The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 8: The Shura Field

"Little bitch!" Madame Ning's face was hideous, and she could not wait to rip off that face of Shen Xiaoyue.

‘O Shura Field!’

Tang Susu shrank into a corner, for fear of being stained with blood in a moment.

Rather, Ning Yan's fortitude was extraordinary. People had come to the door to stage a show and fight, and Ning Yan could still endure it. She dragged away Lady Ning, who wanted to fight here for three hundred rounds.

As Ning Yan refused to fight, Shen Xiaoyue snorted somewhat disinterestedly and then walked towards the sofa chair next to the hospital bed to sit down.

"Xiaoyue ah, didn't I tell you not to come? You're pregnant, so why bother going out on a hot day." Mrs. Shi's attitude towards Shen Xiaoyue was much better than her attitude towards the mother and daughter of the Ning family. With a smile on her lips and a gentle tone, she made people feel like a spring breeze.

Shen Xiaoyue gently stroked her abdomen and her other hand was holding the comatose Shi Chong's palm, "Chong ge was overjoyed when he found out we are having a child. Now that I’ve brought the baby to visit him, he might just wake up."

"Alas, you have a good heart."

As she looked at her unconscious son, Mrs. Shi couldn't help but show a hint of exhaustion on her face. Therefore, she didn't even bother about Shen Xiaoyue's disobedience for coming to the hospital without permission. She had already offended the Ning family for her sake, so until her son woke up, she thought to leave it at that.

After sitting with Shen Xiaoyue for a while, she got up and left. Before leaving, she didn’t forget to glare at Tang Susu.

Presumably, she regarded her as a spy-like character.

Tang Susu didn't care much either. Although she was the general manager's subordinate, she was actually recruited by the president's people. Bringing her to the hospital was meant to be surveillance. It was no use talking about it, as people had already realized it by themselves. Anyway, they had to put up with it, even if they didn't like it. Who let the Shi family not be under their charge now!

After Mrs. Shi left, except the unconscious Shi Chong, only Tang Susu and Shen Xiaoyue were left in the hospital room.

After a long period of silence, Shen Xiaoyue suddenly spoke up first, "Are you Shi Chong's assistant? How come I haven't seen you before?"

"I've just been hired."

"Really? You look quite young. It's quite remarkable to be in the Dijiang Group. You must have graduated from a prestigious university, right?"

Shen Xiaoyue said it casually while taking out a black comb from her handbag on the side and gently combed Shi Chong's disheveled and somewhat greasy hair.

"No, I'm just lucky." Tang Susu replied with a dry smile. She looked at Shen Xiaoyue's actions and felt something strange that she couldn't explain. Why was she combing his hair at this time?

"I studied pretty well in school, but unfortunately, I couldn't afford the tuition and ended up tearing up the notice."

"What a pity!"

"If my sister hadn't died, she would have definitely paid for me to go to college." She further added.

Tang Susu didn't even know how to respond to this. It was obvious that Shen Xiaoyue didn't want to talk to her, but rather she was looking for a tree hole.

While Shen Xiaoyue said this, she combed Shi Chong's hair one by one with a gentle look.

"My sister was run over by a car. Obviously, they killed someone, but they said it was my sister's fault and didn't pay me a penny. Don't you think it's unfair?"

Turning to see Tang Susu's frozen expression, Shen Xiaoyue gave a loud laugh, exaggerating to the point of bringing tears to her eyes, "You didn't really believe that, did you? I lied to you, how could I lack money."

"Oh... "Tang Susu didn't want to talk to her and threw this small reaction at her.

"Ah! It's already two o'clock. I'm meeting up with someone to watch a movie, so I'll leave first." Raising her wrist to look at her watch, Shen Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows and stuffed her comb in the handbag. She bent down and kissed Shi Chong's forehead, leaving a faint lip print. Then she waved her hand at Tang Susu and wiggled away.

The three-inch high metal heel made a clear sound when it touched the ground. As the sound gradually faded away, Tang Susu's eyebrows gradually tightened.

After Shen Xiaoyue left, no one else came in. She sat idly for a while and took out her phone to play games.

The game passed one level after another. She played until the remainder of the phone's low battery level popped up, and only then did she remove her attention from the phone.

She got up and stretched her waist before looking out the window. It was overcast outside, and dark clouds were rolling in like it was going to rain. Her phone showed 4:53 pm, seven minutes before the end of her work hours.

She got up and went to the doctor's office. After greeting Shi Chong's attending doctor, she planned to go home later.

As soon as she walked out of the office, she ran into Shi Chong's special nurse, who came out of the next ward. Noticing Tang Susu, he nodded to her and followed her into Shi Chong's ward.

Seeing Tang Susu stare back at him, he uneasily tugged at the corners of his mouth and explained in a low voice, "No one came from the Special Assistant Zhang's home. Madam asked me to take care of the aftermath for him."

Tang Susu nodded, thinking no wonder she hadn't seen anyone. She had heard Secretary Wu say that this man was sent from the Shi family to take care of Shi Chong. Before, she wondered why the nurse was so unconcerned about Shi Chong.

"It's a pity to hear about Special Assistant Zhang." Tang Susu as a newcomer, couldn't say too much and could only casually feel sorry for him.

"Yeah, he's been with the boss for ten years, and Miss Shen even came to see him off this afternoon."

Hearing another mention of Shen Xiaoyue, Tang Susu raised her eyebrows, "Miss Shen and Special Assistant Zhang were familiar with each other?"

The male special nurse coughed dryly, hinting, "Most of the young master's matters were handled by Special Assistant Zhang. It's not surprising that he knew Miss Shen."

Tang Susu silently mused over it and found it true. To be able to avoid the Shi family's parents and raise Shen Xiaoyue until she got pregnant, it wouldn't have been possible without the help of a competent person.

So, Special Assistant Zhang was still somewhat capable.

"By the way, Special Assistant Zhang's accident is not unrelated to Miss Shen. I heard that when he was hit, he was still holding Miss Shen's comb in his hand, for which he went to the boss's place to get it for Miss Shen."

"A comb?" Tang Susu's heart skipped a beat. Somehow she remembered the black comb that she saw in the ward today.

"You know that was a gift from the boss to Miss Shen that cost more than a million. I heard that it was first meant to be given to Miss Ning. But in the end..." After saying that, the male special nurse gave a meaningful hehe laugh.

‘It was really messy enough....’

After chatting with the special nurse for more than half an hour, Tang Susu slowly headed home.

She didn't know that not long after she left the hospital, the window of the ward suddenly exploded when the special nurse went out. Shattered glass pieces splattered up, and they not only cut Shi Chong but also cut his oxygen tube. If not for the timely arrival of the doctor, Shi Chong might have died quietly.

It was almost seven when Tang Susu returned home. As soon as she pushed open the door, she saw a black shadow pouncing on her. But the halfway it turned around in the air and jumped onto the shoe cabinet.

With its four paws spread wide, its fur exploded all over its body. It was screaming at her while looking like a ball of fur.

At first, Tang Susu felt its sound was only a little harsh, but then she realized that it was like thunder in her ears. The voice shook her, she became unsteady on her feet, and her heartbeats became fast.

She leaned against the wall for a long time before she recovered. She felt as if something had been shaken out of her body.

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