The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 63: Plato

Before going home, Tang Susu made a special detour to buy cakes, ice cream, braised chicken wings, and a pound of braised pork trotters with sauce.

After eating and drinking enough, Gou Dan finally raised his paw and asked Tang Susu to take the mirror away.

The next morning, before dinner, the doorbell rang.

As soon as Tang Susu opened the door, she saw Qi Yue standing outside the door, his cheekbones flushed, and Tang Susy didn't know whether he was cold or excited. Tang Susu handed him the box with the bronze mirror, without any intention of inviting anyone into the house.

Qi Yue took it with both hands and carefully opened the box, revealing the scorched bone peony mirror inside.

"Miss Tang, thank you, I will send it back after I use it."

Seeing that his hands were shaking with excitement, Tang Susu smiled at him inexplicably, "Don't worry."

Qi Yue bowed his thanks, again and again, unknowingly thinking that there was some great kindness in it.

After sending Qi Yue away, Tang Susu went back to the house and lay down for a while. From today, he will take annual leave and will not go to work until the eighth day of the first month. When I go to work, I always feel that I don't get enough sleep, but I can't sleep during the vacation.

After rolling twice on the bed, my sleepiness became less and less, and finally, I could only get up and call Bai Mian.

In the past, the Bai family had three masters together during the Chinese New Year. This year, after Bai Mian returned home, she first exiled her illegitimate brother abroad, and it was impossible for him to come back in this life. She took away her father's power again, forcing him to sever the father-son relationship with his son. The relationship between the father and daughter has completely dropped below the freezing point. Don't say New Year's Day, even having a meal together is considered an eyesore.

It happened that Tang Susu also celebrated the New Year alone, so she simply called Bai Mian and asked her to buy New Year's goods.

As a really domineering president, Bai Mian has such a less domineering hobby - shopping, and she loves bargaining. For a dollar worth of things, Bai Mian can talk it down to fifty cents, and the other party will give her the things.

'I don't know how this hobby is cultivated.'

Tang Susu was the opposite, so whenever she had to go out, she would pack white cotton and take it with her. With her around, she would definitely be able to buy the most suitable things at the lowest price. It would save her much trouble.

After Bai Mian answered her call, she agreed quite readily and asked her to wait at home so that Bai Mian could drive over to pick her up later.

Tang Susu ate breakfast and waited at home for less than twenty minutes before Bai Mian arrived.

Bai Mian was wearing a black down jacket with leather boots of the same color. Tang Susu saw her best friend's attire and picked out the same white down jacket from the closet. The two walked out one after the other, perfectly interpreting the image of black and white.

"Come to my house for the new year?" Bai Mian came over in a jeep. Tang Susu was a little jealous when she saw this car. This type of car was handsome, but she could only be greedy for a while. Even If she had a sports car like this, she could only drive a bicycle.

'Speed ​​driving level, don't spoil other cars.'

"Where's your dad?" Tang Susu didn't refuse, it was indeed a bit deserted for the New Year alone. In previous years at the Tang family, no matter how unsatisfactory it was, at least it was still lively.

Bai Mian snorted, "He went abroad to recuperate."

"Going abroad?"

"He still didn't give up, and wants to reconcile with his son." Bai Mian made a sarcastic smile.

Tang Susu nodded to show her understanding. She later learned from Bai Mian that Bai Mian used other means to make Bai Qi publicly announce the severance of the father-son relationship. No matter how much Bai Le did wrong, in Bai Qi's eyes, it was still worthwhile. Forgive, because that was his only son.

"If He can't find Bai Le, uncle will probably be very disappointed."

"He betrayed my mother for a son for more than ten years, and I will let him never see his son for the rest of his life!" Bai Mian's sensible voice sounded in the small space.

After her mother passed away, her father couldn't wait to take his illegitimate child home and ask her to call him brother.

She was young at that time, but she firmly remembered what her mother told her. When she couldn't resist, she had to listen to her father's words. She has always been obedient and even gave Bai Le the illusion that he was the best heir of the Bai family.

In fact, until Bai Le and Susu dated, she hadn't thought of revenge. Until she knew, Bai Le privately persuaded her father to send her abroad, unilaterally abandoned Susu, and even revealed the reason why he had been dating Susu.

Her brother, Bai Le, took the other party as the target of teasing. Even if Susu doesn't care about what happened back then, Bai Mian never forgot it.

Think going abroad is the end? With a large amount of money, he can still be a child of his wealthy family when he is happy in a foreign country? They must have thought too much.

She has been operating abroad for many years, and she knows more than legitimate businessmen. Bai Le had bought an outsider to hypnotize her and hooked up with the Shen family to destroy her together. The old hatred and new hatred added up, enough for him to die without a burial. But Bai Mian is a civilized person and had never harmed people's lives. She just wanted to make Bai Le's life worse than death, so that every time he thinks about it, he will regret having the blood of Bai Qi in his body!

"It's good, I'm also worried that uncle will not get used to it after he leaves office, and gets ideas." As for whether Bai Mian's actions are wrong, this has never been within the scope of Tang Susu's concern.

Right or wrong, people without personal experience are not qualified to judge.

"Everyone I hate at home is gone. I hired a housekeeper from abroad. He is super handsome. Come and celebrate the New Year with me." Bai Mian tempted Tang Susu.

Tang Susu gave her a white look, "What's the use of being handsome, you don't dare to hit on him." She didn't know what to say to someone like her best friend who loves beauty but has no guts.

For so many years, there have been many male companions around her, but none of them can develop a relationship with her for more than two stages.

"Cough." Bai Mian coughed awkwardly and vowed: "Trust me, this one is different from others, I will definitely succeed!"

"Well, I must see with my own eyes how handsome this housekeeper is. He can defeat your mental cleanliness and develop a relationship with you beyond kissing." Anyway, she was not optimistic at all, and even the vixen in Qiyang couldn't do anything about it. Can ordinary people do it?

Bai Mian was silent for a while, feeling that this matter was really difficult, and couldn't help but said again: "You say, how about I have a platonic love with him?"

"Unless he is Plato, no man is willing to have this kind of love with you." Tang Susu gave her another look, speechless at her whimsy.

Bai Mian sighed and muttered, "But if I want a child, can I only choose a father from the sperm bank? What if I become disabled!"

"...You'd better go and harm the housekeeper, that is, grit your teeth and stomp your feet, come on." Tang Susu encouraged her insincerely.

The two chatted all the way, Bai Mian drove the car to the shopping mall, and was going to pick out two sets of new festive clothes for New Year's Eve, and then buy some New Year's goods, lantern couplets, and so on.