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Chapter 98: My Great Grandfather [10]

Song Lingyu was stunned all of a sudden, gaining the favor of the Patriarch?

Let’s not say that she was uncomfortable when she saw the Patriarch, but Patriarch Yibai was already a Yuanying cultivator, and had seen everything after living for so long?Could his favor just be given easily?

Song Lingyu weighed her own capabilities, and remembered her experience of reading novels for many years, and had preliminary thoughts in her heart.

Masters like this in the novel were lonely and devoid of feelings. Everyone respected him, so once someone treated him sincerely and was not afraid of him, he would pay more attention to that person. A light result would be - giving guidance to the servant disciple, and the heavy result would be to develop a year-end love.

The servant under the Sect Leader Mingyue found Song Lingyu and said: "Sister Song, the Sect Leader asked for you to please come over."

Song Lingyu snapped out of her thoughts and went to see the Sect Master, who was looking at Song Lingyu very lovingly when she arrived and said with a smile: "Apprentice, there is a task for you to do from your Master."

Song Lingyu said that the task I am least afraid of is the task, and she said: "Master, please give me instructions."

"Patriarch Yibai has already left seclusion and will not retreat into seclusion for the time being. The servant disciple who used to be responsible for the trivial matters of the Patriarch's life has long since passed away, so Master wanted to find two new servants for the Patriarch to take care of him."

Song Lingyu continued to listen. She knew that the Sect Leader had something to say, and then he said: "I will leave this to you."

Song Lingyu felt a little excited. She looked at the Sect Leader and asked: "Master, can you see me as more capable than his servant disciple?"

Sect Leader: "..."

The Sect Leader looked at Song Lingyu with complicated eyes, and after a long while, he said: "Apprentice, it's the same if you don't have anything to do with your ancestor."

"It's different." Song Lingyu didn't know what to say, she said: "Your disciple wants to stay with the Ancestor for a longer time."

The Sect Leader was taken aback, almost choked by his own saliva. He stared at Song Lingyu fiercely, and Song Lingyu looked back uncomfortably. The Sect Leader seemed to understand this disciple who felt sorry for him, and said in a vicissitudes of life: "The truth is, Patriarch, he is very indifferent."

For the task, no matter how hard it is, Song Lingyu resolutely said: "Master, this disciple is not afraid, this disciple will persist."

The Sect Leader looked at Song Lingyu's expression more lovingly, "Yu’er, why on earth do you have such thoughts?"

Isn't it because of the system task? Song Lingyu sighed: "This disciple doesn't know either."

The Sect Leader thought of Patriarch Yibai's indifferent look, and remembered the rumors about him in the past. It was said that when the Patriarch was young, because of his dazzling appearance, many female cultivators were crazy for him, but he turned a blind eye to them, and even chased a female cultivator who was obsessed with him to the South Pole.

The Sect Leader wanted to remind his most gifted disciple that some men were not something one could covet easily. But what was important in cultivation was to get rid of the falsehood and keep the truth and see the Dao. If he stopped Song Lingyu, it might be harmful to her, it was better to let her hit the wall and let her understand it.

So he said: "Well, if you insist, then go. Master just wants to say one thing, once the Patriarch is tired of you, you will come back immediately."

Song Lingyu was overjoyed, "Yes!"

The story of Song Lingyu being a servant under the seat of the Ancestor spread throughout Luofu. Everyone in Luofu had two different views on this matter. Some people thought that Song Lingyu was really dedicated to Taoism. In order to practice, she was willing to be the patriarch's servant. Some people thought that Song Lingyu just wanted to please the Ancestor, and in order to achieve this despicable goal, she even let go of her distinguished discipleship and became a servant.

Since the last time she went to the Secret Realm, Song Lingyu unknowingly developed a lot of fans in the Martial Arts. Fans and black fans quarreled hard on this matter, and finally quarreled from reality to the Internet.

A Luofu disciple posted a post on the forum, "The young and beautiful genius sister voluntarily gave up her personal discipleship to become a servant under the seat of her Ancestor. Is it moral decay or humanitarian?"

First floor: "Is the ancestor handsome?"

Second floor: "Very handsome."

Third floor: "Is the reason not obvious enough?"

Fourth floor: "The setting is good, what novel?"

Fifth floor: "Damn, this kind of setting is usually cannon fodder, the Patriarch will definitely be taken home by a cute servant in the end."

Sixth floor: "Maybe they got together a long time ago. The female cultivator just used the false identity of being a servant to mess around with the Ancestor every day?"

Seventh floor: "Damn, the truth is on the sixth floor."

Song Lingyu didn't know anything about the rumors outside, because no one told her. At this moment, she was standing in the wooden house in the back mountain, respectfully standing in front of Tao Ran.

The Patriarch was still dressed as usual, sitting on the futon, looking at her with a pair of cold eyes, as if he could see through her. Tao Ran knowingly asked: "You are already a direct disciple of the Sect Leader, why do you want to be a servant under my seat?"

Song Lingyu had already thought about her excuses, "This disciple is eager for the Dao, and only hopes that she can serve the Patriarch every day. It is enough to get a few words of wisdom from the Patriarch from time to time."

