Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 27: The Guilty Rich Girl [3]

When Ruan Zijian heard the news, he also suspected that he had heard it wrong. The CEO of the dignified Zhou Group was actually coming to visit him at home. It sounded a bit mysterious. Even if the renowned Zhou Jiayi had refused to meet him, he could only feel helpless. So why was it necessary to visit him in person? Did he really value this project so much?

Although Ruan Zijian was puzzled, he immediately went back to make preparations. Ruan Jun slept until noon that day. After washing her head to clear the cobwebs and going downstairs, she saw her brother directing the servants to arrange everything at home.

"Brother?" Ruan Jun said. "What are you doing?"

Ruan Zijian was so busy that he didn't look back. "There are important guests coming to the house in the afternoon. You go up and dress up. Your face doesn't look so good."

Ruan Jun wasn't in the mood to see any guest so she said, "Or I can simply go out and leave the house to you."

This made her brother unhappy. Originally, their parents were not at home. The President of the Zhou family will finally come over to visit, and the only one to welcome him at their home was him alone. That person might think that the Ruan family has not given him a proper welcome. So, Ruan Zijian refused, "You must be here unless you could make our parents come home immediately."

Of course, Ruan Jun couldn't, so she could only go upstairs and clean up unwillingly.

Tao Ran arrived at Ruan Zijian’s home with a gift. Ruan Zijian went to the door to meet him in person, "Hello, Mr. Zhou. Please, come inside my humble home."

Tao Ran said very politely, “You’re too kind, we are business partners as well as peers of the same age, and from it, I should visit you in private."

Ruan Zijian echoed, "Yes yes yes, that is very true."

After they were seated in the living room, Ruan Zijian asked, "Would you prefer tea or coffee?"

"Coffee, please." Tao Ran looked around and commented, "The home furnishings are very warm."

Ruan Zijian laughed. The two chatted for a while and then they began to discuss business matters.

Ruan Jun finished her makeup before changing clothes and going downstairs. From the stairs, she saw a man sitting next to her brother with his back facing her. From behind, you could see the neatly combed hair of the other party. He looked like a young man. What kind of young man deserves so much attention from my brother?

When Ruan Zijian saw her, he introduced Tao Ran, “Mr. Zhou, this is my sister, Ruan Jun. Jun Jun, this is Mr. Zhou of the Zhou Group.”

Tao Ran smiled then stood up and turned his head to see Ruan Jun’s expressionless face. He stretched out his hand and said, "Hello, I am Zhou Jiayi."

Ruan Jun: "..."

It was like a bolt from the blue sky. Ruan Jun was instantly stunned. Why was that person from last night here in her house? How did he find her? What did he want to do, coming all the way to her house?

Seeing Tao Ran's hand stretched out for a long time, and his sister still standing stupidly, Ruan Zijian said with no complacency, "Junjun, what are you staring in a daze at?"

Ruan Jun blurted out, "Why are you here?"

Tao Ran smiled. Before he could reply, Ruan Zijian said, "Why, do you know each other?"

Ruan Jun was shocked and immediately denied, "I don't know him, we’ve never met before."

"Really?" Ruan Zijian felt that the atmosphere was a bit tense as he looked at Tao Ran suspiciously. "Have you really never met?"

Ruan Jun started to wink at Tao Ran frantically from Ruan Zijian's blindspot. Looking at Ruan Jun’s cramping eyes, Tao Ran smiled inwardly but said with a calm face, “I haven’t met her before. This is the first time I have seen Miss Ruan.”

Since you're meeting for the first time, why was the reaction so big?

Tao Ran smiled and said to Ruan Jun, "Miss Ruan has an opinion of me?"

Ruan Jun smiled dryly, "No."

"Then why didn't you shake my hand? My hand had been stretched out for a long time already."

Ruan Jun had no choice but to shake hands with Tao Ran stiffly. Originally thinking of touching and closing his hand, Tao Ran didn't let go of their shaking hands. Ruan Jun raised her head and stared at him. Tao Ran said, "Miss Ruan simply reacted very exaggeratedly when she saw me just now."

Ruan Jun wanted to scold Tao Ran but her brother was here so she didn't dare talk nonsense. She could only say, "I was rude."

"It's okay." Tao Ran smiled kindly, "A lot of women have this reaction when they see me."

Ruan Jun: "..." God, this person is really annoying, why is there such an annoying person in the world?

Ruan Jun really wanted to hit Zhou Jiayi's head. She resisted the impulse and said, "You guys can talk, I'm going out."

