Domineering CEO Is My Son Chapters List

Chapter 20: Dangerous Evils of the World

President Kang was furious, even more than when people assumed he was drunk driving.

Perhaps it was because he had known the little couple more. Even though they were poor, they were living the best of their lives.

President Kang was about to interject when someone called him from the side——

“Kangkang?” Xia Sheng was so focused on her class that she didn’t realize that her son was gone.

She finally noticed, so she ran out to find her son.

As Xia Sheng started speaking, the people gossiping immediately opened their door. In front of them stood a little boy staring at them with contempt.

The female teacher awkwardly rubbed her nose, glad that the kid couldn’t talk yet.

President Kang smiled shyly. “Mama, I want to go to the washroom.”

Xia Sheng didn’t tell everyone that her child can talk now.

The two teachers inside, both the male teacher gossiping and the female teacher defending Xia Sheng, were extremely awkward.

The only thing they could say was, “Mrs. Xia, your child can speak now.”

“Yeah,” Xia Sheng said.

President Kang looked at them, memorizing their faces. He didn’t become suspicious of Xia Sheng, instead just looking down at the two people spreading gossip behind her back.

How could Xia Sheng accept someone else’s piano? She and the big guy were destined to be together!

President Kang followed Xia Sheng back to the piano class. Not long after, someone else entered the room.

President Kang looked toward the door—it was the infamous owner of the three-million-Yuan piano.

Mrs. Zhang heard the door opening and saw the man upon turning her head back. She was glad. “Husband, how’d you come here?”

“I was passing by, so I thought that I’d pay you a visit.” Mr. Zhang walked in front of Mrs. Zhang, his tone soft.

He placed an intricate box beside her as he spoke. “I brought your favorite cake.”

Mrs. Zhang didn’t seem very interested in the cake, instead leading Mr. Zhang to a seat. “Since you’ve come, let me play you a song Mrs. Xia just taught.”

Mrs. Zhang spoke as she sat in front of the piano.

President Kang watched the man. As she played, he noticed something—he wasn’t paying attention to Mrs. Zhang’s piano, rather looking at Xia Sheng every so often.

As a relationship expert, he was very perceptive. This was wrong, abnormal, and extremely concerning!

Xia Sheng, wake up! Even though the big guy is poor and long-winded, even though he says stupid things here and there, his cooking is amazing!

After the class ended, President Kang held Xia Sheng’s hand, absorbed in his thoughts, waiting for a taxi back home.

Just as the two headed to the taxi spot, a Maserati pulled aside. As the windows rolled down, Mr. Zhang began to speak, “It really is Mrs. Xia.”

“Are you waiting for a taxi? I can take you home. No, it’s fine. This child is afraid of unfamiliar things,” Xia Sheng responded.

As President Kang heard this, he carefully hid behind his cheap mother, convincingly portraying a shy kid.

President Kang comforted himself that it was all to prevent them from falling into the claws of an evil businessman.

“Little kids can’t be so shy,” Mr. Zhang joked to President Kang.

President Kang wanted to swear, but he just squeezed his mother’s hand tightly, as if he was intimidated.

As expected, Xia Sheng felt her son’s discomfort. “It’s fine if he’s shy.It’s nothing big.”

“You’re so lenient,” Mr. Zhang said. “No wonder my wife compliments you everyday. I was worried that teachers in small organizations like you might not be skilled enough.”

Xia Sheng felt that he disdained her a bit from the start. She actually didn’t want to continue talking with him.

But she was an adult now.

“After hearing you a few times in person, I feel like you still have room for improvement. You’re very talented, but I can feel that you didn’t undergo systematic training.”

“Mhm?” Xia Sheng wasn’t taught like that.

“So here’s the thing. My friend has a charity performance, but the piano player he had invited broke their leg, so they couldn’t perform anymore. The date’s closing in, but we couldn’t find anyone else, so I thought of you.”

“The time is kind of tight, and we don’t have many rehearsals left, so there might be some pressure,” Mr. Zhang said.

President Kang was rolling his eyes around in full circles. He didn’t even use these excuses to pursue girls anymore.

As Mr. Zhang nervously waited for an answer from the woman, a childish voice passed from behind——

“That piano performer broke their leg, not their hand. You don’t play the keys with your leg.”

Mr. Zhang looked towards the kid he hadn’t paid much attention to, smiling. “You’re pretty bright, but they have to rest for it to recover, so it’s hard for them to go on stage.”

Xia Sheng was now quietly listening to two people who had never touched a piano discuss whether playing one required one’s legs.

She didn’t correct them, just finding the man’s judgment of her quite funny. “Go find someone else. I haven’t been systematically trained yet, so I don’t think I can play in front of a stage well.”

“Then you need to overcome this problem. This is a good opportunity. This is what I was going to tell you. You’re talented, but you need a real music teacher to teach you. Even though this is a charity event, there will be many big names in the music world.”

Mr. Zhang spoke as he handed a business card to Xia Sheng. “I didn’t think of you before, but my wife said that your playing is very emotion-evoking. She strongly recommended you, so I thought that you could follow her wishes.”

Mr. Zhang saw Xia Sheng’s hesitation. He wasn’t in a rush for an answer, instead saying, “Just call me back when you’ve decided.”

After the entire exchange, President Kang was astonished. The man talked as if it was out of his wife’s request for him to give her a chance and was picky as if he hated her.

He couldn’t see his true intentions at all. Even he had moments when he felt that he had mistaken him.

However, President Kang still clearly remembered how the man kept staring at Xia Sheng when she was playing piano.

President Kang thought about his true intentions under his business marriage and property, suddenly feeling that he was without good intentions!

Xia Sheng told Yue Qin this once they arrived home.

President Kang sat to the side, hoping that Yue Qin would decline this offer as Mr. Zhang had ulterior motives.

However, Yue Qin’s eyes lit up. “My wife? On a stage?! It’s your biggest dream! What do you want to eat tonight? Let's celebrate right now!”

What? Two dumb loving people! You two are true matches!

President Kang angrily raised his hand, wanting to give the two dumb parents a lesson.

“What do you want to say?” The two turned around, their eyes filled with the joy of having one’s dream being in arm’s reach.

“Can we have omurice again tonight?” President Kang asked.

He couldn’t leave just yet—this family needs him! The poor working class didn’t know the malice of the capitalists!

The author has something to say: Little Theater

President Kang: No one understands trash men and capitalists more than me

(Mr. Zhang is not little Kangkang)


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