bowl at your wish and exchange them for anything you want."

These words from Gou Dan didn't surprise her much. Although Tang Susu hadn't asked before, she had guessed the purpose of the bowl. Otherwise, her mother wouldn't have been able to trade her daughter’s lifespan for the Tang family's riches.

She just didn't expect that so many things could be exchanged by this bowl.

Wealth, power, longevity.

Whichever one it was, it would drive people crazy.

And the fact that such a treasure inexplicably became hers, made her a little uneasy.

"If she agrees to trade with me, can you guarantee she won't tell anyone?"

"Of course, as long as the contract is made, no one will ever know about it from her."

"Alright then, I'll go to her now to exchange the comb." Money might not be able to impress Shen Xiaoyue, but these things might be feasible.

"Hey, wait."

"What now?"

She had already agreed to all of it. However, Gou Dan’s face lowered in shame and it swallowed, "There's nothing in the bowl right now."

“...” It felt like someone had told her she'd won five million dollars, only to wait for her to go to the lottery station to know that the ticket had expired.

"What do you think about us having braised cat meat today?" Tang Susu bit her teeth and tugged at the cat’s face.


"How to collect the seven emotions?" Tang Susu sighed, she is better off on her own than expecting from a palm sized kitten.

"It must be offered voluntarily by others."

"The last bit of wealth in the bowl was given to the Tang family, so now we're left empty-handed, right?"

"Mhm..." Gou Dan wagged its tail and looked left and right, not daring to look into its master's fuming eyes.

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