Tao Ran looked at Song Lingyu, and suddenly remembered a pretense, he said: "You are not sincere."

Song Lingyu was startled, cold sweat trickled down from her back. She still lowered her head, but she couldn't even speak.

Tao Ran brought her to her side to prevent her brain from doing anything to make her want to kill another person. At this time, the most important thing was to stall her, neither make her despair nor give her points, until Han Yileng and Yuan Fei had become Taoist companions.

Tao Ran said: "I don't pay much attention to other things under my sect. The most important thing is the rules, do you know?"

Meaning he’s letting herself stay? Song Lingyu was overjoyed and said, "Yes, this disciple understands."

For the first time, beside Tao Ran, Song Lingyu was unusually honest.

The next morning she found out that even if she became the Patriarch's servant, she didn't have much chance to see him. The Patriarch’s house had an array for dust removal, so she did not need to clean it up. The Patriarch didn't need her to massage his shoulders or his back, and he didn't need her to serve tea and pour water. Her only use was occasionally to help the Patriarch to run errands.

This is not okay, Song Lingyu thought, when will I get enough goodwill to earn points?

In desperation, she turned on her mobile phone and asked for help online.

"For help, how do I gain the favorability of a Patriarch who has no desire and is not seeking for anything?"

On the first floor: "Mom, isn't this the young beauty in the post yesterday?"

Second floor: "The author came to the forum for inspiration again?"

Third floor: "Take him to eat delicious food, take him to play fun, seduce him!"


Song Lingyu silently withdrew from the forum. Although 95% of them were useless replies, there was one more point that could be considered. Song Lingyu was downloading a recipe, and then made sweet and sour pork ribs that she thought was the best.

She carried a plate of hot spare ribs into the wooden house, Tao Ran was meditating, and suddenly smelled the aroma of a sweet and sour food.

Tao Ran's expression changed. It's not good, it's vinegar!

He saw Song Lingyu cautiously holding a plate and said: "This disciple has made a dish today, and I dare not enjoy it alone. I have come to ask the Ancestor to enjoy it."

If it wasn't sweet and sour but salt and pepper, maybe I would laugh at it, but now Tao Ran just wanted to hold his nose and ask her to leave. Tao Ran said with a cold face: "Is that what you want with all your heart? You came to my seat to be a servant to cook? Then why don't you go to the kitchen to be a servant of the cook?"

Song Lingyu knelt down with a pale face, Tao Ran couldn't bear the smell, and said disgustedly, "Get out."

Song Lingyu didn't dare to say a word and went out. She ran all the way holding the plate to the pool in the back mountain. Feeling uncomfortable, she wanted to throw the plate of spare ribs, but she still couldn't stand the waste. She ate a piece of spare ribs and said: "It's so delicious.”

Song Lingyu also knew that her motive was impure, and she blamed herself for the result, "Do you think I want to please you like this? It's because there is no other way."

"System system, why do you want me to attack this person?"

Song Lingyu was a bit wronged, her eyes were red. She had never cared when someone who couldn't understand her, quarreled with her face to face before. But today, the Patriarch didn't even say anything excessive, yet somehow she felt terribly uncomfortable.

Song Lingyu vented a bit and began to walk down the mountain. She wanted to talk to her Senior brother, and he would be able to comfort her.

She walked to the mountain where the disciple lived, and heard a little movement not far from Han Yileng’s cave residence. She walked up and took a look suspiciously, and her blood immediately rushed to her head, as her three souls and seven souls roared in her head.

Han Yileng hugged Yuan Fei and said: "You really are, so why do you do so aggressively? Do you want to defeat me before you are in the Building Foundation stage?"

Yuan Fei was hit in the foot, and she groaned: "You don't know if you don't let me."

Han Yileng: "I have already given it up."

"You hate it!" Yuan Fei reached out to beat Han Yi Leng's chest.

Han Yileng put Yuan Fei on the grass, took out a bottle of medicine and said: "You bear with me, I will apply the medicine for you."

Han Yileng took off Yuan Fei's shoes and socks, revealing a snow-white delicate foot. That foot looked very crystal clear and lovely under the sun, and Han Yileng couldn't help but say: "Xiao Fei, you are so beautiful."

Yuan Fei blushed.

Song Lingyu finally couldn't bear it. Just when she was about to rush in front of the two of them, she heard the voice of the system who had been silent for a long time: "Opened the side mission: Guard the young couple. Two disciples will pass by here to disturb the lovers in the woods. System asks the host to distract them, so that the couple can enjoy their love. Two hundred points will be awarded for completion of the task, and two hundred points will be deducted for failure of the task."

Song Lingyu: "..."

At that moment, Song Lingyu's feeling was indescribable. If she had to describe it, she would want to rush between Han Yileng and Yuan Fei, and then detonate her Dantian and blow them up together with herself and the system.

Tao Ran: "Please act as soon as possible to defend the lovers and protect their love."

Song Lingyu finally couldn't stand the grievance, so she cried.

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