Domineering CEO Is My Son Chapters List

Chapter 18: Putting in Effort

The little kid was stammering, seeming indecisive whether to talk, appearing very cute. Xia Sheng patted his head, patiently asking, “Do you want to eat omurice?”

She watched her son’s face redden, continuing to stutter, “Yeah, but Papa says he isn’t making them.”

Xia Sheng bent down, speaking leisurely, “But why did your dad tell me that it was because you didn’t like the sauce?”

“Do you have to use that sauce?” President Kang told himself that he was a kid.

“Yeah, your grandma made it herself. It’s just for omurice.”

“Fine.” President Kang imitated the tone of the kids at kindergarten, as if they had made a major compromise. “Fine, I’ll listen to you.”

The more Yue Qin listened to the conversation inside, the more he felt that his son was biased.

He immediately began acting cute and euphemizing in front of his mother. Was he still the same kid that talked to him?

Inside, Xia Sheng continued to speak. “Does Papa’s braised pork belly taste good?”

President Kang lowered his head. “Yes.”

“Then what should we say if papa worked so hard to cook us the pork belly?”

“Pay him a wage at the end of the month.” Entrepreneurial President Kang took over his mind.

Xia Sheng froze, irresistibly laughing. “Papa doesn’t need your wages. Papa needs you to respect his hard work.”

President Kang looked at Xia Sheng. Don’t you think that wages are the best language?

“You have to compliment Papa, okay?”

“I know. Good job, Papa.”

“Kangkang is so mature.” Xia Sheng led her son out to see Yue Qin.

The father was confused. Did his wife read a manual called “Instructions for how to use Kangkang after he became a child genius”?

President Kang was very conflicted—he had never said something like that. He was led in front of the big guy. Adaptive tactics, he thought. As long as he didn’t tell anyone when he returned to his old body, no one would know.

The living room wasn’t big and still had white foam mats laid over the floor, reflecting the warm ceiling lights throughout the living room.

President Kang looked at the big guy standing to the side, acting, “Our son said that he doesn’t like the sauce, so we can’t have omurice today.”

The actions and stupidity of the tone were hopeless.

President Kang thought that he could put up a more realistic performance.

Xia Sheng watched from the door of the study and saw the kid turn his head around, appearing a bit reluctant.

She nodded to encourage him. “Go, tell Papa.”

The child finally took some baby steps and walked in front of his father, lowering his head and retracting his words. “I lied. It tastes nice.”

Inexplicably, President Kang didn’t feel ashamed of saying this, instead feeling relieved.

He never tried to lower his head like this before, either.



The father lifted his son into his embrace. “Come, Papa will show you how to make omurice!”

President Kang turned around, wanting to refuse, but his cheap mother had gone back into her room.

President Kang didn’t know what an omurice was. He had pure southerner roots, and omurice was a northern dish.

In contrast, Yue Qin was a traditional northerner hunk.

Meanwhile, the hunk, wearing his apron, had just taken out his boiled potatoes. He was focused on every step he took, his actions rhythmic, as if he knew everything by heart.

President Kang finally realized that the man always seemed to be calm, never being nervous or hasty.

He recalled that, for the past few days, he had gone out shopping with the man everyday. The man could remember to buy fresh vegetables every day.

It was a bit different from the poor life he had imagined.

Yue Qin peeled the steamed potatoes and placed them in a large bowl. He then took a big spoon and passed it to his son. “Son, Papa needs you to mash these potatoes.”

President Kang found himself holding a big spoon and faced with an equally enormous bowl of potatoes.

What could he say?

He could only sit on his stool and start working away at the potatoes.

While President Kang broke a sweat at the potatoes, Yue Qin separated the pork belly with his knife. The peanuts he had already begun frying in the pan began producing a mouth-watering smell.

President Kang swallowed. How had he overlooked all these delicacies in the past?

Yue Qin found his son’s salivating to be oddly cute. He wore some single-use gloves, took out a bowl, and scooped two scoops of mashed potatoes out of his son’s bowl.

He proceeded to add two spoonfuls of rice, some fried peanuts, mayonnaise, and some pork belly. Only after stirring the ingredients evenly did he take out three pieces of boiled napa cabbage.

He used the leaves to wrap the rice mix.

President Kang was enduring more child labor, making sure that the mashed potatoes were as fine as possible, when a leafy green cabbage omurice appeared in front of him.

“Bring one for your mom.”

“You go do it.”

“If you help me take this, you can eat the other one when you come back.”

President Kang took the bowl and ran towards the study.

A few moments later, he ran back, reporting, “She says that it’s delicious and wants me to tell you that she loves you.”

You guys are two doors apart, and you need a person to pass a word? Are you sure you aren’t intentionally bossing me around?

The big guy’s sweet smile filled the entire kitchen. President Kang even got goosebumps from the disgusting romance, but he didn’t forget to claim his reward. “My omurice!”

Yue Qin gave his son his omurice, taking another one for himself. The two both took a bite. It had the freshness of the cabbage, the aroma of the meat, and the special sauce, all mixed with the texture of mashed potato. It was so delicious that President Kang felt like asking his personal chefs why they’ve never made him that.

When Yue Qin finished, he noticed that his son was staring at him with his large eyes. The contempt was finally gone.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” Yue Qin was happy.

The little kid nodded, like a tamed little puppy, still hungry for more.

“Then get back to making more mashed potatoes.” Yue Qin patted his son’s head, leaving no time for them to form a paternal bond.

President Kang quickly sat back down on his stool, pressing on the potatoes with his spoon.

The two looked like laborers, only missing their work songs.

The great entrepreneur made two bowls of mashed potatoes before realizing that he became a laborer.

It’s okay. Once he returned to his original body, no one would know this.

Yue Qin had been secretly watching his son. When he proudly presented the finely mashed potatoes to him, Yue Qin was genuinely impressed. “Good job. You’re so much better than Papa when Papa was your age.”

The little kid proudly raised his chest. Of course, he had the hands that could take on any job!

The author has something to say: Actually, it’s good for children to help out with chores in their abilities.

President Kang: Mhm, I’ll also be a laborer from now on!


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