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Chapter 6: Another Car Accident

"Then what did you call for?"

"I just suddenly feel very insecure about this check."

"So?" The man didn't seem to understand her very well, and his sword-like eyebrows slightly raised in annoyance.

"So I’d like to ask the gentleman who just came to give the check to come back and exchange the same amount of banknotes for me."

The woman on the other end of the phone made an "unreasonable" demand, Shi Chengxuan's lips curved out in an emotionless manner.

"Miss Tang can rest assured that this check is very safe. No one is qualified enough to stop you from withdrawing money with it." Obviously, the two had completely different definitions of safety.

Tang Susu was doing it for her own little life, while Shi Chengxuan thought she was afraid that the Tang family would interfere.

As she was his nephew's "savior", he certainly wouldn't have failed to investigate the other party. As the Tang family's eldest daughter, she was exiled. He had also heard that the Tang family was interested in having Tang Susu marry the Xue family, not with the Xue young master, but with the Xue young master's father.

He wasn't interested in the Tang family's actions. However, if the Tang family wanted to force a bereaved young girl to bow down, economic sanctions were undoubtedly the surest way to do it. And the fact that Tang Susu hadn't refused that check was the best evidence of that.

However, the call that followed was really a bit unexpected.

People who grew up in the Tang family shouldn't be so stupid as to think that this small favor would be enough to climb up the Shi family. So what exactly was she trying to express with this phone call?

"I'm not sure. I'd rather exchange it for cash." Tang Susu was determined to return the check. However, if she were to directly send it back, people definitely wouldn't want it. Therefore, she had to use a more roundabout method as she couldn't afford to lose out.

"Alright... as you wish." Shi Chengxuan had little patience to guess her mind, so he simply agreed.

Just after delivering the check, Special Assistant Zhang, who hadn't gone far, was also in a daze after receiving the call from the president's secretary.

He wondered if the president was trying to take advantage of the boss's car accident and intentionally toss him around. He was in a daze while turning the car front and driving towards the nearest bank.

Ten minutes later, Special Assistant Zhang drove off with the check he had exchanged back from Tang Susu. Just as the car turned out of the entrance of the neighborhood, his phone rang, he took out his phone to look at it, frowned, and answered the call.

"Brother Zhang, have you found the comb I left over at Brother Chong's place? Why haven't you sent it over yet?" On the other end of the phone, the woman's bashful voice came over.

"Sorry, Xiaoyue, there was something urgent. Don’t worry, I've got the comb."

"Oh, if you're busy then forget it. Let’s just leave the stuff with you for now, it's the same if you send it over tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

"Okay, I'll send it over to you tomorrow. By the way, if you have time, you better go to the hospital to see the boss, so as not to let the Ning family's side take advantage of the situation."

"Don't worry, Ning Yan can't do anything no matter how good her family is. Who let her belly be incontestable!"

"If you have a plan then I'll hang up first." After hanging up the phone, Special Assistant Zhang touched his suit pocket. He couldn't help but take out the comb mentioned on the phone, playing with it carefully for a while.

He didn't know what this comb was carved from. It was like jade but wasn’t jade. The Comb’s whole body was pitch black, exuding a glistening luster and a light fragrance, thus making it simply endearing.

At that time, the boss spent more than one million yuan to buy this comb. It was said that this comb was a gift from King You of Zhou to Bao Si.

(T/N: King You of Zhou, personal name Ji Gongsheng, was the twelfth king of the Chinese Zhou dynasty and the last of the Western Zhou Dynasty. He reigned from 781 to 771 BC.)

The truth was not known, but this thing did sell well by this trick, and it was perfect for coaxing women. Shen Xiaoyue had never left this for even once, since she got it.

This time the boss went to her home. Shen Xiaoyue nonetheless stuffed the comb to him so that whenever he would look at the comb, he would miss and think about her. However, as soon as the boss had a car accident, she made the demand to take the comb back on the first-call. ‘A woman's mind is really hard to understand.’

Special Assistant Zhang kept his eyes fixed on the comb in his hand. Suddenly he vaguely heard the sound of a squeal and horn, a terrible thrust came from behind the car. The terrible impact threw him away, and he heavily crashed to the ground.

Special Assistant Zhang, who was lying in a pool of blood, weakly moved his fingers. The comb that had been nestled in his hand slipped out of his hand and fell into the red blood, still emitting a soft glow.

Inside the conference room of the Dijiang Group, a group of company executives was having a meeting. Suddenly the closed door was pushed open, and Secretary Wu solemnly walked towards the CEO Shi Chengxuan, who was sitting in the main seat. She whispered and reported the matter in a low voice in his ear, "Boss, Special Assistant Zhang had a car accident."

Shi Chengxuan's sword eyebrows raised. ‘Another car accident?’

"How's the person?"

"I heard that he was hit by a truck. By the time the ambulance arrived, the person was already dying."

Shi Chengxuan remained silent for a long while then tapped his fingers on the table. The group of senior executives sitting at the lower positions of the table all got up and quietly left the conference room with their respective things.

The door to the conference room was quietly closed when the people were out.

Secretary Wu straightened up, "The surveillance has already been monitored. Special Assistant Zhang drove and went through a red light. The truck driver who hit him failed to brake in time."

Although it all looked like an accident, anyone who looked into it would find it bizarre. After all, Special Assistant Zhang was young master Shi Chong’s person. The two of them successively had an accident, and that too were car accidents. How could it be so coincidental?

Shi Chengxuan gave a long hum. The Secretary Wu, who was respectfully standing and waiting on the side, finally got the reply, "What problems did you find with Shi Chong over there?"

"This..." Secretary Wu was embarrassed. She raised her head up to see her boss's cold face and didn’t dare to conceal anything. She could only report it truthfully, "Within a year since General Manager Shi had entered the company, he had traveled for more than twenty times, to and from Beijing in the name of business trips. He also misappropriated his rights to embezzle a part of the R&D funds to purchase a villa in Beijing. The owner of the villa is named Shen Xiaoyue, who has been in and out of the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department for the last two weeks."

Hearing his nephew's hand stretched out so long, Shi Chengxuan's face didn’t even show a slight touch of irritation or any annoyance. He just asked lightly, "Does elder brother know about this?"

"It should be known. The General Manager Shi returned to the old house this time and had a big fight with Director Shi. General Manager Shi wanted to renege on his marriage contract, while Shi Dong didn’t agree with him." Secretary Wu couldn't help but shed a tear of sympathy for her own boss's big brother. He was obviously the eldest son of the Shi family. However, because of being less capable than her boss, he could only serve as a director with the company's dividend.

It was easier to impress the old man, so Director Shi shoved his own son into the company as a general manager with the help of the Old Master Shi. However, his son's brains weren't very good. Not to mention his misappropriation of the company's funds, but he even wanted to renege the marriage contract now.

It was because of the marriage between Shi Chong and the Ning family that the old man overstepped the boss and directly inserted people into the company. If there would be no Ning family backing Shi Chong, even if he was the eldest grandson of Shi's parents, there was no way for him to stand firm in the Dijiang Group.

After all, this was not the time when the old man came to power twenty years ago. And the boss's tactics were not what Shi Chong could resist.

Now Shi Chong not only secretly got a bastard son but also planned to kick the Ning family. Let alone whether the Ning family would give up or not, even the old man wouldn’t let him off easily this time.

Fortunately, he was in a car accident, and this matter hadn't spread yet. Otherwise, that would have been a hilarious and lively show.


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