The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 46: Four Tails

He squinted his charming peach blossom eyes and to test her, he said, "It seems that you know a lot."

“More than you think,” Tang Susu said adamantly.

“…Such as?”

“Such as…if anything happens to Bai Mian, I fear that Miss Jian Dan who is on this bed may not live for much longer.”

The moment her speech ended, she felt a gush of coldness sweeping towards her. Before she could react, her back firmly bumped into the wall and an extra-long and fair hand grabbed her neck.

A strong aura encapsulated her entirely, and her body shivered unknowingly. She was unable to suppress the fear racing through her body.

“You look like a bright person, though you are a little dumb in doing things.” Qi Yang finally stopped concealing his true self. His pair of amber-colored eyes glowed red. Grabbing Tang Susu’s neck, he forced her to lift her head and meet his gaze.

“Tell me, who sent you here? What did you do to Jian Dan?” His voice was soothing and alluring as if it was coming from heaven.

Tang Susu grabbed his arms. “Why must I tell you? I’m not dumb.”

Being very confident in both the talents and charms of his race, Qi Yang, who had never miscalculated before, fell into an awkward silence, especially with Tang Susu looking at him with an expression which said ‘is there something wrong with your brain’.

“You’re not human?”

“You’re the one who isn’t human.”

The moment she finished speaking, Qi Yang suddenly clutched his hand. There were four bloody marks on the back of his hand. He hadn’t cared much about it initially, since this wasn't much of an injury at all to him and would heal in a while. Unexpectedly, later the back of his hand felt hot and painful, and even his entire shoulder seemed to be on fire.

At the area where the wounds had healed, there were four red marks and those red marks spread all the way up to his arm as if they were going to poke into his heart.

Only then did he notice something was wrong and slap his shoulder firmly using some unknown method. The red mark stopped spreading.

At this point, Qi Yang did not dare belittle Tang Susu anymore.

Tang Susu’s attention wasn’t on Qi Yang. After Gou Dan had scratched him, her entire body felt light. The weight that she could initially feel sitting on her shoulder suddenly disappeared.

Although she was worried inwardly, facing the vixen in front of her, she dared not do anything reckless.


“Let’s talk.” Tang Susu didn’t have the intention to beat around the bush with him so she lifted her hand to stop him from asking further.

“Talk about what?” Qi Yang’s face looked terrible. If only he wasn’t worried that something had been done to Jian Dan, he would’ve killed Tang Susu in an instant earlier on.

“Bai Mian is in your hands, isn’t she?”

“So what if she is?”

“If you release Bai Mian, I can make this person wake up.”

The moment she finished her words, she heard Qi Yang breaking into laughter. “As long as Bai Mian is in my hands, Jian Dan can also wake up.”

Among all the women he had met, Bai Mian’s anger was the most. Just her alone was enough to replace tens of people. Asking him to let go of his treasure? Dream on.

Tang Susu wasn’t mad, and said to him, “Are you sure? How about you give it a try?”

Qi Yang looked at Tang Susu warily. He walked to the side of the bed, and when he put his hand on Jian Dan’s forehead, a strong gush of anger followed his body and flowed into her body.

Seeing Jian Dan's complexion getting better, the corners of Qi Yang’s mouth lifted and he was about to smile, before he saw a black and red aura clash and burst out, swallowing all the anger he had just injected.

The aura hovered over Jian Dan's head for a long time. The anger no longer flowed in, and only hibernated reluctantly.

Qi Yang's face was almost as black as the bottom of a pot right now. If he had been a little slow in retracting his hand just now, the evil energy might have gotten entangled with him instead.

“You. Bitch!” Qi Yang ground his teeth in fury and spoke word by word. His pretty face became a little twisted because of the anger.

Tang Susu didn’t care about his attitude but instead said, “So can we talk now?”

“Talk? Young lady, you are too naive!” Qi Yang smirked. He had never been fooled by anyone before. With his blood still boiling in anger, how could he let go of her so easily?

Because his right hand couldn’t move, he stretched out his left hand. His five fingers turned into claws, his red fingernails grew longer instantly, and they became as sharp as a blade.


His claws appeared in front of Tang Susu, and a deafening roar suddenly sounded. Tang Susu only felt like she was going deaf, whereas Qi Yang seemed to have received an extremely severe shock as he flew across the room, hit the wall and fell down. He turned into a red fox the size of two palms.

And it was one with four tails.

Tang Susu didn't have time to pay attention to Qi Yang. She quickly opened the bag. Gou Dan was curled up under the bowl and not moving an inch.

Slightly worried, she reached out and touched it, only to touch the bottom of the bowl and not Gou Dan.

At this moment, the sound of jumbled footsteps could be heard from the corridor outside. She also heard someone asking outside, “What was that sound just now? Did it come from Ward 402?"

Ward 402 was the ward she was in right now. Thinking that those people would be coming in soon, Tang Susu rushed up without a second thought, picked up Qi Yang, whose head was full of stars, and roughly stuffed him into her bag and zipped it close. Just when her bag was zipped up, someone pushed open the door and came in.

"What's the matter?" Tang Susu asked calmly when a group of doctors and nurses appeared at the door.

"Did you hear something just now?" They wanted to investigate properly, but seeing only two people in this room, with one of them a vegetable, it was obvious that the shouting didn’t belong to them so they turned to enquiring instead.

“I did. But I don’t know where it came from. I even thought that someone was howling in my ears; it frightened me to death,” Tang Susu ranted. “What’s wrong with your hospital? If there was a patient with a weak heart, they wouldn’t have made it.”

“An accident, an accident.” Upon seeing her questioning, the doctor who spoke appeased her, feeling embarrassed, and then led everyone away from the room.

Seeing them heading to 403, Tang Susu turned her head to look at Jian Dan who was on the bed. She then closed the door and left the ward.

Just when she was walking out of the hospital building, the bag in her hand finally experienced some movement. She found a spot with no one around and opened her bag. Qi Yang’s furry head popped out of the bag, his paw placed on the zipper as he glared at her angrily.

Because of his appearance, this little evil gaze made him look surprisingly adorable.

“Are you coming out on your own or do you want me to yank you out?” Tang Susu was without hesitation; even her Gou Dan had much better skills in pretending to be cute than this vixen.

Qi Yang didn’t move.

He hadn’t felt anything when he had been in human form, but after returning to his original form, the problem of his immobile limb became a little bit big.

No one had ever taught him how to walk on three legs!

And after being snared by that unknown beast earlier, his entire body still felt weak and wasn’t able to turn back into human form, so… he hesitated for a moment, shrank back very shamelessly, and even hooked the zipper with his other claw, zipping the bag close from the inside.

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