Tao Ran's first task now was to stop Ruan Jun from thinking about Jiang Jue, so how could he let her go out alone? So he said to Ruan Zijian, "I had a headache when I got up this morning. It should be because I was in the hotel last night..."

"!!!" Ruan Jun turned around, "You..."

Ruan Zijian: "???"

"Are you... not hungry?" Ruan Jun stared at Tao Ran's face, her eyes filled with panic. "Would you like to go out to eat?"

Ruan Zijian was dissatisfied. "Sister, what's the matter with you? You're acting really strange today. My chef is already preparing lunch."

Tao Ran said with a gentle expression, "Miss Ruan might be feeling restrained in front of strangers." After he said that, he looked at Ruan Jun. "Didn't you say you wanted to go out? Please, feel free."

 Looking at Zhou Jiayi, Ruan Jun was frightened. She was afraid that he would mention the matter of last night in front of Ruan Zijian. She laughed dryly, "Ha ha ha... No, I originally planned to go out for dinner, but since we have already cooked at home, I don't need to go out anymore."

Anyway, Zhou Jiayi and her brother could not be left alone together, absolutely not!

The meal was soon ready, and the chef brought the plates. The lunch prepared by the Ruan family was steak. The steak was fried tender and juicy, which showed that the chef’s craftsmanship was very good. The three of them sat at the dining table. Tao Ran naturally cut the steak and exchanged it with Ruan Jun. All three of them were taken aback.

Tao Ran was used to this. He and Long Qiu lived together for so many years, and he would often cut steak for her when they ate. It just so happened that Ruan Jun sat in the same position as Long Qiu before, and he did it automatically.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while, and the three of them had their own thoughts. Tao Ran didn't want to explain either. Instead of forcibly explaining, it was better for them to guess by themselves, so he started eating seriously.

Ruan Zijian said, "Mr. Zhou is really a gentleman." What he really thought though, was that the two absolutely knew each other. If they didn't have anything between them, they wouldn't share their food.

Ruan Jun was flustered. This was the first time someone took the initiative to cut steak for her. Forgetting what had happened last night, Zhou Jiayi actually seemed to be a very good person.

None of the young people who grew up in the upper circle of City A hadn't heard of Zhou Jiayi's name. The elders spoke of him as an idol, and the ladies knew him as a nymphomaniac. Ruan Jun had already heard of him but had never had the opportunity to meet him.

I didn't realize that last night, I actually tied up the male god in the heart of all the single young women in City A, and did that kind of thing to him… Oh my god, I no longer have the face to live.

Wait, it was said that Zhou Jiayi had a very good lifestyle and never messed with men or women. Ruan Jun still remembered that last night, Zhou Jiayi said that he was very broken because that was his first time.

"..." Let me die, don't stop me!

Ruan Zijian said strangely, "Sister, what's the matter with you? Why are you blushing like this?"

Ruan Jun shook her head weakly and replied, "I’m okay..."

Tao Ran didn't know what was on Ruan Jun’s mind. He was thinking that Zhou Jiayi had also caused great harm to Ruan Jun.

“Are you still studying?" Zhou Jiayi asked to lighten the mood.

Ruan Jun collected her thoughts and realized that Zhou Jiayi was waiting for her answer, so she said, “I already graduated, yesterday... My graduation party was last night."

“Ah, is that so." Tao Ran took a sip of the red wine and asked again, "Are you planning to work under your family?"

Ruan Jun: "Well… I haven't thought about it yet."

Ruan Zijian who was listening to the side was confused again. Just now, he thought they knew each other, but it didn't seem like they knew each other. Ruan Zijian, however, was still harboring selfish desires. He hoped that his sister could marry a man like Zhou Jiayi, which was good for both his sister and the Ruan family.

So the matchmaker’s task fell on him. Ruan Zijian said, "My father thinks that it’s better for girls to live a leisurely life. He intends to help my sister find a good husband.”

“No.” Ruan Jun cut in.

Tao Ran smiled a smile that was not quite a smile. "Is it? I don’t know what Miss Ruan means by that.”

Of course, Ruan Jun didn't want to marry so quickly, especially since she couldn't marry Jiang Jue. Feeling aggrieved, she said, “I don’t want to...”

Ruan Zijian: “What?”

Ruan Jun: “I... It means that I want to join the company to help. I have studied for four years, and I don’t want to waste it like this.”

Seeing that Zhou Jiayi also seemed to be a little bit interested in Ruan Jun, Ruan Zijian didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so he pressed on. He looked at Ruan Jun. "You’re not young anymore, why are you still so ignorant?"

