Domineering CEO Is My Son Chapters List

Chapter 19: Serious Issue

The three filled their stomachs to the brim, especially President Kang.

During midnight, President Kang stared at the ceiling, his stomach growling.

It was definitely the sauce. No wonder it was so good.

Even though President Kang was a black-hearted entrepreneur, he also knew that he didn’t pay the couple, so they had no obligation to dedicate themselves to him like his housekeeper.

However, his stomach was immensely sick. It hurt when he lied down and when he sat up.

President Kang sighed. He walked out of his bedroom and stood on the balcony. The city was dormant in darkness, a few skyscrapers quietly standing still afar.

He took out a lollipop from his pocket. It was from the chubby kid in kindergarten.

President Kang sucked on the lollipop, massaging his stomach and trying to endure the uncomfortable swelling. He wanted to cry.

If he was in his villa, there would be a whole group of people caring for him, boiling him hot water, and finding a doctor.

As if he was the center of the world.

However, now, he could only sit on the balcony and look into the night sky. There was some bird quacking.


Xia Sheng had a habit of checking whether her son had kicked his blanket aside, but she found that his bed was empty.

Xia Sheng was frightened. Her first reaction was to search the study, because she had found him there before.

As expected, upon opening the door, she saw a little kid on the balcony.

He was facing the night sky, appearing desolate in the dark.

“Are you thinking about life?” Xia Sheng walked in the room, squatting down beside him to look at the same patch of sky.

There was a full moon hanging above the skyline.

Xia Sheng was a bit surprised. It was quite poetic of her son to watch the moon at midnight. Is he trying to be a poet?

President Kang sighed.

Hearing his son exhale, Xia Sheng lowered her head and finally realized that he was covering his stomach with a hand. She remembered how he ate five omurices, ignoring Yue Qin’s dissuading.

“You ate too much? Mama can help massage your stomach. There were a lot of mashed potatoes in the omurice, so it’s easy for you to eat too much.Your auntie used to be like this as well, so Mama would massage her stomach.”

President Kang turned around. “No.”

“It won’t hurt; Mama will be very gentle,” Xia Sheng quietly assured him.

President Kang wanted to say that he was worried about her going too hard.

However, his worries were excessive, as she gently massaged his stomach. President Kang had never received tummy rubs or scoldings for eating too much.

The people he hired in his villa weren’t his elders. He paid them to take orders from him, so none of them dared to criticize him.

When he fell or had a stomach ache in his childhood, everyone was busy worrying and helping him, but no one would hug him or massage his stomach.

“Why didn’t you call Papa or Mama when you felt unwell?” Xia Sheng asked.

“I didn’t want to bother you,” the kid mumbled with his head down.

Xia Sheng laughed. “Son, why would you think that? Papa and mama Love you. We’ll never find you annoying.”

President Kang looked at the sky. He wasn’t stupid—the couple loved their son, not him.

President Kang was carried back to his bedroom. Xia Sheng tucked him under his quilt, lightly humming a lullaby.

Finally, looking at her sleeping son, Xia Sheng felt that she and her husband were too open with their happiness from gaining more personal time.

So, the next day, Ms. Liu only saw little Kangkang right before class time, and his parents watched them walk in with a reluctant gaze again.

Ms. Liu thought, This generation of parents really know how to live it up.

Because of what their son had said, Xia Sheng brought her son along to Mrs. Zhang’s Saturday piano class.

Xia Sheng thought that they had hurt his feelings by dropping him off at the kindergarten every day.

So, during the school’s break, Xia Sheng decided to bring him to work, showing him that his mother didn’t find him troublesome.

When Mrs. Zhang saw President Kang, not only was she not disgusted, she even bought a LEGO set for him.

President Kang busied himself with the blocks at the back, raising his head from time to time to see one adult instructing another.

Leading an adult class was much better than a children’s class. Adults could concentrate better and understand more.

Mrs. Zhang truly liked Xia Sheng. It seemed like chemistry between people did exist. She felt happy just seeing her.

Mrs. Zhang had a harsh upbringing and didn’t receive much education growing up. She had always admired those gentle, confident, and elegant women from noble families. She couldn’t resist trying to approach and protect them.

It would be a dream come true if they also knew how to play piano. The thing she was most envious of in her childhood were the little princesses in her class taking piano lessons.

Xia Sheng perfectly fit Mrs. Zhang’s description in terms of appearance and ability.

The entire arts center knew that their big customer Mrs. Zhang really liked Xia Sheng, so even President Kang received better treatment.

The reception desk even brought him a fruit platter. President Kang naturally overheard the conversations of others. Little did he imagine himself tagging along someone else’s fame in his life.

After he finished his fruits, he felt an urge to use the washroom. He didn’t have the habit of asking his mom, unlike other children.

So, he went by himself, but while he was walking past one piano room, he heard a voice saying——


“How could it be fake? Mrs. Zhang’s gardener is my relative. They said that he gave her a three-million-dollar piano. Rich people have such a different way of pursuing others.” The woman speaking was Mrs. Zhang’s previous teacher. She was also the one to recommend Mrs. Zhang’s gardener.

President Kang was just heading for the washroom, but the conversation had caught his interest. He had never tried to eavesdrop on gossip before.

“Poor Mrs. Zhang. She’s so kind to Xia Sheng, but Xia Sheng’s trying to hook up with her husband?”

“Not necessarily. Mrs. Zhang is here to study piano just because her husband likes these types of pretty women. She got surgery and is learning piano just for that, but look at her. It’s too obvious, and compared to Xia Sheng, she doesn’t have much of an aura.”

“Mrs. Zhang is so oblivious. She knew that her husband likes women who play piano, yet she introduced Xia Sheng to him. Xia Sheng is poor, and her son has problems. How can she resist the pursuit of such a wealthy man?”

“If I gave you a three million piano, would you care about your relationship with Mrs. Zhang?” one of them commented.

“I can take ten,” another replied.

Hearing this, President Kang was dumbfounded. He didn’t even feel the need to use the bathroom anymore.

What’s… What’s so special about a three million Yuan piano? He gives out six million pianos!


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