The next day, the little black cat who had slept in the bowl for an unknown number of years, opened the door to a new world!

Tang Susu was very pleased to see the little black cat whose tail was happily flicking around as it rushed to the bowl to eat cat food.

After eating, the little black cat’s stomach got bulged, and it laid on its back in its mistress’ lap while enjoying the belly massage.

“By the way, I still don’t know your name yet. What is your name?” Tang Susu was itching to massage the little black cat’s belly while enjoying the delicate touch of the furry fur.

“I don’t have a name, but they used to call me a Hou before.”

(T/N: hǒu- A dog-like man-eating animal mentioned in ancient books)

“Hou?” So, Tang Susu used her phone again to look up the Baidu Encyclopedia and was silent for a long time as she looked at the introduction about the Hou on it. Then she sighed, “I’d better call you Gou Dan from now on.”

(T/N: Parents in rural areas prefer to give nicknames, including Gou Sheng and Gou Dan, to their children in the hope that they are as easy to be fostered as dogs.)

'The Hou’s genus is dog and its food is dragon brain.'

Although no matter how she looked at it, her little black cat was not related to that legendary beast. However, she, as a responsible cat owner, couldn’t discourage its evolution. By naming it as Gou Dan, at least it could be related to the dog.

Thus, even though the little black cat did not look happy, its name was unilaterally and happily decided by Tang Susu.

Towards the end of the evening, Tang Susu’s phone rang suddenly.

She picked up the phone, and a deep and magnetic voice of a strange man came from the other end, “Hello, Miss Tang.”

“Hello, may I ask your last name?” Tang Susu was sure she didn’t know the person on the other end of the phone. Otherwise, she would never forget such a recognizable voice.

“My surname is Shi. It was thanks to Miss Tang yesterday that my nephew could be rescued on time.”

“Mr. Shi is being too polite.” It seemed that the Ferrari owner had a long life.

“I don’t know if Miss Tang has the time, but my brother and sister-in-law would like to invite you for a meal to show their gratitude.”

“I just called the police. It wasn’t much help, so dinner isn’t necessary.” Saying this, Tang Susu narrowed her eyes. She had only called the police because she didn’t want to get into trouble. She didn’t hope for a thanks.

Most importantly, coming down from the Tianding mountain, driving a million-dollar sports car, and surnamed Shi. Except for the Shi family, she could not think of a second one.

Although the Shi family and the Tang family were both giants in Feng Lin City in the eyes of outsiders, the Tang family’s heritage was ultimately a little worse. Even her father, Tang Qiming, was three points shorter in front of the Shi family.

Tang Susu somewhat knew the behavior of these people, and if possible, she wasn’t willing to get more involved with them.

There was silence on the other end of the phone. The other party seemed to have heard the coldness of her attitude, and did not force it, “Alright, then I won’t bother Miss Tang.”

The other party’s phone hung up crisply and Tang Susu thought that the matter was over like this. But the next morning, she received a check specially sent to her house from the other party.

The amount on it was pretty big. A police alarm call could be exchanged for half a lifetime’s bill. Even if she had to go to the police station, she felt that occasionally doing good deeds wasn’t so unacceptable anymore.

The check was taken over, and the middle-aged man standing at the door was relieved. He smiled towards Tang Susu, “Miss Tang, thank you for saving our General Manager.”

“You’re welcome.” Tang Susu nodded politely and watched the man walk towards the stairwell before closing the door.

After entering the house, she casually put the check on top of the shoe cabinet. Tang Susu walked to the edge of the sofa, separated Gou Dan, whose entire body was attached to the iPad and was seriously playing a puzzle game.

“Meow, let go, let go of me, it’ll be over in a minute.” The Gou Dan’s four little paws were still scratching in the air, revealing its tender white belly.

The hand holding the back of the black cat’s neck shook, and Tang Susu nudged the tip of its little pink nose, “You’ve been playing all day and night.”

“It’s not like I need to sleep. Hey, who did you meet just now? Why are you covered in an evil aura?” The Internet addict Gou Dan turned its head to look at Tang Susu and suddenly raised its paw and waved it vigorously. This time it forgot all about the game and its tone became really serious.

“It’s an evil spirit again?” When she returned home, she learned from Gou Dan how terrifying the existence of an evil spirit was.

If an ordinary person got a little bit of it, they would have bad luck, and if they were in contact with it for a long time, they wouldn’t be able to survive. The driver who died that day was the best example of that.

“Fortunately, it’s not much, so the problem isn’t serious.” Saying that Gou Dan jumped down and circled around Tang Susu, then walked on its four legs to the entrance.

Finally, it stopped next to the shoebox and tilted its head up to see the white paper wrapped in a thick red mist, “The evil aura is coming from that paper up there.”

Tang Susu followed and looked at the only piece of “paper” on the shoebox with a complicated expression. It was the check she had just received, “What should I do?”

“Send the evil spirit away. Send things back to where they came from.”

“Okay…” she turned, intending to go get her phone. Before she even took a step, she slipped down, and her whole body flopped to the ground.


‘Can I get married in the future if my nose collapses?’

Each of the above thoughts flashed through Tang Susu’s mind the moment her face hit the ground. And finally, she flung herself into the soft white belly with a look of despair written all over the face.

The imagined pain didn’t come as expected.

“Meow~ You’re so heavy.”

The timely savior who had saved her nose, disgustedly lifted its paw and gave her a paw print on her face.

Tang Susu, who had managed to keep her nose, happily hugged Gou Dan and buried her whole face in its belly. After rubbing against it for almost ten minutes, she finally stopped the indecent behavior under the other party’s righteous refusal and turned to the business.

Quickly flipping to yesterday’s call log, she pressed the dial, and there was a regular beeping sound coming from the phone.


In the center of Feng Lin city, the unbridled sun shone in the luxuriously decorated office on the topmost floor of the 30 floors high Dijiang Building. And the sun rays were slowly spreading towards the several documents on the large office desk. At that time, the desk phone suddenly rang up and melodious music echoed in the office.

The owner of this office dressed in a black slim-fitted suit, sat in the boss’ leather chair behind the desk with his hands crossed in front of him. Leaning in front, he blankly looked at the phone number displayed on the screen and his eyes slightly sunken.

“President?” Secretary Wu, who was standing in front of the desk, saw the boss’s expression and her heart thumped loudly.

“Get out.” The man’s voice carried an undeniable coldness without a bit of warmth between his eyebrows.

“Yes.” Secretary Wu turned around and left. She didn’t dare to stay for a second longer.

The door slammed, and after a while seeing that the person on the other end of the phone didn’t give up, the man reached out and picked up the phone.

At the end of the phone, the man’s voice was slightly cold, “Miss Tang is looking for me. Is she dissatisfied with the gift I sent?”

Although the tone was the same as last time, Tang Susu could still sense the coldness in the other party’s words. Obviously, he was displeased by her behavior of receiving a check and still calling to harass him.

“No, it’s quite satisfactory.”


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