Ruan Jun was about to cry when he said that. So many things had happened to her in the past two days and she was exhausted physically and mentally. Her family didn't care about her at all but always asked her to do things she didn't want to do instead.

Tao Ran had lived for so many years, and among other things, he was quite accurate about women's emotions. He advised, "Miss Ruan, if you want to work, then go to work. You can also stay at home all day, but that'd be too boring."

Ruan Zijian continued on to say, "The company is not lacking people. If she can’t do the work, she might as well stay at home."

Seeing Ruan Zijian looking like this, it was as if he really wanted to sell his younger sister. Tao Ran, as an outsider, couldn't say much. He glanced at Ruan Jun who was sitting in a depressed mood. A little girl gave her first time to a man she didn't like and then was urged by her family to marry him. It was normal to feel uncomfortable.

Tao Ran couldn't bear it, so he said, "Why don't you come to Zhou Group?"

Ruan Zijian was a little confused. "What?"

Tao Ran said seriously, "I mean if Miss Ruan wants to work, it's better to come to the Zhou family. Although there’s no good position I can give her, I will definitely not let all the things she learned in school go to waste. I just don’t know if Miss Ruan is willing or not."

"Yes, she is willing." Ruan Zijian could not be happier. "What else could she say? If you like, I can agree on her behalf."

Tao Ran looked at Ruan Jun, Ruan Jun looked at him then looked at her brother and nodded. Although Ruan Jun felt that Zhou Jiayi may also have bad intentions, staying at home was worse for her. If she rejects Zhou Jiayi now, she’s pretty sure her brother will introduce other people to her. It's better to go to the Zhou family now, for the quiet.

Ruan Jun readily agreed without needing coercion. Ruan Zijian felt very pleased. Previously, he thought his sister had a weird personality, but now, he felt that her sister is actually quite good, at least she is obedient.

After that, Tao Ran didn't talk to Ruan Jun again and talked about business with Ruan Zijian with a serious face throughout.

Tao Ran left after the meal. Ruan Zijian said very politely, "Let Junjun send Mr. Zhou."

Tao Ran didn’t refuse and Ruan Jun stood up to send him out. After walking out the gate, Ruan Jun whispered, "Thank you for today. Thank you for not telling him about that matter."

"Oh, you don't need to thank me, it won't do me any good to tell this story." Tao Ran directed his gaze to her as he asked, "By the way, what kind of position does Miss Ruan want to pursue?"

Ruan Jun felt a sudden change. Just like what Ruan Zijian thought, she also felt that Zhou Jiayi's purpose for coming to the Ruan house today was not simple. Hearing Tao Ran's question, she wondered if Zhou Jiayi also deliberately helped her in order to make her have a favorable impression of him so he could approach her.

Ruan Jun really didn't want to have too much involvement with Zhou Jiayi. She just wanted to stay away from him, let alone owe him favors. After thinking about it, Ruan Jun said, “I’m a newcomer who has just graduated, how can I have the right to choose my own position? Mr. Zhou, you can arrange whatever position I can hold, just arrange it at will, let me start from the grassroots.”

Tao Ran saw Ruan Jun has entangled thoughts in her heart, but he didn't really want to know them. His task was to look after the vicious villainess and not let her become evil. As for what the vicious villainess was thinking, it didn't matter to him. So he asked politely, "Can I ask what major Miss Ruan studied?"

Ruan Jun: "I studied advertising design in the university."

Tao Ran kept smiling before he asked, "Okay, I see, when do you want to start working?"

Ruan Jun didn't want to stay at home. First, her parents and brother would interfere in her emotional life, and second, she didn't want to let herself be too idle. Currently, as long as she was free, her mind would keep replaying the scenes from last night and the humiliation she felt when Jiang Jue saw it. She wanted to find something to do, otherwise, she will be driven crazy by her thoughts.

The next morning, Tao Ran was sitting in his office as the assistant opened the door and said, "Mr. Zhou, there is a lady named Ruan Jun looking for you outside."

Tao Ran quickly exited the Jinjiang page that he was reading and sat in a composed manner. "Invite her to come in."

Ruan Jun went into the building and took the elevator to the top floor. Zhou Jiayi also had onlookers outside the office, and she was scrutinized by various people in various ways. After finally being able to go in, she was relieved to see the chief.

Ruan Jun was a little nervous as he walked into the legendary President Zhou office. The decoration in the office was very...

