Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 95: My Great Grandfather [7]

Moving forward, Han Yileng suddenly heard the sound of someone coming. Seeing Song Lingyu hopping over from a distance, Han Yileng shouted, "Sister Song!"

Song Lingyu saw Han Yileng and was pleasantly surprised: "Senior Brother, why are you here?"

Han Yileng said coldly: "You never came to join us, everyone is worried about you."

Song Lingyu had acted on her own and ignored everyone. Hearing from her Senior Brother that he was worried about her, her heart felt sweet as if she had drunk honey. Song Lingyu was a little embarrassed and said: "I'm fine, don't worry."

Han Yileng said: “That I could see, you were jumping happily just now.” Then continued, "Is there anything to be happy about Junior Sister?"

It should be considered a happy event to get treasure from the Venerable Yuanying ancestor. Although Song Lingyu liked Han Yileng, she would not tell him everything. She smiled and shook her head, and said: "No."

Han Yileng felt that Song Lingyu was hiding something from him, but it was difficult for him to ask. It was normal for a cultivator to have their own secret.

Han Yileng said coldly: "Let's go, let's go back to Luofu today."

The secret realm was originally not a dangerous place, but when Luofu disciples came in, they encountered several dangers. Everyone felt that they might have entered the wrong realm. In addition, they have obtained a lot of spiritual plants and ice frost fish, and it could not be considered leaving empty-handed. Everyone had no opinion and followed Han Yileng out of the secret realm.

As soon as they returned to Luofu, everyone was taken aback, because Luofu was beaming with lights and festoons everywhere.

A junior sister muttered to herself: "Could the sect leader be getting married?"

"But the sect leader’s beard is already white, you can't even find one black hair."

"What do you know? The age of any cultivator doesn't matter at all. What makes me think is, who wants to marry the sect leader?"

This was a question worth pondering, and all the disciples were troubled by this question.

Someone came to look for Han Yileng as soon as they came back, "Brother Han, Sister Song, you have returned, the sect leader is looking for you."

Han Yileng and Song Lingyu had subtle expressions, and they thought in their hearts that the sect leader wanted them to be flower boys and girls, or holding the skirts of the bride? But subtlety may not be a small matter.

The two of them looked inexplicably at each other then went to look for the sect leader . The sect leader was looking refreshed on happy occasions. He sat on the sect leader 's top seat and saw the two of them. He smiled and said: "You are back now, so it's good that you’re on time."


When the two saw the ceremony, Han Yileng asked: "I wonder if Master is looking for us for anything?"

"Happy event." The sect leader said cheerfully.

Han Yileng and Song Lingyu looked at each other, and they both saw the same content in each other's eyes. After all, the Master was really going to get married?

Then they heard the sect leader say, "The Patriarch Senior Yibai, not long ago broke through his cultivation base, and now he is a Yuanying stage cultivator, and I want the cultivators in the Foundation Building period of this sect to send invitations to various factions and invite fellow daoists to come to Luofu to participate in the Yuanying Ceremony."

Han Yileng's face showed surprise: "Really?"

Song Lingyu thought, it turned out that Luofu really had a patriarch who had been in closed door cultivation for many years. How many years has it been since? He was almost too old to be invisible, right?

"This is a great event." As a Senior Brother, Han Yileng, of course, knows what it means to the sect to have a Yuanying stage elder. He excitedly said: "Master, shall I send it off with my Junior Sister?"

The sect leader stroked his beard and said: "All the cultivators in the Foundation Building stage of the main sects have been sent out. We are already short of hands. You two have to set off alone."

Song Lingyu secretly regretted that she missed another opportunity to be alone with her Senior Brother.

Song Lingyu took the invitation to Kunlun to deliver the letter. Before leaving, she heard that Brother Han Yileng called Yuan Fei to accompany him. She was angry and helpless, and suddenly regretted that she had broken through to the Foundation Building stage. If she was still in the Qi Refining stage, she could have probably followed Senior Brother.

When Song Lingyu was feeling uncomfortable, she suddenly remembered that she still had a system with great powers. She said, "System."

Tao Ran: "What's the matter?"

He said in his heart that Song Lingyu not only has no points, but also owes him fifty points. What could she ask him?

Song Lingyu asked: "Is there any pill that can confuse people?"

Tao Ran: "..." What does she want to do?

Tao Ran thought for a while, and said: "The genuine Yin-Yang Hehuan Powder produced by Hehuan Sect, one piece is worth a thousand points."

"It's so expensive..."

Song Lingyu said with a painful expression: "It is indeed the legendary Yin-Yang Hehuan Powder, Huh? I said it is for making someone confused, why does the system recommend Yin-Yang Hehuan Powder?"

Tao Ran: Humph! Don't think I don't know what you are thinking.

However, this medicine can be considered as recommended to Song Lingyu's heart. She heard that the Yin-Yang Hehuan Powder produced by the extinct Hehuan Sect was infinitely useful, and everyone who has used it has said it was really effective. If she used it with his Senior Brother, he would probably forget Yuan Fei.

