The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 57: Teasing

Xue Yang didn't care about Huang Xiaoxiao's glare, but instead glanced at the man beside her and said with a smile, "Isn't this Qi Shao, I heard earlier that you were in love with Sister Huang, it's been seven or eight years, right? Haven't gotten engaged yet? Tell your buddies when you have good news, I'll be polite."

Qi Yue nodded with a smile, "Yes."

Since Huang Xiaoxiao saw Shi Chengxuan, her face was full of life but her expression changed and focused on other people's female companions. No one could see her thoughts. Qi Yue had thick skin, he can endure something like this, and he can still laugh.

Xue Yang was impatient to deal with such a hypocritical person, he snorted at him, and chased after Shi Chengxuan inside.

Today, everyone must be curious about the female companion who suddenly appeared beside Shi Chengxuan, but he knew a little more, and Xue Yang couldn't help but feel a little proud.

He may not know others, but he knows Tang Susu.

It's not that he's interested in this person, but that his father had taken a fancy to a little girl and wanted to bring her home. Xue Yang didn't want to find a stepmother who was younger than himself, so he asked someone to investigate, thinking that there would be a chance to disrupt or something.

Although people were not happy in the end and it didn't work out, he remembered Tang Susu.

Who would have thought that Tang Susu would become Brother Xuan's woman?

Knowing that Tang Susu and Miss Bai have a bad relationship, it is self-evident why Brother Xuan asked him to check the news of Bai's house a while ago.

Sure enough, people can be unpredictable, even Shi Chengxuan has met his true love!

Lijia Auction itself is backed by the Huang family. This time, in order to make Huang Xiaoxiao, who came back from abroad, become famous, the people who entered the venue with invitations were either rich or wealthy. Tang Susu glanced at them and often saw a few big shots that appeared in the news.

She honestly stayed by Shi Chengxuan's side, looked like a qualified vase, and accepted everyone's praise. She felt that the praise she had heard in the first half of her life was not as much as she heard today.

After sending off a certain boss who came to greet him, Tang Susu sighed with relief.

Shi Chengxuan tilted his head to look at her, "Tired?"

Tang Susu shook his head, "I'm tired, I'm afraid that if I don't enter the venue again, these CEOs will not be able to find any more adjectives to praise me."

Shi Chengxuan couldn't help laughing, "Aren't you happy to hear others compliment you?"

He did not understand the thoughts of these people. Some people came to test them, while others felt that he had brought people out, which must represent his attitude, and took the initiative to show his favor.

No matter which category it belongs to, it has nothing to do with Tang Susu herself. No matter how sorry she looks among those people, she will still be a peerless beauty.

"Even if you want to praise me, at least get me a snack. The guy just now said that I am a woman in the new era with a successful career. I almost couldn't help telling him that I was just an assistant." Tang Susu rolled her eyes, she couldn't bear doing malicious guessing, the other party was not intentional.

Shi Chengxuan made a fist with his right hand, pressed it to his lips, coughed lightly, hiding the smile on his lips, "That voyager Zhai always praises people and never changes his words. When we first met, he did the same. praise me."

Tang Susu: ...

Well, she felt that she should be considerate of the other party, it's not easy for everyone.

After speaking, the auction hall was officially opened to the public. Several teams of tall and beautiful staff members wearing light green cheongsam walked out from the inside, leading everyone to take their seats one by one.

The seats in the auction hall are not in the usual arrangement of seats but in the form of a tea party. One coffee table faces two sofa chairs, and many guests are scattered and arranged in regularly.

In addition to the fruit plate and snacks, there is also an album of the auction items on the coffee table. After Tang Susu sat down, he opened the album.

Because it is in the name of charity, the auction items this time are very mixed, from ancient times to the present, as well as things used by modern celebrities, and even a love letter that was written by a foreign king to his mistress.

After turning a few pages, Tang Susu didn't see anything interesting. Most of them are quite satisfactory, and they are also of great value.

For someone like her, who has no mood for life and no money, there is no point in appreciating it.

"Do you like it?" Shi Chengxuan couldn't help but ask when he saw her frowning slightly and looking at the album seriously.

Tang Susu looked up at him, pushed the album in his hand to her side, and pointed at one of the pictures with some erratic eyes, "Why is this..."

Shi Chengxuan looked down, and before she finished speaking, he asked meaningfully, "Do you like this style? I thought you liked blue more..."

The picture she pointed to was sheer black lace underwear with diamonds studded like stars in the night.

There is also a small note below - a set of underwear provided by Shen Yinghou.

"..." Tang Susu, who didn't want to discuss with the other party what style and color of underwear she likes, didn't want to talk to him at all, and dragged the picture book in front of him, ignoring Shi Chengxuan. Tang Susu whose face was half-covered behind her fluffy hair and whose ears that were adorned with blue gems were slightly red.

She had always felt that Shi Chengxuan was a relatively "upright" man, who knew it was all an illusion! He was clearly teasing her!

"Mr. Chen of Dongsheng just got divorced."

Tang Susu still lowered her head, as if she hadn't heard him speak.

Shi Chengxuan was not annoyed, and continued: "It is said that he and this Shen Yinghou have been secretly dating for seven or eight years."

Tang Susu couldn't help the curiosity in her heart, blinked her eyes, turned her head to look at Shi Chengxuan, "So, this thing was offered by Shen Yinghou?"

She knows the Shen Ying queen, who is very beautiful, has a unique temperament, and has an excellent external reputation. All the way from a little girl in an ordinary family to the point where she is now, it can be called a history of counterattacking the grassroots.

So, it turns out that the counterattack she thought did not exist at all?

Under Tang Susu's flickering eyes, Shi Chengxuan nodded slightly, "Probably wanted to test the other person's mind."

"Will she succeed like this...?"

Dongsheng's President Chen should be the 30-year-old Chen Dongsheng. The Chen family is very interesting. Every heir of the Chen family who joins the Dongsheng Group will change his name to Chen Dongsheng, and he will not return to his original name until he resigns.

It reminded her of a sentence: one Dongsheng falls, and thousands of Dongsheng stand up.

Although the Chen family's behavior is rather strange, it doesn't hinder anything. Overall, the Chen family's reputation in Fenglin City is still very good. They are mainly engaged in the shipping business, and the family assets are not cheap.

Tang Susu had never been in contact with the Chen family before, but she heard from her best friend that the Chen family was relatively old-fashioned, and it would not be easy for an actress to enter the family.

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