How to put it, it was a bit strange. The style of the decoration was obviously very serious, mainly white, and the sofas were all gray, which would make people feel that the owner was a serious, indifferent, and disciplined person, but, there were things that ruined the overall feeling, such as the Doraemon pillow on the sofa, the snack box on the shelf, and the Sponge Bob teacup on the desk.

What kind of style is this?

Is it this year's popular gap moe?

Don't doubt. Everything from the pillow to the teacup was only obtained after Tao Ran arrived. Before this, Zhou Jiayi was a very boring person, which was reflected in his never-eating-snacks habit and the monotonous shape of his teacups. If conditions permit, Tao Ran wanted to redecorate the office to look like his office in the previous world.

Seeing Ruan Jun coming in, Tao Ran smiled and said, "Miss Ruan came on time."

Ruan Jun kept a polite smile and said, "I'm here to report."

"Yeah." Tao Ran nodded and said, "Your ID and information tape, did you bring them with you?"

"I brought it." Ruan Jun was still guessing what kind of work Tao Ran arranged for her.

At this time, the assistant walked in and handed Tao Ran a copy of the information, and said, "Mr. Zhou, where do you want to put the new assistant's desk?"

Tao Ran said, "Just put it outside my office, it's very convenient that way."

Sure enough!

Ruan Jun realized that Zhou Jiayi had helped her with a purpose. His first step was to get her into the Zhou family, and the second step was to make her his personal assistant so she would be with him every day. It was excessive, and she just knew that there was no such upright man.

At this time, Tao Ran handed Ruan Jun's information to the assistant and said, "This is the Miss Ruan I mentioned. Has her position been arranged? You take her down to go through the formalities, and then take her to familiarize herself with the company environment."

"Alright." The assistant said to Ruan Jun, "Miss Ruan, please."

Ruan Jun looked at Tao Ran, wanting to say something, but in the end, she followed the assistant without saying anything.

Seeing that both of them had gone out, Tao Ran quickly took out his phone and clicked on the green page. His novel reading just now was interrupted by Ruan Jun when he was already at the climax. Whether the male lead finally has a female lead or not, he was looking forward to it.

Ruan Jun followed the assistant and went straight down to the second floor from the top floor. At that time, she felt something was wrong. When the assistant took her to the public office on the second floor, the feeling became stronger.

The assistant smiled and said, "From today onwards, you will be working in the Zhou Group's advertising department. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me. My number is..."

Ruan Jun: "..."

She stared blankly for a while before responding, "You mean I will be working here?"

"Yes." The assistant said, "Mr. Zhou said that your major was advertising design, and you wanted to start at the grassroots level, so I arranged a position in the advertising department for you."

Ruan Jun: "You arranged my job?"

Assistant: "Yes, is there a problem?"

Ruan Jun couldn't believe it: "Didn't Mr. Zhou ask?"

"No, Mr. Zhou is very busy?" The assistant suddenly smiled shyly. "And Mr. Zhou always trusts me very much."

"..." Ruan Jun was in a complicated mood. She thought that the position of the president’s assistant was arranged for herself. If it wasn't so, then who is the new assistant?

At this time, a sturdy man in a black suit walked in and said to the assistant, "Are you Assistant Liu? I'm here for work, they said you’re here."

The assistant looked at the man for a while and suddenly said, "Are you... the new assistant to the president?"

The man: "Yes, yes."

"Follow me, Mr. Zhou is waiting for you."

Ruan Jun: "..."

It turned out that this was the new assistant. It turned out that Zhou Jia also likes this kind of assistant...

While Tao Ran was reading the novel and eating potato chips upstairs, the assistant knocked on the door and announced that the new assistant was here.

Tao Ran imagined his assistant being a handsome guy. Because his requirement to the personnel department is that if he was a man, he should have a good body and be a gentleman who can do housework. In both worlds, he was always with women. Now, he wanted to put a handsome guy by his side to adjust his orientation.

The door was pushed open and a muscular sturdy man with a height of at least one hundred and ninety centimeters walked in. The big man walked up to Tao Ran proudly and bowed, "Hello, Mr. Zhou, I am Guo Ru."


Tao Ran held the potato chips in one hand and looked up at Guo Ru. His whole body was enveloped in the other’s shadow. He looked around, wondering, "Who are you? Where is my new assistant?"

Guo Ru squeezed out an elegant smile on his stiff face, and said politely, "Chief Zhou, I am your new assistant Guo Ru, ah."

Huh? Did you make a mistake?

His requirements for the new assistant were obviously 'male'...

Well, he is indeed male. Another requirement was to be physically strong so that he can serve me before and after work.

