The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 48: Pouring Dirty Water

The first thing Bai Mian did after waking up was to grab Qi Yang’s shirt collar and throw him forward, then grab him by his waist and throw him backward, followed by another series of throws.

Lying on the ground, Qi Yang was a little dazed after being thrown. But before he could come back to his senses, a big, long leg had already stepped on his stomach and even kicked him firmly...

Looking at the woman above him who was on the verge of exploding from anger, he lay silent while hugging the stomach that had almost gotten split apart from the kick, shrinking like a shrimp and acknowledging his fate.

After being bewitched, Bai Mian’s memories weren’t clear, but she vaguely perceived that the other party had been trying to tempt her and she had been totally enchanted.

Although she didn’t understand what was going on, it wasn’t wrong to beat up the culprit first.

If it wasn’t for Tang Susu’s persuasion, he wouldn’t get only a beating after she returned to her family.

It was only until Bai Mian became exhausted that she finally stopped, sat down on the bed, panting violently, and smiled at Tang Susu. "Susu, you’re here."

"Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?" Tang Susu sat next to Bai Mian. Seeing that her expression was clear and her complexion was pretty good, her worrying heart finally felt relieved.

"I’m not. I’m pretty good. I’ve worried you.”

Bai Mian didn't say thanks. There was no need to say this crap between the two of them, as long as they remembered it in their hearts.

Tang Susu shook her head and told Bai Mian everything that had happened recently, but when she talked about Qi Yang's identity, she labelled him as a hypnotist; she couldn’t possibly tell Bai Mian that Qi Yang was a vixen. An ordinary person knowing too much might not be good.

After Tang Susu said that Qi Yang was the person whom Bai Le had found, Bai Mian sneered. "This matter isn’t over yet. Bai Le and the Shen family, I will pursue them one by one!"

“The Shen family?” Tang Susu’s eyes widened. “Is this related to the Shen family?”

"You'll know in a few days. How are you in Dijiang? If it's not good there, just come over to my side. Now that I’m back, I’ll directly take over the Bai Group. My dad is old and confused, it’s about time he retired." Bai Mian hooked the corners of her mouth, her eyes full of chilling light.

If Susu hadn’t taken the initiative to look for her, the Bai family probably wouldn’t have cared about whether she was alive or dead. Her father didn’t treat her badly -- compared to Tang Qiming, Bai Qi was a good single father -- but towards his children, Bai Qi was more inclined towards his son.

After so many years, Bai Mian had long become used to this treatment. But she hadn’t expected to fall into such an unexpected situation this time, with almost no hope of reversing the situation.

Thinking till here, she turned her head and glanced at Qi Yang, who had shrunk into a corner. One really couldn’t underestimate anyone.

"Dijiang is pretty good. The boss is good, and my job is easy."

Upon hearing that the boss was nice, the corners of Bai Mian's mouth twitched unnaturally. She felt that Susu might have met a fake Shi Chengxuan.

That man, who would swallow people without even spitting out their bones, was someone who was only motivated by profits and interests and whose heart was as black as ink, could actually be labeled a good person?

Since she had already said so, Bai Mian didn’t comment any more.

She used Tang Susu's phone to call Bai Qi. Soon, the Bai family sent a car to pick her up. There was still a messy pile of matters at the Bai family waiting for her to go back and deal with, so she didn't talk more with Tang Susu, and left after the greetings.

As for Qi Yang, because Susu had initiated the settlement of this matter, plus the fact that things hadn’t reached the point of being irreversible, she simply left him alone.

After sending away Bai Mian, Qi Yang peeped out from the edge of the chair, covering his eyes and limping over to the sofa to sit down. While adjusting his position several times, he grimaced in pain. “Ouch -- you women are very scary.”

She was such a beautiful girl yet so ruthless beating someone up!

Tang Susu gave him a side-eye unhappily. He had even planned to sleep with her! It served him right to be beaten up!

"I'm going back to work. Stay away from Bai Mian in the future." Picking up her bag, Tang Susu waved at Qi Yang. She wasn’t worried that Qi Yang wouldn’t keep his promises, but he might keep appearing in front of Bai Mian and cause Bai Mian to recklessly do something bad to him.

"I got it." Qi Yang waved his hand, motioning her to leave quickly.

Tang Susu walked out of the hotel with ease, found a small restaurant along the road for lunch, and happily went to work.

That afternoon, there was a tabloid report that read, "The young lady of the Bai family has returned home, her face haggard, for the first time after running away from her marriage. She is suspected of having an abortion."

Tang Susu pressed her lips together when she saw the news on the Internet. Some people just liked to add oil to the fire, probably because they felt Bai Mian had no hope left. They were all rushing to pour dirty water on her. If this had been the past, such reports would have never appeared on the Internet.

She wasn't worried that her best friend couldn't cope with it, but instead afraid that all these people wouldn’t add up to be enough for Bai Mian to vent her anger on.

She sorted out a few contracts in her company and also translated two documents. Before it was time to get off work, she heard movements in her drawer.

Opening it, Tang Susu saw that Gou Dan was squatting in the drawer gnawing on the matcha biscuits. It was unknown when it had crawled out of the bag.

"You're awake. How are you feeling?" Seeing no one, she reached out her hand to poke the little furry head, and asked in a low voice.

"Very good! I'll have fried chicken chops, braised beef tongue, braised pork ribs, shredded yam, and chocolate ice cream later." Gou Dan licked its lips and started ordering.

Judging from its energetic look, it was clear that Jian Dan had woken up, and Qi Yang's fifty years of lifespan had been paid.

"You just got back your health. It’s not suitable for you to be eating too much greasy and cold food. Have porridge tonight." Tang Susu was unwavering and vetoed his request in one sentence.

"No! I don't want it!" Gou Dan rolled and protested, too bad its opinion was rejected, and it got itself an extra bowl of cold salad, pathetically.


After Bai Mian returned to the Bai house, the Shen and Bai families didn’t have much of a commotion, so those around couldn’t detect any useful information.

However, the news on the Internet never stopped. Pots of dirty water continued to be poured on Bai Mian. Someone even posted gossip and rumours of Bai Mian on the forum, saying that she had been arrogant and domineering when she had been in school and had beaten people so badly that they had been sent to the hospital, and that while she had been abroad, she’d had an abortion and cheated on several guys. They even uploaded a few blurred images of her entering and leaving the hospital, even saying who knew how many green hats her finance Shen Shengxing had been wearing* on the engagement day that she had run away with another man.

[t/n: when someone is described to have worn a green hat, it is to describe that the person is being cheated on.]

There were even nosy people posting Shen Shengxing’s photos saying how tall and handsome he looked, graduating from a prestigious university and owning a company at such a young age.

Comparing the two, Bai Mian’s actions were considered the ultimate sins.

Forget about this. Someone had even confirmed the authenticity of the news in the comments below and even said that he was a victim, posting a photo of Bai Mian getting punished for beating someone in high school, claiming that photo was pasted everywhere on the school’s noticeboard.

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