The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 39: Forfeiting the Marriage

Celery with sliced potatoes, mapo tofu, braised chicken, and a pot of tomato egg soup. It was most likely because Shi Chengxuan was extremely supportive and ate two bowls of rice that Tang Susu made an exception and also followed.

After dinner, Shi Chengxuan very consciously cleaned up the table while Tang Susu completely forgot her position as a host and watched him clean up.

When coming out of the kitchen, he even brought out a plate of well-cut fruits, as if he wasn’t the guest.

Biting into a slice of apple, Tang Susu inwardly wondered when this person was planning to leave her house.

While thinking about it, she heard Shi Chengxuan say, “I asked someone to check on your friend just now. Bai Mian has indeed returned to the Bai family, but she has met some troubles.”

“Troubles?” Her action in eating fruit paused. “Because of Bai Le?”

Other than Bai Le, she couldn’t think of anyone else who would bring trouble to Bai Mian.

“You even know Bai Le?”

Somewhat not noticing Shi Chengxuan’s gaze falling on her, Tang Susu lowered her head, slightly distracted, and answered, “We met in my first year of college but soon afterwards, he went overseas.”

Shi Chengxuan stared at her for a moment then turned his head and continued. “It’s not really related to Bai Le. The main issue lies in Bai Mian herself. Did you know she has a fiance?”

“I’ve heard of this. His surname is Shen and he probably lives overseas.”

“Hm. They were supposed to get engaged this year, but Bai Mian suddenly announced their marriage agreement’s withdrawal, as she has found a boyfriend. Both families got very unhappy and that’s how she got locked up at her home.” Without holding back, Shi Chengxuan told her everything in one go.

Tang Susu was in utter shock. Had she misheard?

“You said Bai Mian has found a boyfriend? That’s not possible. She never told me about it.”

“Maybe she wanted to surprise you.” Shi Chengxuan couldn’t really comprehend her surprise. He doubted that Bai Mian would tell everything to Tang Susu and also didn’t understand where Tang Susu’s understanding that the other would share everything in their mind was coming from.

Tang Susu shook her head. “We made a promise to tell each other immediately if we have someone we like. She wouldn’t have forgotten this promise. Just a week ago, we were in constant contact and she also sent me a lot of messages. But none of them mentioned anything about her liking someone and even said things like being too comfortable being single, having a boyfriend is too troublesome, and having no desire to marry.”

After listening to everything, Shi Chengxuan then concluded, “Women’s promises are really fascinating.”

Tang Susu gave him a glare.

“Alright, I understand what you mean. I’ll get someone to check her boyfriend's profile.”

If what Tang Susu said was right, then this matter was indeed very odd.

He didn’t understand Bai Mian, but Tang Susu, who had known Bai Mian for so many years and had a good relationship with her, must have known her well. If even she hadn’t realized that Bai Mian had a boyfriend, then when exactly had Bai Mian found a boyfriend, such that she even wanted to pull out of the marriage agreement?

“Thank you. I’ve been really helpless these days.” Upon hearing Shi Chengxuan’s promise to help her, she could finally put down the worries in her heart.

Regardless of what identity this man held, or how intimidating the vibe he gave off, at this moment he had given Tang Susu a sufficient sense of safety.

“You have treated me to a scrumptious dinner. I should at least give you a present that you like.”

“This makes it sound like I’ve taken advantage of you.” She tilted her head and laughed.

“So next time I want to drink pork rib soup and no celery.”

Tang Susu had always been delivering meals to her boss and had never seen celery in his bowl. “...” Then why had he finished the dishes if he didn’t like celery?

It was nearly 10 P.M. when she sent Shi Chengxuan off. Coming out of the shower, she then noticed that Gou Dan had already laid itself in her blanket and fallen asleep.

Turning off the lights and lying in her blanket, she recalled the things that had happened today that still gave her a hazy feeling.

Not only had she not expected Shi Chengxuan to help her and hadn’t expected this to be solved so quickly, she had thought she had nothing to talk about with the other party but they had ended up chatting for more than two hours without the slightest bit of awkwardness.

Just when she had sent him off, she realized that this person was the only one of the opposite gender who had eaten in her house. From the beginning till the end, he had come in so naturally that she hadn’t developed a sense of alertness.

Amidst her struggling thoughts, Tang Susu finally fell asleep.

After leaving Tang Susu's house, Shi Chengxuan drove all the way north. The sports car drove through the night without leaving any traces.

"Brother Xuan, why are you asking about the Bai family? Is it that you want to cooperate with that brat Bai Le?" The phone on the passenger seat was on hands-free. Besides the man’s voice, there was also wild heavy metal music in the call’s background, making it sound irritating.

Shi Chengxuan placed both his hands on the steering wheel. “Cut the crap. What have you found out?”

“The boyfriend of the little brat from the Bai family is just an ordinary person. I can’t find out when they met. As for the news that Bai Mian withdrew her marriage because of her boyfriend, it spread around very quickly. Evidently, Bai Le has put in a lot of effort.” The person on the other end of the phone laughed.

“What’s the attitude of both the Shen and Bai families?”

“What attitude could there be? Given their years of relationship, they can’t live without each other. Even if Bai Mian has a liking for a poor folk, she must still marry the Shens’ heir first. The engagement is in two days. When the day comes, you’ll definitely be invited.”

“Okay. I’m hanging up.” Having already gotten the answers he needed, Shi Chengxuan had no interest in continuing the conversation.

“Hey, hey, hey, hold up. Brother Xuan, you still haven’t told me why you’re looking into the Bai family.”

“...Someone wants to know.”

“Wow, fuck! Who has such a great honor?” Shi Chengxuan hung up on the call, cutting off the crying and shouting from the other end of the line.

Sitting in the bar where the lights were shining and blinking, Xue Yang held the phone in a startled manner. There was actually someone who was capable enough to give instructions to Shi Chengxuan!

This was Shi Chengxuan, a man who could disregard all his relatives while being ruthless; even his own father didn’t have such capabilities to control him.

Too bad Shi Chengxuan wasn’t loosening his mouth and no one could retrieve any news. Xue Yang smacked his lips to suppress his curious thoughts and decided to find out more about the Bai family again instead, in case Brother Xuan might tell him after becoming happy.

It was Saturday. The sun outside was just nice, and the thick curtains blocked the sun’s glare from coming in. The room inside was dim. On the soft bed, a little bulge was beneath the duvet.

When the soothing tone of the phone rang, the person shrinking on the bed finally moved. She stretched out an arm and fumbled around the top of the bed for a long time before finally finding the phone. "Hello?" She hadn't woken up from her sleep yet and her voice was hoarse.

“Aren’t you coming to the engagement ceremony with me? Did you forget about it?” The man’s deep voice came from the phone.

With messy hair, Tang Susu jolted up from her bed. “Hold on a moment, I’ll come down soon.”

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