Looking at Guo Ru's figure and the muscles that couldn't be concealed by the suit… The Personnel Department was really careful.

Finally, someone refined, one that has a refined temperament that brings out the brimming charm of a man. Tao Ran and Guo Ru’s gazes met, and Guo Ru immediately burst into a smile, his refined temperament showing on his face.

...Tao Ran was about to cry. If he took such an assistant outside, people would probably laugh their teeth out.

Tao Ran said, "Wait a minute." Then he immediately turned his head and said to Assistant Liu, "Assistant Liu."

Assistant Liu took two steps closer, "Mr. Zhou, what's the matter?"

"He.. look... Look at him." Tao Ran pointed to Guo Ru, "Do you think he is suitable to be my assistant?"

Assistant Liu observed Guo Ru carefully and nodded, "Mr. Zhou, he fully meets your requirements."

Tao Ran: "..."

Listening to their conversation, Guo Ru's sensitive little mind felt Tao Ran's dissatisfaction with him. He was quite aggrieved: "Mr. Zhou, are you dissatisfied with me?"

Tao Ran tried to say euphemistically, "This is not your fault, this is the fault of the personnel department, they did not fully understand what I meant."

"Mr. Zhou must be disgusted. I'm like mud." Guo Ru, the big man was about to cry on the spot, "Surely you don't want me, a rural person, to be your assistant?"

"This has nothing to do with the countryside..."

"Don't cry, I’ll hit someone if you cry again." Tao Ran was tangled. "Why is a nine-foot man like you crying?"

Assistant Liu took out a tissue and wiped Guo Ru's tears, "Don't cry, Mr. Zhou didn't say that he would abandon you."

Guo Ru's teary eyes looked at Tao Ran. "Really?"

"..." Tao Ran glanced at Assistant Liu deeply, and then said, "Yes, you can stay."

"Great." Guo Ru He said happily, "If Mr. Zhou has something to say, please call my English name. My English name is Tony."

"..." Why is there a Tony in every world?

Panda Xiaomei said, "Host, theoretically, there are many Tonys in every world. Most of them are mixed in barbershops, and some are abroad, and only a small part of them will appear in your life."

Mayah, death is kind.

Ruan Jun worked in Zhou's advertising department just like other ordinary employees. She was on the second floor, and Zhou Jiayi was on the top floor. The distance between the two people was not so far. At first, she thought that Zhou Jiayi was trying to cover up, but after half a month of work, Zhou Jiayi had never appeared in front of her even once. She finally understood that Zhou Jiayi just wanted to introduce her to a job.

How would you describe this feeling? It was really uncomfortable.

Although she didn't want Zhou Jiayi to pester her, Zhou Jiayi's attitude of ‘as if nothing happened’ was really uncomfortable. It's one thing for women not to care about you, but it's another thing for you not to take women seriously. That is a denial of a woman’s charm.

So, Ruan Jun came to work with this kind of entangled mood every day. Every day, she didn’t have such a good expression, and her colleagues did not dare to approach her. Well, it just so happens that Ruan Jun also didn't bother to pay attention to them. This lady was a wealthy daughter, unlike other women who could only buy purses worth a few hundred.

While Ruan Jun was tangled, Luo Rou, the heroine of this world, called her.

In the novel, the two broke off their relationship after Ruan Jun slept with Jiang Jue in the hotel, but now that Ruan Jun didn’t sleep with Jiang Jue, the two were naturally good friends. Although Ruan Jun looked down on Luo Rou very much, in order to get close to Jiang Jue, she continued to hypocritically communicate with Luo Rou.

Luo Rou asked her to go shopping together on Sunday and she agreed because she hadn't heard from Jiang Jue for more than half a month. When that happened, she didn't have the courage to contact Jiang Jue. When she thought of Jiang Jue, she felt a dull heartache. Did the teenager whom she has had a crush on since high school really belong to someone else?

Tao Ran, who was reading a novel at this time, suddenly received a system prompt.

"Host host, the vicious female protagonist Ruan Jun was just contacted by the heroine Luo Rou. They agreed to go shopping together on Sunday. According to the system, the male protagonist Jiang Jue will also be there. When Ruan Jun sees the loving heroine, it’s very likely that she will become evil. It is very likely..."

Tao Ran thought that that would be bad. He attended to Ruan Jun and kept her by his side to watch her but he ignored the female lead. He was careless, he should be like the last world, holding the vicious female here and trying hard to bring the male and female lead together, so as to let the vicious female give up as soon as possible.

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