The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 35: Rules

He knew that the deadline given by Tang Susu was to remind him to eradicate the Tai Sui he had at home. After the deal was successful, if he were to be exposed to Tai Sui that gave off Filthy Aura, he would end up like Old Mrs. Tang.

“Then, see you, Brother Jintang.” Tang Susu turned around and left the small noodle restaurant.

The waiter chilling at the entrance gave her an odd look as she left the shop. Appearing all prim and proper, Tang Susu had taken half an hour to eat the noodles and even expected her meal to be covered for. It seemed one couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Goodbye.” In the empty noodles restaurant, Lin Jintang held onto his face as he broke into silent laughter.

Towards the end of his laughter, tears followed. It had been eight very long years…

Upon reaching home, Tang Susu collapsed on her sofa and let out a long sigh of relief.

After listening to Lin Jintang’s long story, her heart hadn’t felt at ease. The hatred she’d once had against the Tang family had initially stemmed from the loss of twenty years of her life for no reason, and their insults to her.

She had never expected that her glorious grandparents, who appeared to be flawless, could be so cruel and ruthless. Perhaps, Tang Qiming had also been involved in this.

This was the real-life version of the story between the farmer and the snake -- too bloody to be viewed.

“Susu, why didn’t you also tell Lin Jintang that losing Positive Energy also meant that he would lose his sentiments for his grandmother?”

Even though its memory was a bit blurry, Gou Dan vaguely remembered that every time its previous owners engaged in a deal, they would always convey all the consequences clearly and let the other party decide whether to accept the deal.

Hence, it wasn’t that its previous owners always succeeded in making a deal. And it was exactly because there were failed deals that the news about the Bowl of Seven Emotions leaked out, forcing itself to change its owners again and again.

While Susu followed through the deals as well, she seemed to have intentionally missed out on some important points in the two recent deals.

For instance, when Shen Xiaoyue lost her anger, she also lost her deep affection for Shi Chong. Whereas, when Lin Jintang threw away his Positive Energy, he also threw away his hatred for the Tang family and his mourning for his grandmother.

As long as the mourning continued, the person would always remain strong in the heart. Once the mourning stopped, the memory would be washed away with time. To Lin Jintang, how was this not a form of punishment?

What the Bowl of Seven Emotions required was the seven emotions of humankind: joy, fury, sorrow, happiness, love, evil, greed. As for anger, positive energy, lifespan, and luck, etc. were only bonuses; they were the owner’s private belongings.

“Why should I tell him? Gou Dan, you must remember that I’m not a charity. I’m not doing all this to help him. How can a businessman easily let others see his deck of cards?” Tang Susu closed her eyes and replied to its queries.

Gou Dan didn’t continue asking. It couldn’t determine whether its owner, who was “out-of-the-norm”, was right or wrong. Perhaps time would tell.

Recently, unfortunate incidents were occurring frequently in the Tang family. The news that Old Mrs. Tang was admitted to the hospital spread around the city very quickly.

During work, Secretary Wu specially came to ask if Tang Susu wanted to take a few days off from work to accompany the old lady.

Her attention shifted from her computer screen to Secretary Wu who was standing in front of her desk. Tang Susu couldn’t help but twitch her lips, wondering if it was an illusion that Secretary Wu seemed to be exceptionally caring towards her.

But she still shook her head. “No need. There are other family members and doctors taking care of Grandma in the hospital. In fact, my presence at the hospital might make her even more sick.”

Her words were more straightforward. A smart person like Secretary Wu would definitely understand. He nodded and said, "Anyway, if you visit your grandmother, just send my regards to her. Your work here lately hasn’t been too heavy."

Tang Susu smiled but didn't say anything. She was the only person in the secretariat whose work wasn’t heavy. Those who entered Di Jiang to work were mostly ambitious.

She was an unmotivated person. She neither wanted to achieve Secretary Wu’s position one day, nor was she interested in expanding her influence in the branch offices. As long as her boss was willing to support her, she really didn’t mind working in the secretariat till the day she died.

Hence, even though she had been in the company for a long time, the amount of work that was assigned to her was still the same as before. So, her life was relaxed and happy.

“Thank you, Secretary Wu. I will.”

Secretary Wu nodded and glanced at the few people seated at their side. With a sullen face, he turned to leave. The group of people in the secretariat were left with turbulent feelings in their hearts.

There was a rumour that had long spread in the office; Tang Susu had been brought in personally by Secretary Wu and they had an ambiguous relationship. But Secretary Wu had never acknowledged the rumor, so they could only speculate. Witnessing what had happened earlier only affirmed the rumour.

Many of them used to belittle her for taking the back door, and for not having many capabilities so no one dared to get close to her. But a person like her could go on a business trip with the boss, especially when the boss had never brought a woman along on a business trip. Furthermore, Secretary Wu had even given her special attention, which made everyone even more curious.

There were even some who took the opportunity during their free time to talk to Tang Susu to fish some information out of her. Unfortunately, in the end, the words from Tang Susu barely provided any insights.

After dropping by the secretariat, Secretary Wu entered the CEO’s office. “Boss, I have conveyed your message to Assistant Tang. She doesn’t seem to have any intention of going.”

“Huh… looks like her relationship with the Tang family is worse than I expected. Have you found the reason why that is?” Shi Chengxuan was looking down at the file in his hand.

Secretary Wu shook his head. “I only know all the members of the Tang family are very harsh towards her, including her parents, but they didn’t do anything completely overboard. The only thing was, which was also after the death of Mrs. Tang, she got chased out of the house and took back the little apartment that her birth mother left for her.”

Though from an outsider’s perspective, Tang Susu, as the young lady of the Tang family, did seem rather pitiful -- her father was indeed a jerk -- that wasn’t the reason why she hadn’t visited the injured Old Mrs. Tang in the hospital. At this moment, the entire Tang family, including Tang Qiming, was guarding the hospital, whereas Tang Susu, being the legal granddaughter, didn’t go.

The legacy of Chinese filial piety was by no means mere talk. Tang Susu's actions would be criticized. If talked about, the criticisms wouldn’t be nice, especially in the upper-class society that she was in.

With a little misleading, her reputation could be ruined.

“Is the person whom you sent still following her?”

“Yes. I’ve just received news. Lin Jintang has arrived in Fenglin City, and Miss Tang has personally met him. As to what they’ve talked about, it’s not clear.”

Although he didn't understand why the boss was inexplicably interested in Tang Susu and appointed people to watch over her, Secretary Wu still performed his work dutifully.

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