“Why are you here?” Tang Qiming didn't have much patience remaining to talk to him, as his tone became irritable.

Lin Jintang stood in the center of the office awkwardly and rubbed his hands together. “Uncle Ming, didn’t you say that we’re developing a resort in the village? When will you distribute the funds?”

It would’ve been alright if he hadn’t asked. But now that he’d asked, Tang Qiming’s face turned black.

Initially, to reserve that plot of land in advance, he had formed a contract with local authorities; once construction commenced, he would compensate the relocated residents and that sum of money would be kept with the government temporarily.

However, once the authorities had received the money, they had come back telling him that there was an old cemetery at Linjia Village and it must not be touched. The money wouldn’t be returned, or else they’d bring it up to court.

Though the odds of losing the court case was low, the entire process would take at least a year. And that was way too long!

Right now, the overseas Tang businesses were making a huge loss and required emergency funding. If he didn’t get this sum of money back, the losses would be beyond millions.

“We’re not developing.”

“Why? Why the sudden change? Hasn’t it been agreed on for me to give Tai Sui to the old lady on her birthday, and in return, you’d give me double the relocation funds amount? And now you’re telling me it’s not developing? You are simply lying to me!” Lin Jintang was infuriated upon hearing this and his shouts echoed all around the office.

“What qualifications do you have for me to lie to you? Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t forget who saved you from going to prison!” Tang Qiming glanced over coldly.

Lin Jintang froze. He was unable to say a single word.

“Enough. Leave.”

Just as Lin Jintang was about to turn around and leave, Tang Qiming opened his mouth and spoke again. “Wait. The present you gave to the old lady, she enjoyed it a lot. I will get Lin Xi to send you 100K yuan* as compensation.”

[Note: 100K yuan ≈ 15,500 USD]

Lin Jintang clenched his fists tightly and said nothing, before lowering his head and leaving Tang Qiming’s office.

Before leaving the Tang building, his bank account received 100K yuan. And it was compensation for giving Tai Sui away. He didn’t even care about that little compensation!

When he had gone to prison for assault, Tang Qiming had clearly promised to take good care of his grandmother. But in less than three months, his grandmother had passed away.

Old Master Tang had always claimed that the Tang family was indebted toward the Lin family and this was how their debt was being repaid!

He had lost his family; how could the Tang family continue their wealthy lifestyles as per usual!

“Lin Jintang is currently in a state of anger. Malicious emotions have overcome his rationality. Now is the time to approach him.” While Tang Susu was translating the documents, Gou Dan, who was lying in her office desk drawer, popped out.

Ever since they had completed their first deal, Gou Dan had unlocked a few new skills, such as marking Tang Susu’s first selected exchange partner, following them closely, tracking their emotional changes, and even detecting the truthfulness of their words.

Basically, to achieve a better deal, Gou Dan had been eyeing Lin Jintang for a very long time. Initially, he’d thought the waiting would be longer, but little did he expect Lin Jintang to meet the requirements for the deal so soon.

“No hurry. Let’s wait for a few days.” Even if the malicious intent had taken over his rationality, he might not kill or set things on fire immediately. There was still time. “Where has he been to? Why did he become so angry?” She was slightly curious as Lin Jintang was not a person who would get angered so easily.

“He just left the Tang business.”

“Oh. It’s actually related to the Tang family again.”

This incident was making her even more curious.

Subsequently, Tang Susu didn’t bother to ask more about Lin Jintang, whereas Gou Dan had been staring at its “back-up cat feed” daily, fearing that they wouldn’t be able to look for him if they lost him.

According to Gou Dan, Lin Jintang had been staying at Feng Lin City. He didn’t seem to have any intentions to return.

Seeing that the time was almost right, she was about to create a coincidental meeting with Lin Jintang when she suddenly received a call from Tang Qiming.

On the phone, she was told that Old Lady Tang had accidentally fallen from the stairs and was in the urgent care unit at the hospital.

Although she was very reluctant to meet Old Lady Tang, being her granddaughter, she was obliged to make a trip to the hospital. After applying for leave with Secretary Wu, Tang Susu flagged down a taxi to the hospital.

All the family members of the Tang family were present, and the crowd waited outside the operation room. Her stepmother was accompanying Tang Qiming next to him, while Tang Qi put her arms on her mother’s shoulder. The family of three looked very warm and affectionate.

Tang Susu looked for a quiet corner to stay in and started playing on her phone.

Not long after, her second aunt and her family arrived. Upon noticing Tang Susu, Mi Zheng left his family and ran over.

“Sister, do you know what happened? Everything was fine before. How did Grandma fall down the stairs?”

“Beats me. My father didn’t say anything.”

“Wait a minute. I’ll go look for Tang Yun and ask.” The grown-ups in the family had never believed that this had been purely an accident. Even if it was so, before the truth was clear, everyone would remain skeptical.

Mi Zheng headed towards his same-age-group cousins for a bit and came back to whisper into Tang Susu’s ears. “I asked around. It was indeed an accident, but the caretaker at home said that Grandma wasn’t clear-headed just before she fell and she was mumbling something along the lines ‘don’t push me, it wasn’t intentional’.”

Tang Susu stroked his head; she obviously didn’t believe his words.

“I’m telling the truth. Tang Yun said this to me.”

“How’s Grandfather over there?” Seeing the seriousness on her little brother’s face, Tang Susu did not rebut but instead directed the topic to Old Master Tang.

“I heard Grandfather didn’t come. It’s weird. Grandmother is already so badly injured; how is he able to stay still at home?” Tang Susu’s question made Mi Zheng curious as well.

Compared to Mi Zheng’s doubts, Tang Susu had already somewhat guessed it. However, the specific situation could only be concluded after Old Lady Tang came out of the operating room.

Old Lady Tang wasn’t young, after all. Her other injuries were fine, but the main concern was that she had knocked her head when falling. The operation lasted for seven to eight hours before the doctor finally came out of the room.

Although her life had been saved, the situation wasn’t optimistic, as she needed to be placed in the ICU for observation.

Hearing the doctor’s words, Tang Susu’s first and second aunt both cried. The other younger generations followed and teared up. Even Mi Zheng’s mood became low.

Whereas, Tang Susu did not have much of a reaction as she kept her gaze fixed on Old Lady Tang and watched her enter the ICU room.

The black shadow was still around. And it had… grown limbs.

“This old lady is really asking for death. She has probably eaten that piece of Tai Sui,” Gou Dan said.

“What happens when Filthy Aura obtains a human form?” Tang Susu didn’t care much about Old Lady Tang’s life. Since the situation had already turned out like this, even if there was no Filthy Aura, whether her condition improved lay upon her luck.

“What else can be done? That thing is born from Evil Energy. Harming humans is in its nature. Even if she’s lucky to have escaped from death this time, there will be a next time. I’ve never seen Filthy Aura growing a human form yet, but it would involve either a lot of wickedness or hatred.”


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