There was a sense of eagerness in Tao Ran's heart. Song Lingyu was already eager to take this kind of medicine. It seemed that he really needed to help her improve her cultivation level as soon as possible.

To give Song Lingyu some points, Song Lingyu had to do a task. Tao Ran swept his divine consciousness in the surrounding area and found that a ship was being attacked by a sea monster.

It’s really like finding a pillow when you want to doze off, Tao Ran said: “Do a good thing every day - a side mission. A ship is being attacked by a sea monster in front of you. Please go for rescue. Two hundred points will be awarded for completion of the mission, and one hundred points will be deducted for failure of the mission.”

After hearing the content of the task, Song Lingyu's eyes were moved with tears, and finally she didn't have to lose her points.

A large cruise ship was full of panicked people. Although the people aboard were mainly Chinese, there were also many foreigners. The ship had just returned from a trip to Europe, but they didn't expect to encounter such a terrifying monster in the sea. With those terrifying and disgusting shots, such a large cruise ship was about to capsize.

Many people thought of the various disaster movies they had watched, such as the Great White Sharks and Extreme Cold. They didn't think that there really were such monsters in the world.

"Oh, God……"

Several religious people were already sitting together holding hands and waiting to die. The people on the boat fled in horror. A few Chinese people said with pale faces: "Damn! You knew that you were going to attack Lao Tzu here, and you have the ability to come to China. I just invested in KFC, so Lao Tzu joined the luxury package recently."

Song Lingyu saw the sea monster from a distance, and when she saw it, it was only in the Qi Refining stage, and it was only relatively large. Isn't it easy to deal with it? Song Lingyu flew over, and threw a palm lightning strike over the sea monster's head.

A spark flashed on the sea monster's head, and it screamed in pain.

The people on the boat were stunned. A few foreigners looked at Song Lingyu flying in the sky blankly, "Angel!"

"Did God come to save us?"

Song Lingyu didn't want to pay attention to everyone. The sea monster was too big to kill. She circled the sea monster and threw fireballs and lightning on it.

A child on the boat suddenly said: "Mom, she is flying with a sword, I want to worship her as a teacher."

The child’s father slapped his thigh with excitement, “There are really immortal cultivators in the world? I knew it. If I didn’t get married back then. How interesting is the practice?”

The child's mother smiled grimly: "What did you say? You say it again?"

"...Did I just speak?"

However, more people took out their mobile phones and took photos. These days, when a car accident occurred, they would post to Moments. Now, if someone can fly, would they not still take photos? Song Lingyu pierced the sea monster's head with a sword. After watching the sea monster sink, she turned and landed on the ship.

Wow! The angel got on the boat, so exciting!

A few old peripherals came over and gave Song Lingyu's various grateful words of gratitude.

Song Lingyu said impatiently: "Go a little farther, I can't speak English."

Everyone: "..."

Song Lingyu asked: "Who took the picture just now? Raise your hand."

Then it went black, and 95% of the people on the boat raised their hands. Song Lingyu endured depression and said: "They should be deleted, as things in the cultivation world cannot be known to ordinary people."

Many senior readers flushed with excitement, "It turned out that there is a realm of cultivation."

Since the great immortal cultivator had requested it, of course it must be deleted.

Seeing that everyone deleted the photos, Song Lingyu found that her two hundred points had already been credited, and she was about to leave with joy.

As soon as she flew up, the people on board shouted at Song Lingyu with a louder cry than before seeing the sea monster.

"Fairy take me away!"

"I beg the fairy to accept me as a disciple!"

"I don't know which school of cultivation the fairy belongs to?"

"Does the fairy cultivator know Old Demon Han?"

Listening to the shouts of the crowd, Song Lingyu felt a little triumphant. Wasn't this just the treatment of the protagonist of the novel? Although there will be no Song Lingyu in the rivers and lakes, the legend of Sister Song will definitely be left behind.

"System." Song Lingyu said: "Actually, I am the protagonist, right? It must be because of my luck and fortune that the system had taken the initiative to bind with me."

Tao Ran thought that if you think too much, you are not the protagonist, because you will die in the future because of bad luck and black heart.

Song Lingyu was so happy, she suddenly remembered something, and said: "Luofu's Yuanying Patriarch is about to come out of his closed door cultivation, do you think he will see me as a talented person, and like to accept me as a disciple?"

Tao Ran: "..."

"Hey, it's a pity that he’s too old." Song Lingyu didn't know where she thought of it. "I used to read novels, I used to imagine being with a beautiful master who was cold and lonely like a flower of high mountains, plus a lovely and gentle apprentice..."

Tao Ran: "..." Female partner, wake up, female partner, you already have a master!

"Bah, baah, what am I thinking about?" Song Lingyu felt awakened, "I already have a Senior Brother, how can I think like this? It's all because of the proliferation of novels now. I have to read less."

Tao Ran was silent, and said in his heart, 'there is no use for you to read less, you are the person in the novel yourself. Besides, I want to be your carry-on grandfather, how can I have the time to accept you as an apprentice? You really think too much.'

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