Shi Chenxuan poured a cup of tea and pushed it in front of Tang Qiming. "President Tang.”

He had the perfect disposition of a host, not a bit pretentious and a really commendable one at that. Tang Susu conveniently sat next to Shi Chengxuan, holding her hot milk and acting like a smiling flower.

Tang Qiming squeezed the cup, and looked at the other side. Shi Chengxuan did not intend to ignore him at all. His arm was stretched out, holding the sofa, hanging behind Tang Susu. It seemed as if he wanted to side-hug her, but due to the presence of a certain 'outsider', he had to restrain himself.

At the moment, no matter how many words Tang Qiming wanted to say, he could not speak. He sat there awkwardly for a moment before standing up. "I have something to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

"So early. How about having a meal, President Tang?”

"No, thank you." Tang Qiming hurriedly left without turning his head.

Before Tang Qiming left, Tang Susu glanced at him, her face lively.

He most likely hadn’t ever dreamed that his eldest daughter, whom he despised everywhere he went, had the ability to reach the president of Di Jiang.

Tang Susu turned her head to Shi Chengxuan after sending out Tang Qiming.

Right now she wasn’t feeling any pressure; rather, she wanted to have a good laugh. In the past, whenever she had met Tang Qiming, she had been either looked down upon, hated, or reprimanded, but this time was different. She had seen Tang Qiming's embarrassed face.

Finally, because of this man's power and wealth, Tang Qiming had to bow his head.

Although the thigh was only rented, she had still climbed a golden thigh.

"It’s not too late. Let's go." Shi Chengxuan stretched out his right hand towards her. Tang Susu gladly accepted the offer, putting her hand in his palm. The meal was a happy one, and Tang Susu still didn't have the ability to hold up a glass of wine, so she reluctantly refused the expensive red wine, almost crying.

In order to avoid an embarrassing situation which had already happened before, she took safety measures and drank a glass of juice instead. She wouldn't have to suddenly bow to the boss after finishing this meal.

She didn't worry too much about what Shi Chengxuan would do to her, only worrying that she couldn't help herself.

She personally thought that Shi Chengxuan was quite an interesting person, which was different from his deep and overbearing appearance in the company. If he kept going to the company in this state, she was afraid the entire secretariat would become a forbidden zone for women.

After dinner, the other party was very gentlemanly to send her home, and at the end of their date, he gave her a handful of white roses.

Tang Susu stared at the bouquet of roses, a blush spreading from her cheeks all the way to her ears. Her first bouquet of her life had been given by her unapproachable boss.

When they arrived at her house, she was thinking quietly.

"You don't like it?" Shi Chengxuan, who leaned against the car and kept a posture of handing flowers, asked patiently.

"I like it very much, thank you." She took the bouquet from his hand. She didn't dare to look at him until he left.

When she had turned around, the black Maybach had disappeared into the dark night, leaving no trace.

She stood in the position of holding the bouquet and took a long breath.

When Tang Susu went to work on Monday, she heard that the business deal between Di Jiang and the Tang Corporation hadn’t been successful. Manager Xiao thought that the land was good and promising, and wanted to test the waters. However, the boss had vetoed it, and no one said anything.

However, because Tai Sui had been dug up in Linjia Village, many companies were interested in this development plan of the Tang Corporation, and the absence of the Di Jiang Group didn’t seem to be a serious problem.

On the surface, these were the facts, but if the Di Jiang Group was really not so serious about this project, could Tang Qiming have come to her door so suddenly? There were some secrets that she was unaware of and of course, the boss wouldn’t tell her.

Now she had a little understanding of why she had been driven out of the house when she was part of the second generation of the house, but Shi Chengxuan had taken the family business from his brother's hands.

It was true that one’s mind determined how one would live life.

With this in mind, she could only guarantee that she wouldn’t be abducted when she went out, but people like Shi Chengxuan might be abducted.

Originally, the Tang Corporation's proposal had attracted the attention of many companies. However, in less than a week, those companies that had originally wanted a share, had the intention to change their minds.

There was a rumor that there was a tomb in Linjia Village.

The most despised word for the real estate business was tomb, especially if the land still belonged to the owner.

There were quite a few real estate companies that had been made miserable by ancient tombs, and Tang Qiming happened to be one of them.

It was not until she heard the news that Tang Susu understood why Tang Qiming was so concerned about the cooperation with Di Jiang. If they could join hands with Di Jiang, with the status of Di Jiang plus the relationship between Shi Chengxuan and the capital city, they might be able to appease the local government and successfully complete the development of the resort.

As for other companies, they might not have so much energy to spend, and even if they had the energy, they might not be willing to help.

Without Di Jiang, the Tangs’ work alone was difficult, and Tang Qiming's early investment in Linjia Village was likely to hit rock bottom.

At this time, at the Tang Corporation.

Tang Qiming anxiously walked back and forth in the office. Shi Chengxuan’s words had ruined his plan! He was planning for if the proposal failed, he would collaborate with other companies. Who would’ve known that rumours of an ancient tomb in Linjia Village would’ve suddenly spread out?

He just did not want to suspect it was Di Jiang’s doing.

"Shi Chengxuan! I’ve really underestimated you!" Tang Qiming gritted his teeth in hatred. However he could only stay at the office like a caged beast.

There wasn’t much to say about the feud between him and Shi Chengxuan, only one thing that could be barely counted. This incident had taken place a few years ago when Old Master Shi had been in charge of Di Jiang. He had intended to choose an heir between his eldest son Shi Cheng’en and his youngest son Shi Chengxuan.

At the beginning, no one had liked Shi Chengxuan, who had been in his early twenties. After all, he had often been criticized for his actions and his young age had also been an issue. At that time, Shi Cheng’en had been in Di Jiang for several years, while Shi Chengxuan had only entered for one year.

In order to test his two sons, Old Master Shi had asked them to each manage a branch respectively, and compare the profits by the end of the year.

Tang Qiming had successfully approached Shi Cheng’en at the beginning, and had helped him trick his younger brother and had made the other party suffer a small loss. He had thought Shi Chengxuan had been done for good, but who would’ve known that he had directly set his eyes overseas and had negotiated a big contract?

Only half of the said year had passed, and the competition had already ended. Shi Cheng’en had lost without a doubt.

It'd been at least seven years, and he had almost forgotten it. Shi Chengxuan hadn’t done anything to the Tang Corporation after he had taken over Di Jiang, so who would’ve thought that he would come and strike him at such a time!

He had already acquired the land of Linjia Village. Giving him a hard blow at this moment was no different from cutting off his life.

"Boss, Lin Jintang came to visit you.”

"Let him in.”

It wasn't long before Lin Jintang, who was supposed to be in Linjia Village, appeared in Tang Qiming's office. The wound on his face had almost healed, except his eyes were still yellow.


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